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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pick One Already


In a desperate move to try to get some right-wing bona fides; Governor Rick Perry is now questioning President Obama's birth certificate. Last week Rick Perry dusted off Steve Forbes's old flat tax plan to use as his own. For whatever it's worth, Steve Forbes endorsed Rick Perry. The flat tax will be 17% but that has to be without deductions because it has to be much higher if the deductions remain . Anyway a flat tax is regressive. Rick Perry came in and quickly zooms to the top at 38% as the GOP savior and the heir apparent to the presidency. Governor Perry is currently at 15% and trailing an unknown trying to peddle his book. Mr. Perry had a chance to right himself, but he chose to go after Romney on a 2007 incident. In the 2008 debate Romney was challenged about hiring a lawn company that employed illegal immigrants. Romney was vindicated of that, but his answer was not one that helped his cause. Romney said he went up to the owner of the company and said," I'm running for office for Pete's sake.".. Did that mean that if he wasn't running for office; it would have been OK? I guess that I will enjoy the rest the debates as well as the other 20 million who have viewed them. They are entertaining, but they are without substance. I imagine the DNC is cutting and splicing material from the GOP debates to use in their ads against Romney. That's the reason Ronald Reagan had the 11th commandment" thou shall not talk ill of a fellow republican."

I don't know why the GOP doesn't declare Mitt Romney the winner and stand behind him instead of all this maneuvering, that's leaving very little doubt about the vulnerabilities of the present GOP presidential candidates. Come on, Herman Cain is trying to win the evangelical base of the Republican Party, but he has the same position on abortion as I do. He believes it's supposed to be between the woman and her doctor without government intervention. Mr. Cain has already changed his 9-9-9 plan to a 9-0-9 plan, but it's still fruity, whether it's apples or oranges. Political parties go through this period. I wasn't all that enthused about John Kerry or Michael Dukakis but they did win out and I supported them.

Condoleezza Rice is coming out with a book contradicting President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. She has even stated that she called President Bush during hurricane Katrina, emphasizing that the administration had a race problem in the way the ordeal was being handled. I guess that she is saying that if the hurricane was headed towards the Hamptons; the administration would have reacted differently. The book will put the final nail in the coffin of one Mr. Cheney. The former vice president was a ruthless, power hungry, warmonger who had contempt for the rules of engagement and the constitution. I don’t think the details in the book will have any influence on the race.

Ron Paul was on Meet the Press, yesterday but in typical fashion, it was all about what the American people would do if  we carried out his ideas. The only historical reference he used was the Great Depression of 1929 but even that was skewed. His ideas are not based on data because they have not been used in our country. He thinks that the free market and consumers will always do the right thing if we relieve them of government oppression. He takes the word “liberty" to extreme Fortunately, he will not be the republican nominee and in a few more months, we will not hear from Dr. Paul again, unless his son (who has not fallen far from the tree) decides to make a presidential run in the year 2016.

Then there is Rick Santorum holding onto his 1% for dear life, saying that President Obama's decision to carry out an agreement made by President Bush and the prime minister of Iraq to leave by the end of year " Just lost the Iraq War" for us. Huh? I have never heard a definition of winning. How can we win when we spend almost a trillion dollars, lost about 4400 of our forces just to remove a dictator who did not have weapons of mass destruction or  had anything to do with 9/11?


Edith Ann said...

If I hear Michelle Bachmann say, "I am taking a page from the Ronald Reagan...", I am going to puke! Correct me if I am wrong, but Reagan never balanced a budget. Spending was up, federal debt was up. The number of folks below the poverty level increased. Go Michelle!!!

Regarding Rick Perry--why do all these candidates think they need to have lunch with Donald Trump??? Trump only knows how to promote Trump! Why anyone would take business advice from him is beyond me.

Herman Cain is doing a Sarah Palin. He knows in the end he is not viable, but he will happily tromp the speech circuit and rake in the $$$.

I cannot stand Condoleezze Rice. However, if she successfully dogs out Cheney, Bush and Rumsfield, far be it from me to keep her from doing so.

Ron Paul. I don't know. I have been told that he never took any federal money--Medicare or Medicaid--when he practiced medicine. I'd really like to know if that is true. Seems (to me) that it would be a conflict with his oath to refuse those folks. Maybe he treated those folks free? I don't know.

Rick Santorum. Dude is weird.

Mike said...

Michelle is just talking to the base that believes that you just have to mention Reagan;details don't matter but you are correct,Reagan raised taxes,the deficit and as Matthews said today,these guys are only helping Obama.

Trump is like Limbaugh,theyboth have a big mouth and a lot of republican listeners.They are afraid they will be dogged.

Same here on Condi and Cain and Rick.

I don't know if Paul took government payments but I will check. I know his son does;in fact he fought against reduced payments.

Mike said...

Ron Paul does not take Medicare,Medicaide or a pension because he thinks it would be immoral and hipiicritical...Wierd.

Mike said...

Can you believe it? Gadaffey is gone yet some are condemning Obama for his removal just because the intermin leader is talking about returning Siria law to Lybia..they need to read a little more because this new leader is against the extremist version...Well half of GOP is mad because we didn't assist Lybia sooner and the other half didn't want to go in...Either way Obama was wrong..:-)