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Friday, May 18, 2012

I’m a Happy Blogger

I'm starting to enjoy our online forum a lot more these days by being more selective; not only on what I discuss but the posters I have a discussion with. I can’t remember the last heated discussion that I engaged in. I will have some of those but they will be limited and with a poster I respect. The key is not to be too selective or I’ll never learn anything.Hey, it may take a while for this old man to figure it all out but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I don't want be too selective with the posters that I have a discussion with because I may take something out of context and besides they have all right in the world to disagree with me. Most of time, I will just consider the source. I know there are some posters who start to disagree with me, after the first word in the first sentence I write. For example, there's no reason for me to get in a discussion over the Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman case anymore because it has become "you post your vile and I'll post mine" and "I'll insult you to boot.” That doesn't mean that I won't read about the subject somewhere else or lose any interest in the case. It's become a" there goes the neighborhood” thread..IMO

I really enjoyed the "name the owl” contest. The participation was outstanding and names that were submitted were pretty good. I'm not that creative, I would have settled for Owl #1 & Owl #2.

It just feels good not to have to pretend that I'm a moderate, down the middle “everyone’s out-of-step but Willie" type of poster who wants to appeal to everyone. By now everyone expects me to write from a “left of center" perspective. I'm not scared to get go out on a limb; what have I got to lose? I’m not competing for something that I’ll never be. I will never be the best blogger. It's not as if the posters pay attention to me anyway; the other day I said that I keep my politics secular and I received five religious answers and posts in return. I didn't respond and let them have the blog and I felt that I did the right thing. I just take it for granted that they don't mean any harm and that is just the way they are. Besides my posts just adds unneeded fuel to fire sometimes. The other day, a person who dislikes Obama answered a letter writer by saying that no president can control the price of gasoline. Sometimes you have to let the truth sort things out.

Anyway this blog will take the place of a Saturday vent because I don't have anything to gripe about these days.

Open thread weekend...Lets discuss something that is on your mind.


Edith Ann said...

We could talk about my grandchildren.

Mike said...

That would be interesting.

Edith Ann said...

Well, of course, my grandchildren are just absolutely adorable! And too cute for words. And simply precious. But I'm not really biased.

I am glad you are a happy blogger. I think the owl thread was fun. But some of the other stuff--time to move on.

I plan to go oogle over the antique cars--I love them. I saw dozens of the on the wat to Gonzales, in Gonzales and on the way back to Victoria today. I noticed many are at the hotel between the Sonic and Skillets on Houston Highway. What fun it must be to drive one of them!

Mike said...

That's unique ,a grandmother who knows that her  grand kids are the most adorable ...:-)

Yes,same recycled comments....I heard a comedian say " if you don't like gay marriage; don't marry one."

We don't have enough of the old car shows....I remember our two vacations in California,seems like every city had a show every weekend...some were inside the malls and that's not including the low

Just for kicks ,I took a peek at Kenneth's blog...He has really gone out there.

Rebecca said...

I'm enjoying the forum because I'm avoiding it. =P

P.S. Anyone need a house? I know where there is one for sale. =D

Mike said...

Avoiding the forum is a thought that has crossed my mind several times but if I'm still a member after November ,then I'll have to admit I'm a lifer.

I don't know anyone who wants to buy a home but if I do ,I'll send them your way.

Mike said...

Remember those paper planes we used to make and fly the cross the room? The world record is 227 ft. Just set by a former quarterback from a California college.

Food stamp trivia....Each person gets $1.48 a DAY or about $31 a week.

Mario Batali ,Celebrity chef is trying to live on that;I know we couldn't and 75% of food stamps go children.....Now,try educating the those children.

I should have posted those two items when a poster called my blog nothing but liberal blather...

Rebecca said...

I hate it when people devolve to name calling instead of offering an opposing view or facts.

Mike said...

Name calling is a conversation stopper but some see it as a way out of discussion that they can't win with their set of facts....IMO

Legion said...

Sometimes I wonder about politicians campaign strategy.

I received a call a few minutes ago, I hung up but first I heard..."Hello Texas, this is Governor Sarah Palin and I am seeking you support for Ted Cruz..."

Then I hung up. Didn't S. Palin resign as Governor of Alaska? Shouldn't her message say "former Governor" and "former V.P. Candidate"?

Mike said...

I heard that topic being discussed durning the primaries but Newt Gingrich was the subject .

Seems like they were saying that Newt was speaker back in the late 90s and shouldn't be addressed as such...I haven't heard Sarah Palin called governor very much ;maybe a couple of times if that......I agree it would have sounded strange.

Radiobabe said...

Something for Edith Ann, Mike, and Radiobabe to all agree on... Old cars are cool! I have a '71 Karmann Ghia!

Mike said...


I have to admit to admit that I'm just an amateur observer of old cars.

I know enough to say your 71 Karmann Ghia ia a beautiful car...I had to look it up....;-)

Edith Ann said...

Well, you never know who's going to turn up on Mike's blog!

I love old cars, new cars, I just love cars. I've told y'all before how my friend Sue Ellen and I talked the shop teacher into letting us take mechanics in high school. Girls just didn't do that! He relented and we were in!

But I know this--if I ever won a lottery, I'd be buying cars probably before I bought anything else!

Okay, we've talked about my grandkids and cars. Someone else's turn!

Mike said...

I didn't know you loved cars...So,you started your rebel rousing in high

Your dad must have been  good mechanic.

Mike said...

The lottery

I would buy in Austin &Houston,and 5 in Victoria to keep my family together ,all in one place.....The ones in Houston and Austin would be to get away from them,every now and then...:-)

Edith Ann said...

My father was clueless about cars. He always paid someone to do the work! [The BOYS were in mechanics...] But I do love cars!
My idea of a great marathon weekend is 48 hours of Barrett-Jackson!

Which probably explains why I am an impulse car buyer. When I step on a car lot, I'm pretty good until I drive one. Cars are like puppies for me--I touch it and I want it.

I love the house thing--great idea!

Radiobabe said...

Edith Ann - Because Home Ecc sounded like a snoozefest, I took shop in high school and scored the highest grade in the school as I recall... let's hear it for Girl Power!

Mr. Radiobabe would definately go car and motorcycle shopping after he built a garage that was bigger than our house. I think I would do a tour around the world on my lottery winnings.

Mike, I'm actually more of an observer myself, but I'm married to a car guy so you pick up a little here and there by osmosis. He actually restored my Ghia for me. When we bought it, it was in boxes.

Radiobabe said...

I can talk about my dog now if we've exhausted cars, grandkids and lottery tickets...

Edith Ann said...

Same here Radiobabe--I already knew how to sew and cook!

Sure, talk about your dog. Rebecca can explain the doggie sewer system thingy, perhaps while we're on the topic of dogs. I only caught a bit of that and it sounded fascinating. Seriously!

Rebecca said...

If you are in the market for a (4br/2full bath/2 living/2 dining/2 car garage), I can show you the doggie septic system. =P