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Monday, February 11, 2013

It’s Still A Message War

 GOP Message

I'm no longer looking for a compromise coming from the Sunday talk shows or from tomorrow night's State of the Union address(SOTU); I'm just looking for the rephrasing of the same-old  message.  The Republicans want to cut spending, and the Democrats want to include revenue with every budget deal.

The big topic Sunday was the upcoming $85 billion in across –the- board sequestered cuts. The Tea Party freshmen are delighted because they think it’s the only to get the massive cuts they want. They only need to look at the U.K. to see what will happen if you make drastic cuts during a financial downturn. The U. K. is entering a triple- dip recession.

The president suggested the sequester cuts as a measure to make Congress hammer out a budget deal thinking that the massive cuts would never be a reality. Key Republicans supported the Budget Control Act and the consequences of doing nothing since then leaves us with the sequester cuts.
This morning Joe Scarborough said that Eric Cantor’s “[The president] just got his tax hike on the wealthy. And you can't in this town every three months raise taxes. Again, every time, that's his response" is a reasonable approach and democrats ought to get behind it or else the moderates will align themselves with the GOP. That’s ridiculous  because for one,it’s the first time in 20 years that the GOP has voted to raise taxes and they think it’s a one time thing. The president ran on a balance approach for every  budget deal and the American people agreed with him.

Republicans like to say that we have a spending problem not a revenue problem.I’m not going to say that the government doesn’t spend too much because it obviously does;I’m saying now that we are in this predicament; we need to take a balanced approach, so we don’t hurt our weak economy. After all we are mostly borrowing from ourselves, and interest rates are really low right now.

Joe Scarborough had a problem with Nancy Pelosi saying that we don’t have a spending problem. She keeps saying that we a have a jobs and growth problem. It’s all about the messaging because we know that we need to make some cuts but cutting tax loopholes to oil companies means we won’t have to make drastic gashes to nutrition programs for poor children.   Joe Scarborough was very angry  because Pelosi is not in favor of raising the eligibility  age for Medicare and Social Security. Joe doesn’t buy the Democrat approach of waiting to see how much Obamacare does to bring down the cost of healthcare before making unnecessary moves that might not be needed. The full implementation of Obamacare will take place next year.Social Security does not increase the deficit and it will only take a few steps to make it solvent for another 75 years.

Senator Lindsey Graham  has an obsession with hanging the administration for the failure of our Benghazi response that led to the death of four Americans. He’s insisting on more details like the timeline of events and the president’s curiosity throughout the seven-hour  event. He’s threatening to hold up the nominations of Chuck Hagel as defense secretary and John Brennan to head up the CIA until he satisfied.  Last time the GOP tried this, Hillary Clinton made them look like fools.  Representative  Tom Cotton, Bill Kristol and Lindsey Graham are trying to say the president was derelict in his duty in handling the Benghazi tragedy, Chris Wallace kept opening the door for Rep. Cotton and Bill Kristol to say the president is not fit to be the commander- in- chief.

I understand that in tomorrow’s SOTU address the president will not hold out another olive branch to republicans but instead challenge them to come to table as an opposition party not as a hostage taking party. Immediately after the SOTU,Senator Marco Rubio will give the GOP’s response and for those interested, Rand Paul will deliver the Tea Party response.


Edith Ann said...

i was half awake this morning when I herd Mike Barnicle smacking Lindsay Graham on Morning Joe. I don't even remember what he said, but I do remember thinking, "Way to go Barnicle!"

Mike said...

Mike Barnicle said that the average voter looked at Lindsay Graham Sunday and asked themselfs "why is that crackpot still on Benghazi?"...It was a tragedy but he's obsessed..Then Joe Scarborough said the average Republican looked in and what's he doing to my party?....." That's why we are being ridiculed and called the crazy party."

Mike said...

The WH has taken the age eligibility off the table but have floated out the idea that they would be open to chained CPI,which would alter the annual adjustment in how benefits are paid to Social Security recipients by using a less generous baseline of inflation.

That's fair on Social Security but I think they should lift the caps on Social Security like Medicare but I can already hear the GOP belly aching.

Mike said...

I don't recall ever seeing so much speculation over the Pope resigning...No one really knows other than what the Holy See reported..Old and tired.

Edith Ann said...

Peronally, I'm just curious because it seemed so sudden and just before the holiest of the holy days in the Church. We're just 6 weeks to Easter. Seems like they could have managed to eke this out.

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands right now.

Mike said...

This is halarious

"Fox News president Roger Ailes believes President Obama 'likes to divide people into groups.'

'He's too busy getting the middle class to hate rich people, blacks to hate whites. He is busy trying to get everybody to hate each other,' Ailes tells The New Republic's Eliza Gray in an interview for this week's issue.

They can't see the forrest for all the trees....It's not Obama who's cleaning house.

Mike said...

As I was waiting to pick up my breakfast order, I decided to scan the AM radio channels to hear what the RW was saying about tonight's SOTU speech. All I could get was Victoria and Glenn Beck...Glenn was talking about the president over doing the presentation of medal of honors winners...His sidekick echoed the feelings, saying that Obama was devaluing the award by giving it to so many people;not that they were not

Beck considers himself a historian,so he said that never have so many received the award under one president. He said 22 medal of honors winners were awarded after the battle of Wounded Knee but that was to cover up the atrocities committed by our soldiers...Beck asked " what's this president trying to cover up?" Stay with me and learn how the RW includes all their talking points on any given subject....The sidekick added the first ting the government did at Wounded Knee was to confiscate the Indian's guns but as they were doing it,one Indian didn't understand English so he picked up his gun leading the government troops to massacre the tribe....To top it off ,Beck said it's not as if the president is pro-military ,he nominated two anti-military people to the position of Sec. Of Defense and Sec. of State...Those two war veterans received purple hearts but Glenn Beck didn't sign up for the military and he's got the audacity to call them anti-military.

And that's just an example of the constant drip of propaganda people listen to everyday.

Edith Ann said...

Are people really listening to Glenn Beck? Seriously?

He's just mad because Romney wasn't elected and he couldn't become secretary of the treasury.

Mike said...

Glenn Beck only proves there's a foll born everyday because he's on 400 radio stations and attracts ~300,000 listeners. I take you're not moving into his commune...:-)

Mike said...

The GOP response to the president's SOTU is Marco Rubio,Rand Paul & Ted Nugent?

Edith Ann said...

No, I am staying as far away from Glenn Beck as posiible. He scares the snot out of me!

Mike said...

Great SOTU speech and he framed the gun violence on the "victims deserve a vote." Very emotional.

Minimum wage hike to $9 an hour and my favorite public\private infastructure bank and pre K education.

Mike said...

Rubio looks as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof....He is just parroting the talking points that lost the election forRomney...He is not a polished speaker.

BIGJ said...

How about increasing the value of the dollar?

Mike said...

A strong dollar when the world wide economy in a down turn is not optimum because then other coutries will not be able to afford our goods.....We also have about 25 million people unemployed or not fully employed....When we recover,then we do all those things to strengen our dollar...People still want to invest in America.

born2Bme said...

I got a kick out of Rubio. Have you ever paid attention to a child that is telling a lie?
Rubio reminded me of that with all of his fidgeting, and nose wiping, and dry throat.
He's trying to walk such a fine line between his base and Immigrants that it had him sweating.

Mike said...

Two Rubios act #1 attack the president ,blame goverment for everything,drink water,sweat,and repeat talking points.

Act#2 Say he couldn't have made it without government loans which he just paid off....says we need to get along and then blessed the president.

I liked the way Obama played gotcha with Congress by saying he saw them at the ribbon cutting (after voting against stimulus)and then pointed out that John McCain used to favor a cap-and -trade policy to curb harmful carbon emissions.

born2Bme said...

Boehner was another easy read up there behind the President. There were a few time I thought he was going to explode, but was forced to behave himself.
I don't see anything changing except maybe public opinion. We can only pray.

Edith Ann said...

Rubiio is taking a beating on the water thing over on FB. Dozens of pictures with hilarious comments. But the main theme is that he was lying.

Don't you know they told him that this would be his big moment in the spotlight, his 'official', unofficial step into the next presidential race. And he chokes!

Rubio voted to cut Medicare and Medicaid--but says he wants to protect his neighbors, the senior citizens.

The republicans keep telling themselves that we are not paying attention. Fine, think tha--you snooze, you lose!

But, it could have been could have been Ted Cruz...

Mike said...

Rubio also took a beating on Twitter behind such titles as “ Get that man a drink” … “a water shed moment” and "What is it with GOP rising stars and water?…Paul Ryan in his debate with Joe Biden.

Joe Scarborough got visibly angry when Mike Barnicle brought up Watergate …lol..Joe said Rubio reminded him of another senator (Obama) who was not ready for prime time. Not to be outdone, Harold Ford Jr. reminded Joe that Barack Obama’s first time at bat (Dem Convention of 2004) he knocked it out of the park.
More on Ted Cruz in a blog either today or Saturday where I’m going to put all this together. I’ve finally figured it all out.

Yesterday, Ted Cruz stepped over the line by questioning the patriotism, reputation, and integrity of a recipient of a bronze star, Chuck Hagel. Cruz said he read where Iran supported the nomination of Chuck Hagel. Hats off to John McCain because he berated the freshman Tea Party senator for questioning the character of Chuck Hagel. The only senator coming to the defense of Ted Cruz was far-right wing nut Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Senator Nelson of Florida let the young senator know that he was way over the line. Senator McCaskill let Inhofe know that he needs to tread lightly because he might be endorsed by people whom he disagrees with.

Mike Barnicle said the GOP needs to send Rubio back to double A ball, in two years promote him to triple A and then the big time…. I think Ted Cruz needs to go back to the rookie instructional league.

Mike said...

I'm going to cover candy and food stamps,the SOTU speech,where the political sides in easy to understand language,the "Ive got mine attitude and whatever else that intrigues me.

My take on Marco Rubio:..I think Senator Rubio bombed last night because he doesn't really believe what's he's being told to say..He's like Scott Brown,elected by the Tea Party but he's a establish Republican.

Ted Cruz could have delivered the first part of Rubio's speech with ease because he's Tea Party anti-government ,anti-Obama,anti-liberal,anti-Democrat and he's skilled at throwing out red meat for the base. He has mastered that and he delivers that message every where he goes...He's one of 3 senators who voted against John Kerry and even voted against the "Violence against women act." ...BTW women,our other Texas senator John Coryn was one of the 22 GOP senators who voted against the legislation..And they wonder why the GOP lost the woman's vote.