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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scandal,Hyperbole and Politics All Mixed Together

I don't know if I'm being an apologist for President Obama until I hear all the pertinent facts, or I’m missing the point people like Andrea Mitchell, Tom Brokaw,David Gregory are trying to make by saying that this president is too aloof, and it’s going to lead to his downfall. Those three and others are saying that the president needs to fire someone or his political enemies will destroy him.

I think that the Department of Justice stepped over the proverbial line, although it might not be illegal, by subpoenaing all those phone lines in trying to find a leaker. They weren’t going after the Associated Press or those reporters ,they were searching for a leaker and sending a message to potential leakers. I don't know where the line between freedom of the press and maintaining National-Security secrets is, but it has to be established. I'm not surprised that the GOP is not making much noise about this scandal because they don't like the press, and it wasn't too long ago that they were demanding that this president go after the leakers. 

President Obama needs to regain the respect he has shown during the past for the free flow of information by supporting a Federal Shield law. Whoever ordered this obvious overreach and at this time leads to the deputy Atty. General, should be relieved of duty and a new policy put in place that doesn't leave anything to interpretation (loopholes).

I read bits and pieces of the Inspector General's report concerning the IRS scandal. It still seems like the Cincinnati office had a few IRS agents who did not know the specifics of 501 c(4) so they made up the criteria, something called BOLO (be on the lookout)of their own. When the head of the IRS Tax-Exempt Organization, Lois Lerner, heard of this, she put a stop to it but those agents disobeyed her orders and continued the practice. I believe the president can only remove a commissioner (don’t have one at the moment) but those lower employees are civil servants, so they are entitled to a hearing before dismissal. I don't think anyone would have mined if the IRS went after Karl Rove, Bill Burton and Glenn Beck for their obvious abuse of their tax-exempt status. If nothing else, the 501 [c] [4] should remove the word “primary” and stick with “exclusively” in the requirement section of social welfare.

There are just too many exaggerations, assumptions and politics that come with every scandal. You get crazies like Michelle Bachmann, who’s saying that the administration brought up this IRS scandal to get people's minds off Benghazi. That doesn't even make sense and neither does the comparison of Watergate nor talks of impeachment. I heard a legitimate reporter say that the Obama Administration is worse than Nixon; a president who left in disgrace.

I am surprised that no one on the VA forum has commented on the 3 ongoing scandals (if you will). Could be that they are confused, or just disinterested? I know we have a lot of posters that shoot- from- the- hip, so this should be right up their alley.

Our own little city has a conspiracy brewing in the mayor's race. Without any facts whatsoever, there are people who believe that a city councilman and a former mayor made an agreement beforehand to ensure one of them would become mayor. The two conspired in a closed-door meeting had to know in advance the outcome of the election for this scheme to work. When I read the City Charter; I wasn't clear if it addressed the withdrawal. I would be against a runoff, although I think, Paul would prevail, because the third candidate didn't do that well. I think it's all about sour grapes to which some people think it gives them a license to hurl accusations without offering any proof. Who in the world made Clara Ramos an authority on elections?


Mike said...

If the Texas Election code is the default then I don't a problem.

candidate withdraws, the remaining candidate is considered to be
elected and the runoff election for that office is not held.

Congratulations Mayor Polasek

alprazolam said...


Mike said...

The president just delivered a clear and concise statement on cleaning up the latest IRS and accepted the acting commissioner's resignation...Said he would work with Congress to make the rules clear.

Mike said...

It won't make a difference to the president's enemies but Benghazi is about the CIA changing the talking points ,yes they struck the part about Islamic terrorists and had nothing to do with election ......according to the 100 emails the WH turned over this evening.

That's two down but the AP is still a problem for the justice dept.