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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It’s all about the numbers

Findings from the latest WSJ/NBC Poll

Where are those 11 poor states?

I thought I would paste in the chart to show those who are interested just where the country has been for a long while. You can choose to believe or disbelieve the poll numbers, but the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll was a lot more accurate than Gallup or Rasmussen in the last election. The map clearly shows that the GOP has land mass and the Dems have the most populated areas.

Did you hear about the Republicans latest plan? The Senate Republicans want to give the president the authority to make the cuts where he wishes. That’s ludicrous, and the White House knows what they’re up to. The GOP reads the polls, and they see that they will once again take the fall for the sequester failure, so they are trying to dupe the president. I’m sure the White House had a good laugh, but the president will invite congressional leaders over Friday afternoon for little chat. Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell already said that revenues would not be part of the deal. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate that they are engaging in backward thinking. He said they should be working on long-term solutions and not be obsessed over short term deficits.

The congressional Republicans remind me of local poster Jack Evony, who despite the poll numbers and election results, he still thinks that his philosophy still reins superior. He said Obama supporters are from poor states (he said there were 11 states but didn’t name them), and those states had 166 electoral votes. In fact, he said that those Obama voters made more money off welfare than a man could off a regular 40-hour week. If Jack kept up with politics, he would know that no Republican candidate has not won a state above the Mason-Dixon line since 1988. Perhaps George W. Bush won New Hampshire don’t know but the northeast, west, and Midwest states like Colorado and Nevada then and there are solid blue states like Illinois, Michigan Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Being in denial is not a good political strategy. As the panel on “Morning Joe “were once again talking about the demise of the GOP, Tom Brokow spoke of the ebb and flow of politics but then advertising elite Donny Deutsch, said" it is not about their policies or the big tent, its that people see the GOP as an old white man's party that refuses to change.”

I love math because it’s a science that can’t be disputed although some try to manipulate it. For example, neither party tried to keep the payroll tax cut (2% FICA) it was allow to expire, so it was no surprise when the retail giants came under their sales projections. It’s the good-paying middle class jobs that will keep those retail sales up. That doesn’t keep Walter Williams from recycling his minimum wage propaganda because the only part he’s right about is the entry-level position. The minimum wage increase (long overdue) would be phased in, and companies would adjust. I wish our local paper would splurge a little and feature a real economist because we sure could use it.

It would be interesting to get a local perspective from a prominent local republican such Dale.I would be interested to know if they think that the national GOP has the problem and if it does can it be fixed at the grassroots level?  Sort of like a rising tide lifts all boats.I know the GOP still growing strong in Texas but can it hold off a mass registration by the DNC and their cronies?

If the GOP had the numbers they wouldn’t be trying all their gimmicks to keep people from voting.


Mike said...

One of these days I'm going to have to master Blogger because I spent a couple of hours trying to get rid of the blank space between the graphics and opening text.

Mike said...

I thought I was dreaming when I read this mornings headline...I've been wanting Victoria to become more bicycle friendly for three years and now it may become a reality.

Edith Ann said...

Mike, Check these out:


If you have some suggestions for the hike and bike stuff, please let me know. I know who to get that info to.

But check out the forst link--there is all the info on the trails and paths that will eventually connect the town, and the timeline for them.

Mike said...

Thanks EA great info and that last link had some good comments.

My little old pea brain could not improve on what is already being planned...The Master-plan is thoughtful and insightful...Give them kudos.

Every time I got my monthly bicycle magazine I would wish that we could get something similar.

The Tanglewood area is going to get more congested with the Wal-Mart and new trail facilities.

Edith Ann said...

I think there are a lot of great things o the horizon where local parks are concerned.

I am especially excited about the Family Aquatics Center (water park) that is being discussed. It would be a great addition to the parks system.

The City plans to have designated bike lanes like they have in Austin. You will like that.

Don't get me started on the negative impact Walmart is going to have on the neighborhood!

Edith Ann said...

Okay, I don't get the paper wxcept on Wednesday when they throw ir free. I did not realize, because I did not see it on line, that there was the trail map included with the article...

Mike said...

Let me be upfront; I think Ralph Reed is one of the slimiest politicians, dressed in evangelical clothing. He was Jack Abramoff’s right- hand man in the Indian gaming scandal, but somehow he got off.

This morning Joe Scarborough asked him to give the evangelical side of the current gun issue. He went straight to the talking points such as; 93% of gun transactions are between family members. Universal background checks won’t stop criminals from buying guns and the 10-year ban on assault weapons didn’t stop the Columbine High massacre. He also said that his wife owned a gun for good measure.

I don’t know why people accept the 93% figure Ralph gave, but they won’t accept that 40% of the straw purchasers come from gun shows. I don’t know why people are reluctant to a background check for any gun transaction. Putting aside those people who think it’s a slippery slope to a gun registration program; there are people who think that the database may have incorrect information preventing a transaction. I don’t see why that issue couldn’t be resolved by locally by the sheriff or a county judge. It might take an extra day or two.

Mayor Bloomberg was instrumental in the recent congressional primary to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. There were about 17 candidates in the heavily democratic district but two out of the three frontrunners had an “A” rating from the NRA. Mayor Bloomberg supported Robin Kelly, a gun-control advocate, with a $2 million campaign donation, and she won. She will face the Republican challenger, but and it’s highly likely that she will win. Mayor Bloomberg and other groups are taking on the NRA. It might be baby- steps but they are steps in the right direction because the days of “nothing can be done” are over.

Mike said...

I know it's just one incident but it's not a good start ,you gotta admit.

"An employee at a Texas public school was accidentally shot on Wednesday during a district-sponsored handgun safety class, KLTV reports.

According to KLTV, Glenn Geddie was a maintenance worker for the Van Independent School District. The school district voted last month to arm some teachers and other employees in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn.