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Friday, July 6, 2012

Small City Problem

Just when I start to think that my hometown is growing by leaps and bounds; something comes up to remind me that isn't so.

It's been a couple of weeks since we called two glass companies for an estimate to repair our coffee table. Both companies told me that it would be less expensive if we brought the heavy old coffee table to their place of business, so they could measure it. They also told, me about the precise measurements that I would need. I asked them to give an estimate for an in- place measurement. They quickly told, me that it be over $100 to be included in the price of the replacement glass. They said that they would call back to set up an appointment. They could've been upfront and just told me that they didn't generally make house calls. It's been two weeks, so I guess their answer is; empty the drawers, load the coffee table and we will measure the table on our parking lot. They can say this because I don't have another choice: I'm not going to ask someone from Houston to come take measurements. I'm stuck with the summer student who will take the measurements because their more experience people are out doing the major jobs. Their competition will do the same thing because we just don't have that many choices.

It irritates me to no end when the clerk tells me" we can order it for you." That's nice, but I'm capable of doing that. My other complaint is when the service department tells made they will have to order the parts, which generally takes two weeks. I could walk to Houston and back in that length of time...well maybe not, but you get the picture.

You see what you have done glass companies of Victoria? Now you have gone and made me blame our fair city for disrupting my day of laziness. I now have to load the coffee table, drive across town for measurements and afterwards bring it back home, and then unload it. I hope it's not a long wait for them to call me to inform me that the glass is ready to be picked up. I hope the measurements will be accurate because I know one old man who will get mighty upset if he has to do it over again.

My step-dad would have taken the measurement; added a little bit, bought the glass and then would have filed it down to what he thought was good enough. He didn’t care what it looked like because he would’ve said” hide it with a magazine.” Simpler times..:-)

I bet you all wish that Victoria could handle all our needs but we have a way to go.


Michael Gomez said...

See, and the Libertarians would have you believe that the consumers regulate the market just fine.

Mike said...

Classic libertarianism; the" survival of the fittest."

Mike said...

Sorry for the infected tweets my hacked account delivered yesterday...Twitter, e-mail be with my new password, so things should be back to normal.

The trip to the Glass Doctor, wasn't so bad after all, his tape measure was a lot more precise than mine; I was 7/8 of an inch off..:-)... Here I was thinking that they would bring out an electronic gadget or at least an iPhone app. .. The technician was nice and they promised that my new tempered glass, when it arrives next Wednesday, would not shatter and all this for just $30.

Really ViCad online forum? What have you become?

Sugar Magnolia said...

"Really ViCad online forum? What have you become?"



Just out of curiosity, I looked at the last 20 blogs under "latest blogs" and 15 of those 20 are written by - wait for it - VA staff!

But, to answer your question, Mike, I'm afraid the forum has become exactly what Peaches has wanted all along. And - what I said about the staff writing the majority of blogs - can also be said about the forum entries. Nothing of significance or consequence at all. Just juvenile bantering and some VicAd staff giving each other pats on the back or attempting to be witty.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Mike said...

They could of just as well set up an intranet for office chit chat.

All the topics have zero comments..just as well.

Yeah I went to take a peek after typing in "Victoria Advocate" in my search engine's search field,hoping that they had given on a failed project- only to find a lot of random comments.

Anonymous said...

I was going offer to come over to the house and place it in my pickup and get it measured for you. Seems like you have the glass problem all under control.

7/8th too short. That is why I am now measuring 3x and cutting once. You would not believe how difficult it is to stretch a 2x8 1/2" short.

Anyway, welcome to Victoria: where neighbors can still be neighborly and nosey.


Anonymous said...

Per Libertarians. I assume "libertarians" would believe the market will find a way or folks will solve the problem between themselves. If that is case, why would you need Big Brother micro-managing the place?


Mike said...

Thanks for the jester Dale. You are a good man.

I've been waiting for the market to get us out of this financial doldrums for 4 years....We could start by putting the power lines underground to get rid of those hideous poles and reduce those power outages..I hate to keep picking on Gov. Perry but FEMA offered to pay 1/2 of the costs of burying the power lines that left over 100,000 people without power for 3 weeks in the Houston area. He turned them down. He said it was an extra expense Texas could not afford it..We would bring this up until the next major storm and the many after that.

I agree we certainly don't need Big Brother micromanaging everything.

I miss your VA online discussions with councilman Polasek...It would be pretty difficult in this new FB format...By the time you responded; you would have to scroll through 50 comments just to get your answer..It would get lost in the maze.

Edith Ann said...

Off topic, but to accommodate all the perverts in Europe who google 'poker porn' and wind up at EA, I've installed the newish Google translator on my blog! Maybe it will increase my European audience!

Mike, we could be here all day making the list of all the times Perry said no thanks to money that could have helped this state! He might as well not bother to unpack those moving boxes--he better not be reelected next go 'round!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the vicad is getting 50 comments in an article? I guess since I am not of FB, I can not see it. Well, not missing anything.

Off to Fort Hood for the wife's nephew's wedding. He and his fiance together are in the mounted cavalry (horses and sabre) unit. This should be quite a wedding. I'll report how it went. Very proud of the the nephew, good solder and soldering has made him a much better man.


Anonymous said...

Before I leave, I was wondering how I'd find you. First, I thought EA could locate you. Then once I found you, you'd want to keep your anonymous status... so I'd have to arrive with a bag over my head. Of course, you wouldn't trust a R/L with your coffee table, so you'd have to drive with me (and my paper bag over my head). And of course, you would be trying to navigate (tell me where and how to drive) because that is just what liberals do.... tell everyone how to improve their life... even when they were borrowing my truck. Have a great weekend. Glad the glass adventure wasn't needed.


Mike said...

Hmmm..I get some hits from the Philippines but not from Europe..
I agree EA, but I just read where the are 97% less power outages in areas where those lines are buried underground. FEMA could see the savings taxpayers would receive by not having to replace those poles everytime there's a major storm...Rick Perry takes states rights to a new level.
That Tea Party "R" will get you many votes in Texas; you don't have to debate or use much campaign money, even there are plenty of willing donors available...Hey,we are now going to able to take other states’ nuclear waste..What could go wrong? It's official; we are dead last in health care now..Dead last number 51........51st, How can that be? Washington D.C. is number 50.

I’m sorry EA, but I am just now catching up to Governor Perry..I was asleep at the wheel just paying attention to national issues..I'm dead serious, when I heard all the weird stuff he was saying during the debates; I said to myself" How could we have elected this guy?"

Edith Ann said...

Mike, I am the first to admit that it is next to impossible to stay 100% up to date on politics at all levels, so I don't even try. At this moment in time, my focus is local--I have to live in Victoria and I do care about this town. Then, on some issues--education, healthcare and issues that affect my profession, I stay up with some state stuff. Last, because there is a Dem in the White House, I keep 1/2 of one eye on national politics. I am following national closer than I had been because of the election, but not nearly like you do.

With that said, I think most folks are like me--we have our priorities--and I know there are many folks who had no real clue about Perry. Who would have had a clue--the man never debated anyone! He showed the world just what an ass and an idiot he is by running for president. We should be grateful he decided to run! It was very revealing.

I truly believe there are a whole lot of folks who would normally pull that single lever, but may think twice before doing that again. I mean, knowing now what we all know about Perry, would you want to be known as someone who voted for him? "Gee, I am so smart! I voted for the dumbest dumbass I could!" (Maybe a test to vote would not be such a bad thing?)

Tophat said...

Every time I read about the Advocate. I am seemingly compelled to go look.

So I did, today's topic appears to "chicken puns". Boy I miss being 12 years old.

Yes, that's right, Tophat didn't raid that whole bottle of bourbon in the cabinet. Chickens?!!

Mike said...

Amen to that,You have every right to be proud of the nephew, whose good soldering has made him a much better man....Be careful and drive safe on those public highways..:-)

Edith Ann said...

Take the toll road--you can drive 80 and get there faster! Less traffic, too!

Mike said...


The Trans Texas Corridor was the first time right wing Republicans turned sour on him but then he got the ire of the social conservatives with his HPV vaccine, executive order, which he had to rescind.... They have short memories, all he has to do is emphasize state rights, be for voter ID, and strict abortion laws.... The establish Republicans need to retake their party because if Ron Paul wins Nebraska, he will have the 5 states he needs to make him a candidate for the republican nomination. Ron Paul's team have already taken over the state's delegates in four states. Mitt Romney will still be the nominee but the Republican Party will have to make some concessions for that.

I adamantly disagree, a test to vote and the voter ID law is just a poll tax. They're just solutions looking for a problem..... We need to be encouraging more people to vote.

Mike said...


I know what you mean but in the hands of the Queen of the Blogosphere,Edith Ann, you can turn the question " why did the chicken cross the road" into at least 200 hits and over 100 answers. Of course she had some top notch creative responses from her readers. Therein lies the difference. For her, it was a change of pace, but for today's VA online forum, it seems to be routine...IMO

Edith Ann said...

In no particular order--

EA did the chicken schitck first. We set the standard! 137 comments! LOL!

I really, really want a sarcasm font. However, I am fully in favor of folks who think they need to vote republican having their heads examined. (sic) [remember Kenneth's insistance that (sic) meant sarcasm? Maybe he was on to something...]

Mike, I really think there will be two things that affect Perry's chance of another term--Tons of teachers were directly impacted by this actions. They either lost their job due to underfunding, or if they kept their job, they have and will continue to be forced to do more with less. Remember--the teachers made sure Mark White didn't get elected again.

Oh, and the Ron Paul folks are planning to take the Texas State convention I do believe.