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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can we ever move beyond our nine dots?

I sometimes get blog writer's block but not this morning because there's a wealth of material to discuss and most of it comes from our hometown newspaper, but I found some articles in today's Houston chronicle that will carry me over to next week.

I like to read the Houston Chronicle's letter- to- the- editor section because they normally select some good viewpoints. Today was no different; I read a letter from a gun owner who stated these liberals didn't understand why gun owners want their AR 15s. I really must renew my liberal newsletter because I didn't know it was a concern. Anyway, he went onto say that he needs the AR 15 for home protection and to do his part; if ever our country were to be invaded. I'll forget the latter, but it scares me that a neighbor with an AR 15 is going to start shooting if he hears a strange noise coming from his backyard. How much firepower do you need for a burglar? All I need is my cell phone. I showered got dressed and went to church and prayed that I don't have any neighbors with that mindset.

I see where the cream of the crop, Vic Ad Facebook posters, are still recycling the five-year-old talking points" I don't mind immigration" and " What is it about "illegal'" that people don't understand! On the other side, there's “they come here for a better life." It’s the familiar battle between nativists,activists, racists, bleeding hearts, and advocates for open borders, but mostly it's low information posters engaging in "word salad" discussions. I'm kind of glad I left Vic Ad because that's hours I didn't waste .These people are not interested in facts just the fight.

The issue is worth discussing because there is still a lot to learn. I didn’t know that the Guatemalan survivors were having communication problems because they don't speak Spanish; they speak Quiche. The drug cartels of Mexico are spilling over to countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondurans and Costa Rica. The Mexican government is chasing the cartels in that direction. The Guatemalans were running away from corruption in their country, $5.00 a day factory job, extortion and no hope for the future in sight. If it wasn't for the large numbers and politics, many of these people would be eligible for political asylum. The United States cannot afford to take in the mass exodus, but that doesn't mean that we have to be so hateful in our rhetoric. My wife and I will ride out to Berclair later this afternoon to express our sympathy for the dead.

I've always said that we need comprehensive immigration reform, and I think this would be an ideal time because we have a zero net gain on unlawful border crossings. It's easy to read about 23 illegal immigrants here and 15 over there and 3 or 4 more each day and thinking that it's worse than it ever was. About half of the 535 members of Congress don't have an appetite to take up the issue because they are waiting for attrition to work. Our slow economy did what a fence couldn't. A lot of us saw the GOP presidential debates. Did you see any workable solutions come out of them? All they were a doubling down of enforcement policies that don't do anything for the 11 million illegal immigrants who are here. Mitt Romney's self-deportation is a joke. I think a lot of Republicans were glad President Obama took the action he did (modified, not official Dream Act) because they couldn't present their constituents that plan because it would be considered amnesty. I don't have any verifiable facts, but I suspect we need every one of those 11 million illegal immigrants just to stay at our 1.5% growth rate. I wouldn't be surprised if the Department of Labor knows that.

Leonard Pitts wrote an interesting article about a televised information forum where issues like these would be discussed minus the same irreverent side issues such as, free health care, food stamps. I'll be watching because I like to know how all the pieces fit together. I want to know if our government turns a blind eye sometimes and what we can do to make our businesses obey our labor laws. Perhaps we need a better way to inform the poor immigrants in Guatemala and Honduras of all the hazards of that long journey. You would be surprised how the word of a "human trafficker” supersedes the word of others who have been through the ordeal, to these desperate people. This morning's Advocate editorial expressed the need to crack down on human trafficking, so I commend them for trying to move us beyond our nine dots.

As always, I didn’t have anyone in mind and those familiar with my posts know that, because I too have recycled my talking points..:-)


born2Bme said...


What's your thoughts on this?
I hope they come up with a plan or I can see our local property taxes going us to compensate.

When is enough, enough?

Mike said...

A couple of thoughts that's NY.

Have no fear,Texas conservative Republicans will NEVER raise property taxes..We are already dead last in health care and near last in education but 50,0000 people die from lack of health insurance.

What's your plan for deporting 11 million people? And after you do that by some miracle,who will you blame then?...:-)

born2Bme said...

Can't deport that many. I agree with you there.
Have to go after the businesses that hire them. If they don't have anywhere to go when they get here, they'll go back and others will stop coming.
This is one area that I do not agree with President Obama. LOL

On one of the comments on the VA, I did read something that I never thought about. Thugs back in those countries hold the families hostage while one or more of the family members come here and work, and then send money back. Did I read that right?

Mike said...

The illegal border crossings have dwindled and within last two years, 1.2 million have self deported, so that proves the available jobs are the magnet...As Jessica pointed out; we are fresh out of visas for people coming from the south of the border but I bet (no proof) that the Dept. of Labor (who does the number crunching) has calculated that we need 11 immigrants (legal or not) to maintain our way of living. That may a reason for the limited crack downs and the government looking the other way.

Well I'll do you one better..I agree with Governors Perry and then Bush when they said "if you are a child in Texas, we will educate you because it's to our advantage." I'm paraphrasing because I couldn't find the article but they meant children of parents here illegally.

Btw you're not only against President Obama on this issue; you're against most democrats..:-) That’s OK we’re not a monolithic party,

I saw that story about human traffickers holding family members hostage on the nightly news.

Mike said...

I'm a little late but I just read  the LTTE written by Michael C. Notzon(the old RW poster who went by the name of Observer) that topped the one from the Houston one.

He said the victims should sue the movie theater for not allowing guns on the premise.
Conservatives usually do not like lawyers or law suits but like everything else;they make exceptions..I would like to be in that court room,so I could get a good laugh when the judge throws out that frivolous lawsuit ...

Mike said...

It's down to 98 days before the presidential election, it's not unusual to see all the political letters but the one by Raymond Smith stuck out like a sore thumb for me.

It wasn't so much the religious theme that upset me; it was the lies. He said President Obama was trying to rid the country of the many manifestations of the Christian religion. He mentioned taking the 10 commandments and the pledge of allegiance out of the schools and the removal of signs that mention Jesus Christ... The Supreme Court took prayer out of the schools and the issue over God being and mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance was settled before President Obama took his oath of office.

That misinformed letter is one of the reasons we have polls like this that shows the stupidity of some voters.

" A survey by the Pew Research Center found that only 49 percent of those polled knew Obama is Christian, while 17 percent thought he is Muslim and 31 percent said they don’t know.
Surprisingly, the percentage of voters who know Obama is Christian has declined since October 2008, when 55 percent correctly identified him as Christian. It is higher, however, than in August 2010, when just 38 percent knew his faith.

The poll found that the increase since 2008 was concentrated among conservative Republicans, about a third of whom think the president is Muslim.

Forty-five percent of voters said they are comfortable with Obama’s religion, while 19 percent are uncomfortable. Of those who thought he was Muslim, only about a quarter were comfortable with that faith.

The survey also found that 60 percent of voters are aware that GOP candidate Mitt Romney is Mormon and it wasn’t an issue for roughly 80 percent of them.
The survey found that white evangelical Protestants, black Protestants, atheists and agnostics were most likely to say they are uncomfortable with Romney’s religion.

The poll was conducted June 28 to July 9, 2012, among 2,973 adults, including 2,373 registered voters."

Read more:

I don't know what Mr. Smith is talking about because some of these large evangelical churches should hang a sign out reading" We are an arm of the Republican Party."..

Edith Ann said...

Raymond Smith is the local big-wig for the American Family Association.

Of course it okay with many of the GOP that Romney is a Mormon. As long as he isn't black, I think anything goes. A cult that you choose to belong to versus a skin color you didn't choose. Makes sense to me!

Mike said...

I didn't know Raymond Smith was associated with the American Family Association; explains a lot. I assume that " "Do not bear false witness against your neighbor" is not a priority.
That may be true,EA but the other religion (conservatism) will vote for Romney..:-)

Strange I have not heard much discussion about Mormonism at the VA forum and we know it's pretty much "anything goes" over there these days and it's not that the GOP RW is respectful of religion because they sure don't hold back when it comes to Muslims.

"Among Americans who know Romney’s religion, six in 10 say they are comfortable with it. Republicans (68 percent) are more likely than Independents (62 percent) and Democrats (51 percent) to express comfort with the likely GOP nominee’s faith.
But nearly one in four white evangelicals say they are uncomfortable with Romney’s Mormonism, higher than any other religious group except atheists/agnostics (30 percent).
Many social conservatives warned during the GOP primary that Romney would struggle to spark evangelical enthusiasm. Fewer conservative Christians would volunteer to canvass neighborhoods, donate money or plan rallies, they said.
The Pew poll indicates such fears may be warranted. Among the nearly 23 percent of evangelicals who are uncomfortable with Romney’s Mormonism, just 16 percent back him strongly.
There is definitely an enthusiasm gap there,” said Greg Smith, a senior researcher at Pew. Smith noted, however, that 93 percent of conservatives still say they will vote for Romney."

dale said...

I have never used the keyboard keys which makes a crying face or a laughing face. Any suggestions? And perhaps we can lay off throwing around local names of those who may not want to participate over here. (Names hang around forever here in cyber-space.)

Edith Ann said...

Well, if we can't talk about folks who don't participate over here, then my blog is done.

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

dale said...

"oou oou", using my best "Welcome Back Kotter" imitation. "Mr Mike, Mr Mike, I found text symbols which can be properly used to express emotions here in Mike's World!!!"

"Here you go... (/_;) and (:_;)
Now if I can just find that heart and the one with bleeding. >^_^<

And thank you to my secret friend, whom without I would have never thought to look in google for these worldly text symbols.

(EA, I am only speaking of those normally "non-public" folks.)

\(゜ロ\)ココハドコ? (/ロ゜)/アタシハダアレ?

I just love these text emotions. :p

Mike said...


Your post is confusing..You said that you don't use emoticons????
And...... "And perhaps we can lay off throwing around local names of those who may not want to participate over here. (Names hang around forever here in cyber-space.)

I will take the latter statement in advisement.

Are you saying if the locals do not participate on my person a blog; they are off limits? Their words and their names will hang around in cyber-space regardless because they made their statements on the Vic Ad forum. Their names and statements will also remain in print format...I guess "we can lay off throwing around local names " meant that I shouldn't mention people who cannot defend themselves on my PERSONAL BLOG and you threw in the "WE" to imply that you're not alone in that opinion.

Sorry if I offended.

Mike said...

OK,EA just got a waiver from dale, the mandate only applies to "non-public" folks."

I've got it...Now,am I allowed to correct the lies and allegations in their letters if I do at the VA where the letter is posted?

dale said...

"We" could be the polite, non-accusatory form of “you”. If you wish, and I mention as only a suggestion --a guest on your blog can not advise you of anything. FYI, I (as in the self-noting) try not to mention another’s name. Although, I (personal pronoun) have sinned in the past and present, I (the sinner) attempt to abide and atone for my grievous errors both in my present and cyber life. (OK?)

If you require interpretation… (Mike)”You (dale) said that you don't use emoticons????” ( Dale), “which makes a crying face or a laughing face”. I attempted to say Ididn’t know crying or laughing symbols existed…outside lol or . (And, I was pointed toward the emoticon link by another blogger, and found them (emoticons) enlightening. Please note the link to said emoticons.)

Regarding use of others names, you do not require my permission. Progressives (I'll use a slogan) "are provided the Right (through the “welfare clause”) to make choices for the well being of the rest of humanity." Justification and background: Brady Bill and PPACA. (Oops, PPACA is justified by taxation powers. Sorry.)

Tophat said...

I am a conservative Catholic Republican that does not care that Romney is a Mormon.

My sole concern about him is that chance he will win the election. That does scare me.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Dammit, Dale, if you, used, more, commas, I would, think, that you are John Anthony, Lara, posting in disguise, since your posts are just not, making, sense, to me.

I will give you the same advice I gave Mr. Lara. DO NOT DRINK AND POST.

Oh, and..... :D

Mike said...

The opinions of the guests and their suggestions are very important to me because without the readers input, this blog would be equivalent to the TV sign off image.

Now if I wasn't well abreast in conservative speak; I would interpret your last statement to mean that the Right represents the rest the humanity and the liberals/progressives are the outliers of society. It shows, because conservatives have always thought that they are the rightful heirs of the throne (executive branch)... Ask Bill Clinton and President Obama..... It's sort of an aura of superiority.

You know, republicans are always whining about gun restriction of some sort, not realizing that they don't have a problem... The United States has more guns than anyone else in the world; we have about 88 guns for every hundred Americans. We have 5% of the world's population and 50% of the guns. We also have three homicides with the use of a gun, per every 100,000 people which is 20 times more than Great Britain....

I'm always amazed of how much praise Republicans have for the late President Reagan because many don't really like what he did or stood for. This is an OP Ed from President Reagan (no progressive who wanted to make choices for the rest of humanity.

Why I'm for the Brady Bill
By Ronald Reagan;

Ronald Reagan, in announcing support for the Brady bill yesterday, reminded his audience he is a member of the National Rifle Association

Published: March 29, 1991

I could write a lot more because last night I read several magazine articles and about gun control, the Brady Bill and according to Alan Fox, a professor of criminology, law, and public policy at Northwestern, since the late 70s we have been averaging 20 MASS SHOOTING a year and at the time Bill Clinton passed the assault weapon ban there was a 68% approval for that.

Edith Ann said...

Looks like Dale found a new punctuation site! I know I use a ton of punctuation, but I do believe he has me beat!

I don't care that Romney is a Mormon, either Tophat. I'm not voting for him.

I do care, though, that from the far right all the way to the middle folks are espousing their Christian beliefs and the necessity of taking back America for the Christians and that the heathens are taking over the country, all while supporting a candidate that belongs to a cult! Mormonism is a cult! They are not a Christian religion.

They hypocrisy offends me!

Edith Ann said...

I see where the Pawn Shop on Navarro will let you put any gun on lay away for just $50.00!

Mike said...


"My sole concern about him is that chance he will win the election. That does scare me."


I don't think you have a problem when Mormonism but you have mentioned your concern for a Romney presidency several times... Mitt Romney does not scare me because he has laid out his agenda, which is a typical top down GOP economic plan. I think he's beholden to the conservative base and he shows it.

If you care to elaborate; I would be appreciative... I believe Rick Santorum was right about Romney when he said he's the worst republican to represent their party because of Romney care. He also signed the assault weapon ban in Massachusetts after President Bush let it expire... I have an uneasy feeling about his penchant for war with Iran to satisfy Israel but I hope it's just talk.

Mike said...

I don't know if Mormonism is a cult because at one time of my religion was known as a cult. I guess it's whatever the definition of extreme is...But please elaborate more because Christianity (as you know) is not my strong suit..:-)

I don't understand Mitt Romney because his religion is what made him the man he is today. Besides being plastic, he's a great family man who doesn't smoke or drink but he won't talk about his religion.

He was pretty good governor of Massachusetts but he won't talk about that either... I think it's a plus for a republican governor to get things done in one of our most liberal states.

He's not the far right candidate he's trying to pretend to be.

Mike said...

Mitt Romney can't help himself,he should just accept he likes RomneyCare and Obamacare...Today he lavished praised on Israel's helthcare system and Obama will probably use it in the debates..." Or does the Governor simply not understand that Israel’s healthcare success story is the direct result of nation’s socialized healthcare system that has existed since the country’s founding in 1948 and institutionalized by law in 1995?

Today, the nation of Israel requires that every Israeli belong to one of four health maintenance organizations (that’s right…mandated participation)—each operating as a non-profit and each funded by the Israeli government via a progressive tax that every citizen is obligated to pay based on their earnings.

What’s more, the uniform benefits offered by the HMOs are established by the central government and must be made available to every single citizen—regardless of their medical circumstances (the phrase ‘pre-existing condition’ apparently does not exist in the Hebrew language.)"

dale said...

Tophat: ditto me and keep Romney out of the Seat.

Sugar: I will work on clear and concise sentences. I mean to say fewer commas.

Mike: There is a BIG difference between Conservatives. (How do I do a list without commas Sugar?)

The two different Rs are: a) Those Republicans who are in name only? b) Heirs to the Republican name, whom we should call Libertarian Republicans. That is if there were LRs. Hopefully, Mike does not place me in his typical R stereotype.

Let me make a note about a thought of what is and is not to be a Libertarian Republican. I, as a LR, would make an asterix by Barry Goldwater. Barry Goldwater was a fiscal conservative. He was also a social conservative. We should enter that discussion after the RINOs adopt the 2012 National Republican Platform. If we compare the Goldwater Platform and Romney Platform we will see about the same words and phrases. The defining moment will occur when we compare Romney's Actions to Goldwater's Actions.

Philosophy and action there is a big difference between conservatives and the ones calling themselves "conservative".

dale said...

Yep, let the US be just like Israel. (I was going to say until I saw the second chart...

"Government spending is equivalent to 44.3 percent of GDP. The budget balance has been in deficit, with public debt corresponding to over 70 percent of total domestic output."

In 2010 US Govt spending to GDP consumed 41%. If we add the healthcare spending the ration is 59%. In 1964 the ratio was 28%.

Is your lifestyle better in 2012 than it was in 1964?

Edith Ann said...

Short answer on the cult comment--

Mormons accept the Bible, but they also accept other books as fundamental to their religion.

Mormons believe that their 'accommodations' in heaven are determined by the number of sons he has. (Mittens is good here with 5 sons)

Mormons believe you can baptise deceased persons.

Mormons believe that any words spoken to a prophet are sacred and should be weighed equally with the Word of God.

Mormonism was founded around 1820 or so. Huge groups pulled up stakes and follow a person across the country to the 'promised land' of Utah.

Mormons believe they are the only 'true church' and that other faiths are only partially enlightened. Becomming Mormon would enlighten them further.

Mormons consider the King James version of the Bible incomplete and error filled. The 'rest of the story' and the 'corrections' are found in The Book of Mormon.

Mormons do not believe in the Trinity.

Now, for me, here is the icing on the cake:

"Much of the Mormon belief system is oriented geographically around the North and South American continents. Mormons believe the people of the Book of Mormon lived in the western hemisphere, that Christ appeared in the western hemisphere after his death and resurrection, that the true faith was restored in upstate New York by Joseph Smith, and that the Garden of Eden and location of Christ's second coming were and will be in the state of Missouri."

Now, if you can set aside any pre-conceived notions about 'cults', and understand that not all cults are 'weird appearing', you will see that Mormonism is a cult. They want you to believe they are Christian, but they do not line up with any other Christian faith.

And not only that--it is correct that they do not use tobacco or caffeine and such, but they are the primary stockholders of PepsiCo. Lot of caffeine over at PepsiCo. Shrewed business, making a buck off of caffeine addiction? Perhaps. Certainly it is hypocritical.

Edith Ann said...

Oops! That wasn't short at all. Sorry...

dale said...

And Pepsi Zero was the fulfillment of the prophecy? 0 calories.

Thank you EA for short the version. See, no commas! Oops.

Edith Ann said...

Terrible me! The Mormon info is from Wikipedia.

The PepsiCo info is from the D-I-L who lived in Wyoming.

Speaking of Wyoming, Liz Cheney is going to run for Congress from Wyoming! She lives in Virginia.

Mike said...

Thanks EA,I liked the info...The Mormons also funded the defeat of California's Prop. 8...

Mike said...


Do you even know anything about Barry Goldwater? He was NOT a social conservative. He was against the Religious Right and their agenda on abortion, and the role of religion in politics. He was not against gay rights but he voted against the Civil rights bill and was against the New Deal (Social Security) and LBJ's Medicare.....He lost in an landslide against LBJ propelling the democrats into office...didn't he lead the charge to vote against MLK holiday along with Ron Paul?..Great Americans!

"Is your lifestyle better in 2012 than it was in 1964?" Huh? I was graduating from high school in 1964; apples and oranges.

Happy 47th birthday Medicare.

Tophat said...

I do not pretend to follow politics anything close to the level you diligently have.
My concern regarding Romney is simply due his dodging real issues.
He is a "power hound"- I fear if I think the last two white houses have abused executive authority, Romney will raise it to a new level.
I would expect us to be in another war.
I expect more "favors" to fall on the doors of Wall Street and company.

While I do hold core disagreement with many Obama plans and actions, I think he is the better candidate. I know it is a worn out term but I hold to the thought of "voting for the lesser of two evils". Evil is not the correct word, just how the saying goes.

It occurred to me that I do not know the religious beliefs of the last several Presidents. The Mormon thing is of no importance. I recall Obama being associated with some church leader that was questionable by some people.

Can I just vote for Kennedy, Reagan, George the First, or even Carter-- maybe even LBJ?

Edith Ann said...


Jeramiah Wright and Mormonism--not even a comparison!

But again, it's the hypocrisy of the right to work the word 'Christian' into every sentence when they are supporting a non-Christian as their candidate.

While, I'm in this neighborhood, I just remind folks about the right and their party of family values, their stance on gays, etc.--both Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Ethridge have performed at the republican national conventions.

Is there anyone, anywhere in the republican party that thinks things through BEFORE they act? Before they commit these major gaffs? I wonder!

Mike said...


People can use any criteria they wish, in voting for the president of the United States and they do. I would just curious about the rationale Victoria Republicans will use for not voting for Mitt Romney..... I can understand dales’ reason. The torch to the GOP platform will be handed off in August and he hopes he agrees with most of the platform. I think you want to rein in the powers of the executive branch and don't want someone who is constantly beating the drums of war and who will cater to Wall Street.

I'm glad you brought up the issue of Jeremiah Wright. It gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject. First, 69 million people have already decided that issue was not important and besides he's been in office over close to four years.

Anyway this is just my opinion and for the record I don't hold a religious test unless I feel that it will play a large part in their decision-making.

I've been to south side Chicago where the Trinity United Church of Christ is located but I just drove by. I think then Senator Obama had political ambitions and like any politician, he had to take the normal steps to obtain his goal. Like many Christians, Obama was not a devout one, so he chose the largest black church on the south side of Chicago, where Oprah once attended to pad his resume. Now he could start checking off his list: family man, churchgoer, and he could hobnob with the movers and shakers of South Side Chicago. He spent over 20 years of listening to a “fire and brimstone" preacher but evidently it did not influence his decision-making. I'm not superficial, I also understand that perception, optics, or whenever you wanna call it, plays an important role in politics because your enemies will exploit any the detail they think will damage you. Obama had a great political team who advised him to cut his ties with a political liability; he did and made a terrific YouTube speech on race and the rest is history...IMO

Mitt Romney will not discuss his religion because he thinks it's a political liability and that's OK but what I think is reprehensible is what he did the other day. Mitt Romney's wife has entered her dancing horse into the Olympics, which was quite an accomplishment for her. In an interview the other day, Mitt was asked to describe the Olympic event but he said he had no knowledge of it. He went on to say that it was his wife’s horse and her event and he was not going to attend the showing. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would not attend an event that was important to my wife. Mitt was scared of the optics because he took a $77,000 business deduction for the horse.

Mike said...

I like that "Philosophy and action there is a big difference between conservatives and the ones calling themselves "conservative."

I remember the 2008 Republican Convention where every conservative tried to out conservative each other and forgot about talking about the issues. I will never understand why the Goldwater/Ron Paul Libertarians think that they can covert the Republican Party to their ideology. I know the libertarians know they can't win under the libertarian banner and I don't fault them for fighting for their believes but after 70 years of futility; it's time to get a better plan...IMO

Your ultra conservative Heritage Foundation facts may be correct but they don't show the true picture... I don't think any economist worth their salt will compare a 1964 to 2012...