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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Victoria is Changing With the Times

 Last night my  Sister from Texas City called and said that she and her husband would be in Victoria today.  I should've known better but I went through the  formality  of  asking her what time  she was coming over.  I love  her to death but she's worse than the cable guy,who promises to be at your house between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 and then call you at 2:00 PM to say they are heading your way.  My sister said she would be in between the hours of 10 o'clock and 12:00 AM but I suspect she'll be here  3:00 PM ,after they check into their hotel. When we visit them,she goes all out to feed us and will  always insist that we stay with them. She's totally opposite and won't think of putting anyone out.

 My wife was in total  clean- up  mode this morning  vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the downstairs guest bathroom.  I  Started to fix my breakfast,when she said that we were going out to eat because she didn't want to leave dishes in the sink.  That's one tradition that went out the  window;  wives no longer  wake up to fix her husband breakfast .

Restaurants' no longer have that breakfast smell,I guess it's because of improved ventilation or the "NO Smoking" sign you see and you enter the cafe. Do we even use the word "cafe" anymore? We've noticed the increased use of smart phones and computer tablets that are used by the customers, as they await their order. I only saw a couple of people reading today's Advocate. Extra napkins or water have to be requested in some cases;I know the house hot sauce is not on the menu. Yikes,$24.03 is awful high for breakfast for two. I remember 12 years old when I thought $11 breakfast for one, was high even if it was in downtown New York.

Victorians are gradually changing or they are taking their opinions to Facebook. The issue of gays being allowed in the Boy Scouts wasn't as hostile as it was five years ago. The Boy Scouts should have taken a page from the Girl Scouts,where discriminatory practices never took place,so they just continued without any fanfare.

Our city is really growing and everywhere you look , a new hotel or apartment is being built but along with that comes the growing pains of more traffic.The extra traffic is not the reason for for a lot of people running into buildings. That's unique to Victoria.

I don't know about you but I envision a lot of accidents; once the new Walmart is complete. The newly constructed road with- out the painted lanes gives drivers another reason to just make up one up.  Even when they are painted,it will give drivers an extra choice;which is not always good.Perhaps a new police station should be built in between the Houston Hwy. and the Mall. I forgot,policemen will no longer investigate small accidents. They might even be told to get  off a private place of business ,like KAVU was the other day.  My daughter is already checking out a new route to take to work. Imagine the long line, if people turn off at Rosewood to Teakwood as their chosen route to Walmart? Who knows ,it might all work out?



Mike said...

Tornado warning Salem RD - 77N until 3:45 PM according to Weather alert.

born2Bme said...

I passed by the new WalMart the other day and thought it would be easier for me, coming from Edna, than going to the other one. I never thought about the traffic there. Is there going to be more than one entrance?

Mike said...

It's going to be a lot easier for the wonderful folks from Edna and Ganado....I'm pretty sure there will be more than one entrance and I'm just guessing there will be some getting used to.

Mike said...

Good discussion about the need (or not) for sirens....Sure there are numerous ways of being alerted of a danerous storm or event but a loud siren gets the attention of those people who don't use conventional methods. Some will never be alerted but isn't there an alarm at the Invisa plant for it's employess and for those who live in Cresent Valley?

I'm became a firm believer in sirens after hearing one go off after a baseball game at Chicagi's Wrigley Field. We were not aware that a tornando hit nearby...We just made out the gate before the stadium was shut down..When we got to L-Train Depot we could see from ~30 feet above, how easily the police were moving traffic while the siren was sounding. It was if everyone was given a script.

True, we don't have the type of tornados Oklahoma does but it gives us another tool to put in the pouch.

born2Bme said...

We have a NOAA weather radio and I HATE that thing. If we have it on at night and it goes off, most of the time the bad weather is not even in our area.
I don't like getting woken up for something that is a long ways off.