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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cell Phone Addiction

It took me a month to two to convince my wife to get rid of the land line phone because she cherished the old number we had for over 30 years. She worried that we wouldn't have any type of service during a hurricane. A mother has to have some type of communication with her children at all times; mama grizzlies...:-) We had a phone that plugged directly into the outlet without the need for electricity. Can you believe it, she went out and bought a telephone receiver (looks like a regular phone) which she can answer and talk like she used to? The receiver had to initially be paired with her cell phone and after that, it automatically pairs itself when she is within the 30 feet of the base. I’m afraid she is going back to ignoring her emails and text messages. I must've spent a good 3 days teaching her how to use the iPhone and she caught on but now she may be drifting back to her comfort zone.

The other day, my wife threw a big scare into us. While she was still under the carport she called me from her car and then her voice drifted and I couldn't hear her, so I hung up and tried to call her back several times. I then called  my children to help me find her. A few minutes later she came up the drive way all smiling, not knowing what she had just put us through. You see, she was going to Walgreens and called me to see if I needed anything, while she was out and about. She dialed me from the Prius (within those 30 feet) but then realized she didn't have her cell with her and decided she didn't need it since she was only going to Walgreens and back. For some reason she had forgotten that she had called me. If she hadn't called me, there would not have been a problem. Those 15 minutes were like an eternity.

I've gotten too attached to my phone, when I get home ,I place it on a coffee table next to my recliner, sometimes I glance at it now and then, to check the VA and my personal blog. My ESPN app reminds me when my favorite team has started playing, scores and updates. There has been a couple times when the Astros got behind by three runs or more, so I switched channels to watch something else. A few minutes later, the familiar ESPN tone came on telling me that Houston caught up, so I switched back to watch the game. I also use the cell to track my bike activities and when I'm through, I get a report of how many miles I traveled, average speed, and time elapsed for my records. I can also look at the map to see the route I traveled.

Well I now have an app to remind me on Thursday to look for that Mother's Day card. It's funny how my older sister and my wife agree that they don't want any festivities because all they want is a phone call or two and then to be left alone for a good portion of the day to just relax..What do they know?....:-)

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Mike said...

I just saw that I can get a local election App to remind me when to vote and other useful information....I'm glad Texas is keeping up but our Atty. general better give the Feds what they want....What's he trying to hide?