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Monday, November 28, 2011

Blogging Can Be An Exhausting Hobby


The last blog I submitted to the VA forum took about three days of reading, watching, and listening and another couple day and hours to complete.  I can't believe that I used up about 15 yellow pages just to complete my draft.  After all that, I condensed it so much, I'm afraid I left out a lot of important points I was trying to make.  Why do I do it?  I guess it's because after consuming all that information, I want some place where I can release it, for lack of a better word.

I think Legion was right; I miss the give and take I had at my old work place and I'm just trying to replicate that by writing multiple blogs. Back then, I had an outlet to release the worthless information, I was consuming.  My wife got a little more interested in world affairs and politics and her ears still perk up every time a politician mentions Social Security but she still more interested on who will be kicked off " Dancing with the Stars." If a candidate promised to restore her soaps, they would get her vote. I forgot to check for her " Yellow Dog Democrat" card when I married her.  Just when I think she's liberal; she disappoints...:-)

I did a lot of catching up this morning, since I didn't get my morning's paper. Poor miserable Gary White, he will never get it.  I saw the same ol' battles fought by the same people about socialist Democrats and worthless poor people.  Today's argument over the confederate flag license plate issue has some new posters but the message is the same.  That's one good thing about writing a personal blog; it's a place you can get all that nonsense out of your system.  It looks like Gheni is getting a lot of flack for her stories and blog.  Victoria is a tough crowd.

I couldn't believe my ears when my older sister(75 years old) told me that she and her husband were taking computer classes.  After my nephew passed away, they didn't want to sell his computer nor let it gather dust.  They said they were going to get on Facebook, so now I'm the lone holdout.  I can imagine what the computer instructors are going through because after Christmas, I'm going to have to teach my wife how to use the tablet computer that I'm buying her.

I'll end this blog because I'm exhausted after all the work I put in that last blog. I can't even imagine what a journalist goes through to write their daily column. I heard a columnist say that she wrote 200 blogs a month. Now, that's exhausting!


Mike said...

Wow,now a woman says she had a 13 year affair with Herman Cain...How will he spin this because she claims to have records?...How much time did he devote to business?

Rebecca said...

I miss blogging. I liked it back when I imagined a pleasant audience. Now, in my mind, I feel like people just wait to attack or wait for the chance to gripe about politics. I don't enjoy talking with certain family members for that very reason: everything I say could trigger a political rant, even if I was talking about something as non political as crock pot recipes. D=

Mike said...

I miss your blogs because they are always thought provoking and not political...A great change of pace.

I know what you mean,Pat Barnes wrote a blog about making some money off the Black Friday shoppers and someone brought up the city council.

Right now,blogs aren't that popular @the VA;people are more into the comment sections,they even change the topic of the blogs to what they want to discuss.

Mike said...

Your blogs changed my mind on home-schooling...I had an ignorant negative view on the subject because I was reading articles that had an obvious bias....I started reading your blogs about your methods and success which eventually changed my mind...I'm always reading of ways to change our education system.

Not all of your blog viewers are meanies..:-)

Edith Ann said...

Did you see Juanita Jean's latest blog about Cain--she cuts him no slack!

Blogging is an exhausting hobby. I save so much crap, I will not live long enough to use it all. And about the time I think I am going one direction, I get lured another!

I miss you blogging and commenting, Rebecca. Mike once said you were a calming force on the forum and I agree.

Yes, poor ol' Gary White! Enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, and is now picking on EA. Why am I always the target? Fourteen people can agree with me, and I am the one who get called out! Am I really the ruler of the Universe? I thought that was just a figment of my imagination! The power!

Well, I say the more the merrier! There are plenty of readrs to go around, and pleanty of intelligent posters found other places than the VA.

Mike said...

I think Gary was having a "et tu,Brute " moment,..He thought you were in his corner..

I'll have to check out Juanita's blog.

Edith Ann said...

That's what he gets for thinking...

Mike said...

I'm surprised Gary hasn't weighed in on today's discussion about Sam Valdiva..I'm sure he has a few well chosen scriptures he could contribute but EA better not respond to them because she will get the full raft of his well chosen words...:-)

Edith Ann said...

Gary usually only comes out at night. He'll unload tonight.

Mike said...

EA,don't feel slighted Gary is now singling me out..:-)..But it's on politics where he doesn't stand a It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Legion said...

Blogging can be exhausting...and so can drama from people that are old enough to know better.

A blog is working itself out, more to come.


Mike said...

Whenever you get time,I would like for you explain your post...I am a little slow and I don't trust my interpretation.

I assume someone is getting dramatic (I hope it's not 'me) and something is about to happen...

I'm probably way off...:-)

Edith Ann said...

Aw, he's probably talking about me! I am so tired right now. I really don't so the fighting thing very well. I'll have to apologize to Mary Ann tomorrow, maybe.

How many ways can I say, "Just call it an anti-abortion campaign and leave the health issue out of it." We're not fooled! Well, maybe Mary Ann is fooled.

Okay, I'll quit! (Sorry, Mike)

Edith Ann said...

If you are not reading Letters From Texas, go read it. Harold Cook's latest installment is too funny! If you are not familiar with LFT, link to it off of my blog.

Mike said...

Believe it or not ,I learned a lot from the exchanges..I don't think there were any winners or losers ,just a couple passionate posters. You apologized for your one remark and that was first class and coming from past experience,I'm sure Maryann appreciates that....There were a couple of flesh wounds but no causalities....You and Maryann are veteran knowledgable posters who will remain friends and both of you respect each other..and that's important..IMO

Mike said...

I'll go to that site because you haven't failed me yet.

Good night.

Mike said...

I've never seen the likes of it.... The local republicans are bringing out the infidelity of JFK,LBJ, and Bill Clinton and one said that anyone would be better than President Obama without answering the " should Cain remain in the race) question. What good would it do to bring out the affairs of Eisenhower and papa Bush? They should be grateful that Herman Cain might exit from the race. If they don't know how shallow the man is by now, they never will. The democrats would love for him to be the republican nominee. They could save a lot of money on ads and just run clips of Cain's statements. They're comparing a book touring presidential candidate to former presidents, who were voted into office.

For once,I would like to see the few local republicans say " He did wrong and it's no one else fault but him." This will continue because Newt Ginrich will be next in the box.

Edith Ann said...

Classic childish response: "But he did it, too!"

Dropping like flies. I'm just scared Ol' Loony Tunes Michelle will be the last man standing. (That was intentional--we all know about Marcus...)

Herman Cain is a skank, pure and simple! He give off a creep vibe that is palpable even in the written word. Yucko!

Mike said...

I've been around too long,I starting to predict the responses at the VA...I knew Jared would respond with a blog about "life at conception" but I figured you would have posted by now....:-) I am at 50% but it's still early.

Yes,itisi,BOstinks,Alton and J'Lordtree were all early Cain supporters but I don't understand why...Cain has been and always be a empty suit.I still have my bag of popcorn ready whenever Cain tries to explain his 4:30 AM phone to Ginger White.

Kyle said...

I admit that I often fall into the same pattern of repsonses on the VicAd - I guess we all have our trigger points?

And Maryann is quite right, I have been "trolling" the forums - I just don't have the motivation to make reasoned and logical arguments these days.

Keep up the good work, Mike!

Mike said...

We all have our trigger points..:-)

I think we all recognized the poking Kyle,Maryann took in stride with a happy face response. that's the way it should be.

You don't have the challenge anymore,arguing with Gary should be illegal because it's too easy..:-) He's trying to lure me into an argument but he's got enough on his plate.

Legion said...

No it wasn't any of yall, it would have been easier if it would have. lol

It seems one relative T, thinks he has sole access to my MOMs land in Yorktown. He claims he is the only one with permission to be out there, my daughter disagreed with good reason, they are both grandchildren of my moms. THEN my oldest brother calls from Houston saying this needs to be settled.

Now T wasn't there at first his friends, of course they can be there, their his friends, told T their version, which was mainly untrue, T told my oldest brothers son, who told my oldest brother so he calls me.

Keep in mind every single one of these he said people are between 23 and 29, but yet they act like they are in jr high! Nothing but a pissing match, but totally unnecessary.

Mike said...

I thought it was only my family who acted like that....When my mother died,as administrator of her will,I got all the grips on how it

BIGJ said...

Gheni is being attack becaue she is not "one" of the folks. She is 29, Houstonian, and a minority.

Edith Ann said...

BigJ, I disagree--

Gheni's blog views were being attacked. I agree with Sugar--there is no way that blog could have had 10,000+ hits in just a few hours. BigJ--not that many folks read the Advocate!

But, step back a bit and take a deep breath--look at the topics that she is covering as well as those Camille Doty covers. They are starting to look very 'tabloid'. They pick really odd stories and make them part of thei blog. Or making a story out of the slander between the divorcing couple. It would not have mattered who wrote that--it was still not news worthy.

Anonymous said...

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