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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Benghazi ..Witch Hunt or Serious Investigation?

I've never watched Fox and Friends, and it certainly feels strange posting a clip  showing them asking the right questions about a massive cover-up. It's already been proven that nothing could have been done that night that would have prevented the death of Ambassador  Stevens. The new whistleblower, Chris Hicks, will contradict assertions from the Obama administration, that no one was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized. Hicks is saying  a fly over by American aircraft would have stopped the second mortar attack because the terrorist would be frighten away. 

As you will notice in the clip, Represenative Chaffetz praises the intelligence (CIA) but doesn't answer if General Petraeus was involved in the cover up. He can't admit that they if there was a cover-up,  a lot of higher ups had to be involved.

This morning Joe Scarborough was all over this new revelation like white on rice.   He quoted Mike Hucklebee, who said that this incident will prematurely end Obama's second term. Mike Huckabee, who used to be a preacher, sure does have a penchant for spreading unchristian like rumors. 

This incident has been investigated to the satisfaction of many, and the Accountability Review Board laid the blame on the State Department as it should have. Susan Rice paid the price of relaying false talking points on the five Sunday talk shows saying that the incident was a protest and not an act of terrorism. A lot of people think it was done for political reasons, and I can't disagree with that but I never thought that the administration was trying to say Al-Qaeda was dead. They kept saying that Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda leadership had been dealt a crippling blow, and that sect  was on the run.

The GOP wants the smoking gun that  deals a severe blow to President Obama's foreign policy credentials. They really want the White House records detailing the president's whereabouts and actions after he was told that Benghazi was attacked. They want their version of President Bushes continuing to read " My Pet Goat" after learning that American had been attacked. They want to prove that the president went back to sleep and never raised any serious questions. If they can't get those records, they will settle for damaging Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential run.  



Edith Ann said...

I was having this discussion with my son just this morning. He says he is ready for answers. He's a republican, so I know what he wants to hear.

He doesn't like being reminded that they repeatedly asked for more security at the Embassy, but Congress cut their security budget.

He doesn't like to hear that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and Rice perpetrated a lie that led us to a war that we are still bleeding money over and losing soldiers every week! How soon they forget.

If Mike Huckabee (what an asshat!) believes that President Obama will be impeached over this, then I suggest they schedule those impeachment proceedings to immediately follow the Bush and Company War Crimes Tribunal.

Mike said...

In hindsight, security could have been beefed up but that's been decided and those in charge of acquiring security have been dismissed. Most of the resources were in Tripoli which is 600 miles from Benghazi.

Republicans don't like to be reminded about Iraq,so they like to stay silent on Iraq and its aftermath..Huckabee and Darell Issa are comparing Benghazi to Watergate as if there was a cover-up.

Edith Ann said...

You're working fast than I can keep up!

So, now that Aransas Pass city employees can pack heat, but only with city admistration's approval--wonder who gets to tell that one crazy dude, "Yes, city workers can carry guns, but not you." This looks like a news story just waiting to happen...

Mike said...

One of many 19th century gun laws that have been passed recently.....KAVU interviewed three students and a UHV official about the new law allowing college students to bring their gun to school but they have to leave it in their car.All three students thought it was a bad idea and so did the official. A comedian said that the college drug dealers can now bring their guns to school. We all know when it comes to college kids;cooler heads always prevails....:-)

Mike said...

The GOP has now turned their sights on Hillary Clinton realizing that Obama is not running in 2016. That's all Fox and GOP leaders are focused on.

Mike said...

Lol...Dick Cheney said Benghazi would not have happened on Bush's watch because they were ready? Really? What happened on 9/11?