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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lazy Victoria,Texas Memorial Day

Memorial Day

This day is not to be confused with Veterans Day, when we honor all veterans because this holiday is special. Memorial Day honors the men and women who died while serving our country. 

If you know a veteran of WWII ,give them a hug because they  aren't that many of them left. It's been estimated that there are only 1,462,809 American veterans still alive out of a little over  16 million who served in that war. We mustn't forget the Korean War veterans and those who died in  the wars of Vietnam,Iraq and Afghanistan and countries in between. 

People celebrate this holiday in various ways, and it’s all good because that just means we still live in a free country. Some consider, Memorial Day, the first day of summer, although the official day is June 21,2013. For some reason, this is also the first day of rising gasoline prices. It's also three days from school letting out for the summer.  Summer is just a date on the calendar in Texas because it's not as if the weather is going to change. It will still be hot.

I like to watch a couple of war movies, catch  up on my reading and just relax and reflect. I watched the six episodes of North and South and Memorial Day which I really liked. Memorial Day was about a grandfather finally talking about his experiences in WWII. He shared those experiences with his 13-year old grandson. The grandson remembers the stories while he is recuperating  from a wound he suffered in Iraq. 

Have a happy Memorial day everyone, be safe and until next time; a salute to  those who died in the service of their country.

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