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Monday, October 31, 2011

There’s no GOP Horse Race


In the 2008 presidential campaign, the Democratic Party had their own “no one will ever elect you president “like Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel but those individuals never rose above single digits. They were allowed into the debates, but they soon dropped out, allowing the serious candidates to carry on.

This year the Republican Party has had five different presidential candidates leading the pack at one time of another. There was always Romney, and then there was Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and now Herman Cain. There's talk that, Newt Gingrich might fill the " anybody but Romney" slot for republicans if the old sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain turn out to be true.

I have to admit that I thought that Rick Perry would be a lot better candidate than he turned out to be. I really didn't know that we had a “empty suit" filling the office of governor for 10 years. I always thought that a reality TV host like Donald Trump would fizzle out, but he hung around just long enough to get NBC to give him another lucrative contract. I think any normal person, who's ever listened to Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann for 5 minutes, would realize that they could never be serious contenders for the highest office in our country. Those that do, are either too dumb or their hate for this president overtakes any sense of reality. I think Herman Cain just wanted to sell books and pat his talk show host credentials, but he is unprepared for his frontrunner status. Michelle Bachmann looked at what President Obama obtained with very little time in the U.S. Senate and thought that she had the credentials to do the same thing. President Obama is naturally intelligent, a quick learner, with a sense of coolness and not prone to gaffes. Michelle Bachmann might have the college credentials, but she's not intellectually curious. Michelle Bachmann tries to overcome that flaw by appealing to the extreme right of her party. You would know what I'm talking about if you saw her interview on ABC's “This Week.” She didn't answer any questions about her low poll numbers saying, "“we're doing exactly what we need to do.” They rest of the interview was just babble. Jon Stewart said, "Everyone is talking about Mitt Romney not able to get above 25%, but that's all it takes to beat those clowns." The Mr. Stewart also said, “Mitt Romney should just go to the debates and take a pass, allowing the rest of the clowns go at it." Mitt Romney may be hanging low because he's not going on the talk shows or making campaign stops lately;I guess he thinks that he's made enough flip-flops.

Every talk show this weekend tried to make sense of this weak field of candidates but is not just the mainstream media or democrats because conservative writers like David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, John Podhoretz, and political analysts from Fox News, like Karl Rowe and Brit Hume have said worse things than I have ever written about the current crop of candidates. They all admit that Mitt Romney will eventually win out and they will hold their nose and vote for him, but they still won't trust him because he's flip-flopped on core conservative principles. When will they stop pretending?The Obama campaign is preparing for Mitt Romney thinking the GOP will eventually come to their senses.

 I think most republicans are just anti- democrats because more and more people from the Reagan administration are coming out and saying the stuff they were saying, was just malarkey.  Reagan's chief economist Bruce Bartlett said that they made up the idea that deregulation leads to more jobs but we still  hear the locals parroting the old notions.  One of the Koch brothers chief "global warming" skeptic,Richard Muller, has now admitted that climate change is real.  People are now learning that income inequality started after the Reagan administration and republican administrations that preceded them, by changing the tax policies to benefit the top 1%, began a crackdown on labor unions, and supported Supreme Court judges that will rule in favor of businesses over individuals.  Republican voters will hang onto their own beliefs no matter what facts are presented to them.

It's pretty bad when the two Texans running on the GOP presidential ticket are trailing Herman Cain...  According to the latest Texas Tribune poll: Cain leads with 27%, followed by Perry with 26%, Ron Paul at 12%, and Mitt Romney at 9%.

Just goes to prove my point that Ron Paul can't even win a statewide election.


Mike said...

The Cain campaign is blaming the mainstream media for spreading the allegations of sexual harassment and on cue,Ann Coulter is blaming the liberals.

Politico is a political blog not associated with the mainstream media because it goes after both parties, if a story is there. We know the two women's names were withheld but the payouts they received can be verified. Sometimes payouts are made to make the story go way ,other times they have some legitimacy.

It would seem to me that liberals would want Herman Cain to get the GOP nomination, the only way I can see them benefiting, would be to plant the story and see how for the GOP will go.

Mike said...

Lol..... Rush Limbaugh had a hissing fit over the accusations. He brought up the Bill Clinton affairs, Clarence Thomas and Marco Rubio saying that the democratic party cannot stand it, if a black or Hispanic minority makes it on their own... Really, I'm not even sure if there's any substance to the story but if Mr. Cain was the president of the Restaurant Association at the time of the alleged incident, he would know the exact amount of hush money that was paid.

I know that oftentimes the offended person comes forward, as in the case of Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Congressman Anthony Wiener and Christopher lee and Senators Larry Craig, John Ensign and David Vitter.

Edith Ann said...

I think you have nailed Cain. It is about the $$$ for the future.

Bachmann, again, you nailed her. I think she saw how quickly Sarah Palin rose (and then fell) and figured she could do that, too.

Perry--what you see now is what he has been, but we are a republican state--he couldn't lose.

Yeah, the media you would think would be gung-ho for some of these candidates are quickly cooling. It's a pretty sorry lot, IMO, and Mitt Romney is the only one who looks even appealing.

Mike said...

Did you see Rick Perry's last 22 minute campaign melt down speech? He was either high on caffeine,alcohol, or something else..He was trying to be funny, I guess.

His greatest strength is taking money and providing favors.
Where we're the reporters for ten years?

Mike said...

Perry's speech

Would you want this man controlling the red phone?

Mike said...

I meant answering the red phone but view the speech.

Edith Ann said...

I had a conversation with someone tonight, and she asked me if I thought he was drunk. I told her I didn't think so.

I think he was basking in the glow of a room full of adoring fans that he did not have to share with anyone. Everyone was hanging on his every word, and in an attempt to lighten the room, he tried to be funny.

Did he have one too many glasses of wine right before his speech, perhaps, but I really think he just doesn't know how to perform solo while breaking in a new crowd.

But I could be wrong...maybe he had too much coffee trying to stay warm in New England.

In any event, as I told the other person--on my Dem pages on Facebook, they are asking if he is that stupid. I told her a person can sober up, but you can't necessarily cure stupid--I'd rather the rest of the country think he's a moron and not a drunk.

Edith Ann said...

Perhaps he was high on the smell of money?

Mike said...

All good points and I'll add one.
John McCain's former campaign mgr. Steve Schmidt told Rachel Maddow that Perry won't be able to over come that spectacle because no one wants to see a commander in chief act like that...Cuddling that container of syrup that was given to him,as if it was the World Series trophy ,showing his pearly whites ,will make an SNL skit and DNC ads if he beats Romney.

Edith Ann said...

I watched The Ed Show and the Rachel Maddow last night. So I saw this clip for, like, the 10th time.

(Acknowledging that I am falling out of the tacky tree and hitting every branch on the way down), it occured to me that it could look like he was speaking to a Gay Rights group. Now we know he would never willingly sign up to speak to gays because republicans don't like gays, but it goes back to his audience for that group.

The dude is a freak, and I think this will haunt him. The best thing Mittens can do is just lay low and be prepared to step over the bodies come March.

Edith Ann said...

Now one more time on Good Morning America--I'm convinced. He's beginning to feel comfortable in his gayness.

SNL is going to have a field day with this!

I'm sure we'll see a statement where exhaustion is blamed for his goofiness.

Mike said...

The speech was in New Hampshire.. North eastern republicans aren't generally interested in the social issues. Hence,Mitt Romney has a 30+ lead in that state.

It's hard to run as a republican presidential candidate because the first two states(Iowa & New Hampshire) are as different as night and day. As you know,Iowa republicans are more evangelical types and New Hampshire republican voters are more independent moderates who are interested in less government and economics.

Rick Perry still has $15 million in the bank, so you can't really discount him yet but I've never seen a candidate go from 38% to 6% in a month due to his own inadequacy.

Edith Ann said...

Perry is dropping like a rock!

Want to discuss Herman Cain and his sudden recollection of events surrounding the sexual harassment thing? Have you ever seen anyone's memory restored in a few housrs time? That whole thing is quite amusing.

Mike said...

It would be amusing if there weren't so sad... Every man will lie when it comes to infidelity or charges of sexual harassment. It's all the squirming, manipulating, and involving others that makes it sad. Herman Cain was given 10 days to refresh his memory, tie up all the loose ends and come up with a credible explanation of the facts before the story went public. He should've just answered the public record questions and left it at that. He should've known that the results of a public civil settlement were out there and as president of the Restaurant Association, he would have to sign off and agree to the settlement at some point.

In the world of politics, the cover up is much more damaging than consensual sex or acknowledgement that he might have crossed the line. Now, you have Laura Ingrahamm, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh circling the wagons, trying to make liberals and democrats a part of the scandal. I have a sneaky suspicion that Karl Rove had a hand in this. Ann Coulter said one the racist remarks I’ve heard in a long time when she said “Our Blacks Are So Much Better than Their Blacks.”…

When Anthony Wiener has his scandal, I didn't see a lot of democrats making excuses for him are trying to make republicans part of the scandal.Conservatives continue to think that they're not capable of doing anything wrong.... I remembered "60 Minutes" interview with Bill and Hillary Clinton where Hillary flatly stated ""I'm not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man. I'm sitting here because I love him and I respect him." ... After listening to Bill Clinton and Hillary, I knew the acquisitions were true but I said that was between Hillary and Bill... I voted for Bill Clinton knowing he was a womanizer but at the time he knew more about the economy than President George H. W. Bush..

Herman Cain may have knowingly received illegal campaign funds; that’s a federal offense...He better have answers instead of breaking out in a song.

Mike said...

I just heard that Herman Cain's wife will give a press conference to help clean up this mess. Only in politics, is the embarrassed wife supposed to stand there with a look of anguish, trying to show solidarity.

Edith Ann said...

Cue up Tammy Wynette...

Over on one of my Dem Facebook pages, a guy who looks like he would know [wink, wink], says Ann Coulter is really a dude! He says look at her Adam's Apple and that she flips her hair back like a guy would. Damn! That would be something! (She was just on Inside Edition just now, and I didn't see and Adam's Apple...)

I absolutely agree--just TELL THE TRUTH!!! It's when you lie to me that it really pisses me off!!! I don't care how bad your behavior is--I can overlook a whole lot--but I cannot stand it when they try to make me look like an idiot!

Mike said...

We forgot about the dirty tricks of Rick Perry....After all Perry has more to gain when Cain faulters.