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Monday, November 7, 2011

If you have to pack to jog,is it worth it?


I've always wondered what these gun aficionados would consider off-limits for carrying a loaded weapon. There are laws in place that will allow people to carry guns to their church meetings, a bar, or a statehouse. They're pretty well set if they want to pack 24/7. I think the workplace is the only place they can't carry, but I'm sure some Republican Texas lawmaker, is working on it, as we speak.

My condolences to 21-year old jogger who recently became a victim of rape while she was jogging. The place is well lit up and has been freshly mowed, but that might have been after the fact. A lot of posters changed the topic of the thread to their favorite subject, guns. The young lady was hit in back of her head, not knowing any details. I'm only guessing, but she might not have been able to reach for it. At that point, you would have a rapist owning a loaded gun. People can't say that she shouldn't have been out that late at night by herself but putting that aside, if a person's got to pack a gun; do they really need to jog? I used to ride my bike in that area, but if I see a bunch of paranoid people caring guns, I won't go there anymore. The bike and walk trail is located in a residential area where a stray bullet might hit an unintended person. A loaded gun might accidentally discharge falling out of a runner's pocket. I've seen joggers stop picking up their iPods. I don't feel safer around amateurs with loaded guns. The amateurs might be able to hit the bull's eye on every shot but when the adrenaline starts pumping and there're in a situation they're not used to; anything can happen.

Now I don't have a problem with people owning as many guns as a law allows, but I don't want to live in a society where it's commonplace to see people armed. As I used to tell my coworkers; you are not the only one that has a gun. Why don't we use some common sense, instead of trying to prove how macho we are or our knowledge of guns? If you want to protect your home, that's fine, but don't try to persuade others, of how they are at fault because they choose not to own or carry a gun.
I think it's reasonable to make the trail off-limits late at night, perhaps form a volunteer safety patrol, or consider fencing in the area.

Well, I’ve gotten that off my mind; I'll just mark it off my bucket list.

It looks like I'll be entertained with news of a forth woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment. This time there is a name and details attached to it. Her name is Sharon Bialek and her lawyer is, you guessed it, Gloria Allred. Herman Cain has dropped nine points in his approval rating since the incidents, but he's still on top, running one and two with Mitt Romney. It's hard to believe the conservatives hate the mainstream media so much, that they will cheer him on because they don't believe the accusations.

"If Mississippians vote to pass an unprecedented initiative on Tuesday that would declare a fertilized egg a legal person under the state Constitution, nobody -- including the authors of the initiative -- knows exactly how that law would be interpreted and enforced. But legal and medical experts are concerned that the "personhood" amendment could spur a litany of expensive court battles, bogus lawsuits and moral and political conundrums beyond the scope of women's choice. "

How crazy will man get in 2012?


Mike said...

bighorn had the fortitude to post what I wanted to but I didn't want to take the flak... How cowardly of me; it's great to have others pick up the slack.
The CHL issued by the state just means the recipients passed the qualifications that was needed at the time. They may be outstanding citizens but it doesn't get to the point that I was trying to make. If I were to enter the bike an hike trail and saw a lot of people packing guns, I would turn around and go back home. The only people carrying arms that I'd Trust, is the police.

If we have to pack a loaded weapon to enjoy a moment of leisure; is it really worth it?

Edith Ann said...

Qualifying for a CHL is not nearly as intensive as the training a police officer gets to NOT shoot.

Do we really want to think that folks are going to carry guns to use and just shoot willy-nilly at stuff they THOUGHT was a threat? How many bullets would end up in someone's home.

We do not live in the wild, wild west.

And that got dang city council and mayor were so hell bent on pouring concrete they didn't plan so much for safety.

Mike said...

For a lot of posters, “they should’ve had a gun" are the first words that pop out of their head anytime there's an incident. You can tell 'em that the last thing a first responder wants a see is a civilian trying to take care of the situation but it never penetrates. In that moment, it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad if there're all brandishing guns.... There was a hero with a concealed gun permit who almost shot a good samaritan because he was holding up the gun that shot Gabriel Gifford.

Edith Ann said...