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Saturday, November 5, 2011

We are evolving


I had a lot of time to think between classes and my overnight stay in Corpus Christi. This was the first seminar, that I didn't hear a cell phone to go off, although we've  been told to turn them off for several years. I don't know whether it's normal or not, but I'm getting to the age where I reflect a lot on the past, present and all the changes. I even remember my step dad always having a white handkerchief in his back pocket, but I can't remember ever having one. I could see some good uses for one, such is wiping off my iPad or iPhone screen and my glasses, but I don't even know if they sell them anymore. I remember when I was about 30 years and on to my fiftys, it was common to see men, wear baseball caps or hats, but I stopped wearing one about 15 years ago, but I can't tell you why.

Change can come abruptly, like when my grandson told that it wasn’t cool to wear a cell phone holster. I looked around for days and found out that most men keep them in their pockets. I change when I hear how cruel the opposition sounds or if it will lead to a peaceful resolution. Today,my children say “ Whoa,you have mellowed.” Those changes took years.

I didn't see any changes on my way to Corpus Christi. On any given day, you will see the same oil company pickups getting gas and whatnots in Refugio but not much else, and it's pretty much open road, until you hit Highway 37 into Corpus Christi. This is one time I had to look for a parking space at the Airport Holiday Inn, because even though was 7:00AM, the lot was full. A lot of it was due to Halliburton having their meeting at the hotel. As I checked  in; I saw a sea of red work uniforms. At least, they had their own buffet spread. Across the room, I went to the regular breakfast dining area where I saw a lot of business type people with laptops on their table, or they were talking on their cell phones. I wouldn't have to worry about a power outage because there was enough light coming from the electronic devices. If they turned off the two television sets, no one would have noticed.

This one seminar was different because several of the attendees were using their cell phone throughout the lecture, and one lady was knitting. I was surprised to see the lady knitting. I didn't know women still did that. I had a friend who came up to me and asked me if I had brought the Victoria Advocate. I said no, but I have the digital edition on my iPad. He went away disappointed because he wanted the newspaper. I can understand that, and I wasn't going to lend him my iPad anyway, so I should've just said no.

At the break, we all talked about the judge spanking his daughter. We all told stories of our spankings and how we accepted that,because it was the way it was done back then. We all thought that the judge went way overboard, and his wife was complicit. That is common in an abusive relationship. I guess all of us were in our 50s or 60s, but we realized that what we thought was normal and correct back then, really wasn't. I certainly don't have any proof, but I think that spanking is one of those old child rearing remedies, that is not often used today. As I told the group at the break, I think it's like drunk driving. I remember a lot of us used to tell funny stories of driving while intoxicated Today, I wouldn't even think of driving after drinking( I don't drink anymore, per say) and I certainly wouldn't laugh at drunk-driving stories. The lady, who organized Mothers Against Drunk Driving, did one hell of a job.

About six years ago, the subject of homosexuality and gay marriage was met with a lot of poster deletions because it really stirred up some folks. When those subjects are brought up today, a few will get out a line but most just want to move on without much fanfare. In five years ,it won't be any issue. Remember, when the subject of Muslims was first brought up and especially the mosque at Ground Zero? I bet most of those posters, who adamantly complained, don't know that it was finally opened without resistance. If things go according to plan, we will be out of Afghanistan in the year 2014, and the hating of Muslims will go with it.

The world is changing, in case you haven't noticed we are now 26th in education worldwide, last year we were 25th. We are evolving but will we accept the good change and reject changing just for the sake of change? What do I mean by that? Perhaps instead of using the word repeal, we should try to use the word reform. We didn't get to be number one by accident, so the answer is within, or as Bill Clinton put it “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”


Mike said...

I saved $3 a month ($2X4 wks) and just a couple of ads by getting the Houston Chronicle app for my iPad...I used to buy the Sunday Chronicle from Speedy Stop on Crestwood.....I have a weeks worth of issues on my iPad. Everyday, I get the morning version and then it's updated like in the old days.

I see where Gary brought his bible into the discussion about the judge beating his daughter.He doesn't know it's people like him that turn some people off religion.

Edith Ann said...

We are evolving, you say? Well, I'll agree we have more gadgets, but are they helping to make our lives more efficient? If I am going to change--I want it to be that I have less hassle, not more! No doubt we have experienced many advances in a short period of time. Can you imagine how folks felt when Bell invented the telephone? It may have been the same reaction we see to the announcement of a newer iPhone, just taking years to get around instead of moments!

On the other hand, Gary White is single handedly dragging the issue of family violence back two centuries (where he is). God Bless Gary White.

(I am watching Haley Barbour [he took $$$ from an abortion pill manufacturer] discuss women's reproductive rights. We're screwed!)

Rebecca said...

I need to stop reading those comments. They are really making me mad. It's not like having these debates over and over change any one for the better.

I don't like it being assumed that because I don't like that certain parts of the bible are used to justify violence, that I just disagree with the whole thing!

Why can't people discuss a topic without focusing on the people discussing it? What does my views on the bible have to do with a conversation about spanking in the context of this video?

Well, maybe I can use this angst to go workout or something.

Rebecca said...

Because I respect the bible, I will consider the original languages, the culture, and even the knowledge-level of those humans (and the cultural norms that shaped their brains and had a major influence on interpretation) who complied and "transcribed" it.

To do anything less is doing the bible a disservice.

Using the bible as an excuse to beat a child is like using holy books to justify honor killings. It's as if you are trying to turn people off!

Mike said...

You don't have to own the latest gadget to be part of the 21st century,you are aware of what's out there but you don't need it...Some are still struggling with the the 20th century.

Tuesday's "Personhood" vote in Mississippi will certainly go to the Supreme Court. I wanted to submit a blog to discuss this @ the VA but it  would be too controversial,so I talked myself out of it.It's the first of many steps to overturn Roe v Wade...Sorry to say this but the women in Mississippi who vote for this bill need to know what they are doing..Haley is all about the money.

You're right about Gary White

Mike said...

Don't let the rude posters deter you because you made one of the best statements on the subject when you posted"I think how we are raised becomes our "normal." It's natural to defend that "normal." I think it takes a very wise person to step back and think outside of our cultural or societal norms to examine the idea of how we "discipline" children.

I find it odd that we live in a society where there are laws protecting adults from violence, but when it comes to children the definition of violence is changed to allow it."

Some posters think they are defending their parents and their current beliefs.

Keep posting.

Rebecca said...

I made that comment before I got mad. =P

Rebecca said...

I make absolutely no sense when I'm emotional.

Edith Ann said...

The guilty dog yelps. Or something like that, right? I am still amazed at how many folks are will to admit their kids are smarter than they are. I wish I knew who some of those folks are because I could avoid them.


It will be a sad day when birth control of any kind becomes illegal. This is what their goal is.

I will never understand how they reconcile their anti-social services stance with their anti-abortion and anti-birth control stance. Talk about something that will escalate the need for social services--make a family have endless kids.

But you and I both know this is really about trying to deflect from the republican's reality--shine the light on someone else's sex habits because they are tired of their kinky, skanky and tacky sexual antics being reported. They think that by moving into my uterus and my bedroom, they will appear to have their priorities right, and they will be admired.

Why do all those old, bloated farts in the republican party give off a bad vibe?

Mike said...

Amen to that,I don't know many times I told my kids that every trick they try,I've already tried it.

The GOP knows that their numbers are dwindling,so whenever they take over,in comes the multiple abortion bills...Next,they will call intent,personhood....Some groups are saying buying birth control pills in Mississippi might be considered a crime....If there is on state that needs birth control,it's Mississippi...Being last in education,is no accident.

Legion said...

Outlaw birth control pills?

Who thought that one up? Gary and Paul?
That's crazy talk.

When my daughter got pregnant, her mom somehow got her on Medicaid, they helped pay the delivery costs ect., but afterwords medicaid would not help pay for birth control pills.

That seems bassackwards to me, they will pay for the birth but not a way to prevent it.

Anyway, not all us Rep. hold the overturn of Roe Vs. Wade as the cornerstone of our beliefs. As has been said before, your painted with a broad brush...but probably 80% correct!

Mike said...

I 'm certainly not an expert on the subject but I've heard some views from some that say they are ...They said if life begins at conception,then anything preventing that might be considered unlawful...Like I said the bill in Miss. Will end up at the SCOTUS.

Medicaid comes under the Hyde Act which states no federal funds thru Mrdicaid but they can get them through Planned Parenthood.

Granted not all GOP wants to overturn Roe but the ones in power do...Look at the abortion bills GOP led states and GOP house have passed or tried to pass....

Mike said...

OMG,now a gun nut (WWW) wants runners to carry a gun while running...The poor girl was hit in the back of the head for God's sake and then raped....And I thought Gov. Perry shooting a coyote while he was running was highly unusual,some think carrying a gun should be second nature...

Mike said...

That thread is now being to sound like an NRA infomercial...No,how is the poor girl doing...It's all about how tough they are and the different guns they would carry.

Edith Ann said...

This is Victoria. Writein is still saying I want to convert everyone to no-hit child rearing. That would be good, but that's not what I said.

Legion--there are 33 states that had the sonogram bill, at least that many that want anti-abortion laws in place and I forget which candidte it was that was confronted by the woman in Mississippi about outlawing birth control. That clip played on several shows.

No, not EVERY republican wants to have every woman barefoot and pregnat, but enough of them do to make a difference, and all I can think is that it would be a gigantic step backward.

God, but republicans are obsessed with sex!

Mike said...

I know what you meant but I really didn't understand where BigJ was coming from;all his examples were extreme.Not spanking led to stealing and bigger crimes?I didn't raise stupid kids.

The GOP has all the bases covered,they know all the union busting ,abortion,voting rights laws they are passing are unconstitional,so they don't let Obama's judges get to nomination hoping they can regain all the power to appoint their own judges....It doesn't matter how much it costs.

Edith Ann said...

The republicans make my head hurt and they give me heartburn. Most all of them!

As to the hike and bike trail, who is going to want to use it now knowing folks are carrying on the trail? Accidentally scare someone and get shot! I particularly like the comment (I think WWW) about not bothering witht he class or the permit--no one would convict a woman protecting herself. Never mind those stray bullets...

Mike said...

Wow,it's going to be an interesting week....Just as I was down on my fellow man ,Sugar Magnolia,knocks it out of the park in an post to Pilot...I admit I fell short because I wanted to post something similar about his take on women and minorities but I didn't think it would do any good....I was wrong,her post renewed my confidence in my fellow human being.
But now if I write something it seems like I'm piling on or waiting for someone to go first...
My fault ,I should have trusted my instincts.

EA,I am going to stick to the issues (with a supporting link) and just ignore those who just want to belittle but someone other than BigJ needs to stand up to those people.

Edith Ann said...

I don't always worry about 'going first'. Nine times out of ten, when I am the opposing opinion, I take a pounding for posting at all. The comments are addressed to me. Just look at the Judge story--I am not standing there alone. Rebecca and Vet both make excellent comments, are lined up with mine and made multiple comments, but I'm the one who get the missle.

Oh, well!

Mike said...

I have to agree, lately it's as if you have a target on your back. I used to be called out by the same people, every time I wrote a blog but you're making the same comments as others in the comments section. I could see it when members partial to UHV and the city because you were a legitimate threat but the majority was on your side. It probably wouldn't be so bad if they just disagreed with you but they are twisting your words to suit their agenda.

As for being first, I'm stuck with "you have a right to post your opinion without a disrespectful response from me" and "you are way out of order and someone should tell you so."

Edith Ann said...

Hey, it doesn't really bother me. Most of the time it's like listening to Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh---they confirm for me my belief system. But, sometimes they really frost me!

But that's how this works!

BIGJ said...

Edith Ann.

Please accept my apology about my comments towards you. Please know my apology is not a fake one liek you know who.

BIGJ said...


Thank you for saying “but someone other than BigJ needs to stand up to those people.” But I have to wonder why would a 60 plus year old would stalk (via facebook) a lowly late 20/ early 30 something/and try to find something dig up on? My thing is this……what is he afraid of ? Is it because of certain personal ties I have or is it because no one takes his “ bloody revolution and back to 2007/1967 “ ass seriously? I am strongly consider this fool as a personal enemy. That’s right I said it.

That blog is nothing more than an attack on my character, my upbringing, and my intelligence. Attacking my intelligence is a BIG NO-NO. He might as well call me a Nigger. That’s right I said it. I refuse to apologize and put punches. The original author (Fred Reed) of that cut and paste is a well known bigot in conservative journalism. Whatever wild hair up his rear is angering him, then he should pluck it out !!!! If Sugar Magnolia is reading this. I want to thank her.

Speaking about Gary White and his calling me an agent of the Anti-Christ. I consider that as fighting words. Gary White need to sit down and SHUT UP !!!! This is why I attach my name on there.

Mike said...

I meant every word of it and it shouldn't surprise you because I've always said that you have a lot of passion and you stand up for your rights. We have shown that we don't have to agree on every subject to remain friendly and civil.

I didn't know someone was trying to dig up some dirt on you but welcome to the club; I was threaten by an anonymous poster. They said they were going to dig up everything they could find on me and post it on their blog. They might have.

I looked up Fred Reed. He's a technology columnist but he also writes on the evils of feminism, corruption in big business, simpler times and race, in the American Conservative. He's not someone I would look up to.

I think it's correct to assume that you're talking about Pilot again. You had this ongoing feud with him for about two years. I know you've tried to ignore him, agree with him on subjects, and even had a short truce but this is something that only you and him can work out; if that's possible.

I think Gary White has joined the " posters to ignore" club. He used to get some attention(which he craves) but now people see him as a nuisance.

Edith Ann said...

BigJ--I have to echo what Mike said--we can disagree and still be civil. I know I used to pound you pretty good (not everyone gets to be the subject of an EA blog), but, in my honest opinion, you have come a long way. I see a passion tempered by a maturity that wasn't there a couple of years ago. That is a compliment!

You don't owe me an apology by virture of the fact that you have sttod up for me many times. I think we're making real progress here!

(BigJ, I know it is hard--I struggle with it myself--but you know the best thing you can do is ignore those who chafe you. Really. It may not always shut them up, but it does slow them down somewhat. I had always held out hope that you and Pilot could somehow make ammends. Does anyone even remember what the original offense was?)

BIGJ said...

Edith Ann.

Any hope of Pilot (Mike Austin of Katy, Texas) stopping his endless assaults and to get along with me is a pipedream. I will never get along with a man. Who made borderline racist comments. Remember the Pale Face comment he made on Mike’s blog? I will never get along with a man who dig up info of people, who are related to me and their connections. You asked a question what was the original offense? Since I have a long memory I’ll tell you. I wrote a blog which was a reaction to a writer from Port A about Blacks and to a person who believe Germans are better than anyone else. Pilot, your stalking trouble making friend, decided to claimed I didn’t write anything.

I already wrote to him that is on his last straw with me. I will no longer accept any carp from him.