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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I canceled Newsweek and Time Magazine

I thought about it over the weekend, and then I told myself it’s now or never. Canceling Newsweek was pretty easy because recently it went to digital format only, so with a simple notation at iToons, I was able to complete my mission. I received the print and digital version of Time, for the same price, so I went online and instructed them not to renew my subscription, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

I’ve always preferred weekly magazines because they normally went into more detail, and I liked some of the authors who wrote articles exclusively for the magazine. I developed a habit of  posting a reference link to an article, but I couldn’t do that if a story resided on my iPad. That’s when I found out that these author’s articles were posted on-line for free, so “why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?” For example,every Sunday Fareed Zakaria will start his CNN show by repeating the article he just wrote for Time. Then again, people in this day and age don’t care about the details because their mind are made up by the time they are finished getting their filtered news.

I’m embarrassed to see what passes for news nowadays. Congressional  hearings used to be a serious venue;well there were the McCarthy hearings but overall senators, and representatives would do their homework and then ask serious questions. I ‘m sure by now you have heard about this story.

Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro reported:
On Thursday, Senate sources told Breitbart News exclusively that they have been informed that one of the reasons that President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has not turned over requested documents on his sources of foreign funding is that one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.”
“There was, it turns out, a problem with the story: Friends of Hamas does not exist, and never has.” This piece of garbage was never vetted, but it was repeated by GOP senators as a reason Hagel should not be nominated.

If only this was an isolated case because one that really blew me out of the water was the one about the seasoned minority leader of the senate,Mitch McConnell asking the pentagon  to confirm or deny a story about detainees getting G.I. benefits. Is McConnell that naïve or is he that stupid?
I can’t imagine Walter Cronkite,Tedd Koppel,Peter Jennings or Edward R. Murrow putting up the internet nonsense we sometimes take for news. We still have some outstanding journalists but they are being overshadowed by partisan bloggers in our 24/7 hourly news shows.

Despite it being in the days before the 24/7 news cycle I don’t remember all the pity parties being thrown for democrats when President Reagan won 49 states and started a 12 year dominance.This morning one of my favorite political characters,James Carville,said Democrats should use non-liberal language when talking about guns or their fellow Democrats will suffer in the red states. Who am I to argue with Carville but why do liberals always have to give conservatives the home field advantage? If the tables were turned, the conservatives would just double down on their message. The daily conversation is about the GOP makeover but tune in to CSPAN  on March 14-16 and you will see the same old party shouting the same rhetoric at their annual CPAC summit.


Mike said...

I knew it would be just a matter of time.

I liked the idea of getting my quarterly Office Depot rewards card for something that I was going to buy anyway. They changed the easy method and now you have to do a little work.

I just got my Worklife Rewards Certificate letter that states that I have to go to their website and enter a 4=digit personal pin number which I don’t remember setting up. I then have update my contact info, and then I'm allowed to print my certificate...I'm retired and have nothing better to do ,so I'll do it but I bet a lot of people won't and so some upstart junior executive will be rewarded for saving Office Depot some money. I hope their buyout of OfficeMax will help our local Office Depots keep their inventory fully stocked.

I am getting conspiratorial in my old age…

Mike said...

Not so bad but I still think many will be deterred because after updating your info, you have to select it and it generates a PDF file to print...Then again if a dummy like me can figure it out, anyone should be able to do it….:-)

Mike said...

OMG....Carl Bankston is quoting @
I've got my topic for tomorrow...It's got to be good for Alcoa making all the aluminum for those tin foil hats.

Some of these people are trying to revive the 50s ,then it was the commies but now it's our own government...The drones are coming....the drones are coming.

Mike said...

Boy Was I wrong;This weeks Time magazine has an excellant 36 page article on the rising cost of health care prices.People need to buy it because this issue concerns all of us.

You know how some say Medicare is the problem;that's so wrong and if we allowed people into this program at an earlier age ,our health costs would drop.For example,Medicare won't pay over 6% of cost and it's not uncommon for us to pay 400% of cost on some services,drugs and supplies such as a surgery gown ($40) which might cost $4....i.e. insurance companies will pay a discounted price for that gown ~$30 and we pay 20% of that.....Anyway I'm going to read the article and hopefully we can discuss this topic Saturday or Sunday;in the meantime,buy the magazine and educate yourself.