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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I’m confused but We Still Have Thirteen More Months of This!


This is a confusing political season because I have to fire off emails asking certain people if they understood what a poster was trying to say. I understand the ideologues because it's the unchanged old message. I'm also confused with today's national politics  because I wonder why we're talking about a candidate's pastor, but not how their plans and visions will create jobs in this country.Perhaps we have a lot more non-political types getting involved.

I just wrote a blog where I stated the obvious, that the views were my own and not that of the Democratic Party or the liberal agenda. It wasn't long before a nemesis of mine chimed in, accusing me of promoting a liberal agenda because I said the protesters are practicing democracy. The poster said that they were socialists.This poster continues to believe I have to go through his filter. How vain. I got a call this weekend from my grandson telling me that he was going to march in Austin's version of “Occupy Wall Street" and I assure you he's not a little commie. He's just a college student with time on his hands between classes. I remember being a carefree, anti- establishment  young man but that quickly wore off after my first child was born. How can people take one snippet of a newscast and dive right into their name- calling talking points. These people actually think their views are mainstream and the majority of people agree with their views. You can't show them polls because they will say it's just liberal propaganda. They live in their own world surrounded by like-minded individuals
I made a few phone calls to my John Boehner- like conservative Republican friends, to get their thoughts. No, they don't cry a lot, but it took an analogy I heard Saturday to get them to admit that a few of Presidents Obama's economic policies had some merit. I told them imagine being diagnosed with a head cold but later a specialist told you that you had a new strain of influenza. The antibiotics that were given to you, relieved the symptoms, stabilized you, and kept you from getting sicker. The doc tried the same old' remedies, and the patient started feeling better but later relapsed. Now he recommended that the patient should have a stronger dose of antibiotics, but the patient is not sure whether he trusts the doctor anymore, so he's going to ask for a second opinion. We then went onto foreign policy where we pretty much agreed but their backs were against the wall because they thought the invasion of Iraq was a good thing. They have changed their mind, but they are undecided on the issue of Afghanistan. We agreed that we shouldn't be engaging in nation-building and on  a quick and safe withdrawal, one with the timeline that has been set, but they didn't rule out staying in a little longer, if necessary. We also agreed that taking out a United States citizen, known to be a propagandist and being influential in killing fellow citizens was fair game. They hadn't thought much about it, but I pointed out that the authority to do that was flimsy and Congress should step up and either vote up for vote down that authority because it's wrong to leave any president or the military in jeopardy against future litigation. We also agreed that it was unrealistic to bring home all our troops because some are in strategic countries. We wouldn't mind a commission determining what bases  need to be closed. There's a lot a military secrets out there that we don't understand. They certainly don't agree with Ron Paul's use of the word assassin, when talking about the president, and they trust the president and the military's  judgment on enemy combatants for now but only a fool doesn't see the potential slippery slope. It all comes down to trust.

I had to call out an online friend because he brought his rhetoric to my VA blog.I hate doing that. I've tried to settle this issue a couple of weeks ago, but evidently it didn't take. BigJ has been a big part of the VA forum since 2007 and to this day he is always treated me with respect. BigJ and I don't agree on a lot because a lot of things he wants to do are either unconstitutional or unrealistic. For example, what he calls the solution is really a proposal. If BigJ adequately researched his position, I wouldn't have a problem with it. In his immigration proposal he calls for the Texas Rangers or DEA to go into Mexico after the drug cartels. I think that we have enough problems on this side of the border with our drug issues and liberal gun laws that escalate the problem. Having said that, it does not excuse the barbaric drug cartels for their hideous crimes but Mexico does not want armed U.S. officials on their land because it is against their constitution. I do agree on having a joint solution between the two countries, but that doesn't mean we have to violate treaties or each country's constitution and laws. My main objective is his continued use of making those who he perceives not getting involved as part of a problem. He doesn’t have the slightest idea of what they do. Not everyone is a “show and tell.” It's hard to believe that 200 posters can be part of the problem. I agree that apathy is alive and well in Victoria, but I don't believe that the VA forum posters have to take the full brunt of one's anger. I’m sure I will get a reply from BigJ but I hope he reads my VA post and  and this blog to see why I am offended everytime he paints with a broad brush.Come on BigJ,I know you are better than that.

It's do or die for Rick Perry. I think he will be well prepped and  will go after Romney,after all, he's got nothing to lose.He's going for the juggler and will probably take a few swipes at Cain. All the rest are insignificant pieces of the puzzle. Will you be watching?Chris Christie's endorsement just made Romney acceptable to the establishment GOP....IMO


Mike said...

I listened to the debate but no fireworks.
Perry was pretty much subdued and nobody touched Romney.
Candidates and moderators torched the laughable 9-9-9 plan.
They finally talked about the poor but those candidates could not relate.
Perry blamed Obama for

BIGJ said...

If you read more closely, you would know who (and what group of posters) I am talking about. It is unfair for a group of men, who do NOTHING attacking a young woman who is trying to do something. You tell me….where is the responsible adult context in those critical statements? You have a man, who spends time complaining about his Social Security and calling for a revolution rather than calling his congressman and senator. All awhile using social media to spy on someone and his/her personal/political ties? You tell me Mike, is that an action of a responsible adult? It is responsible for a grown man to stove pictures of aborted babies in people’s face, but yet never helped out at a crisis shelter? How about a grown man praying for a storm to knock down bars? These are not examples of wisdom, but craziness, loony, and irresponsible. They are not making things better, but making it worse. I know little children who act better than this.

The point isn’t one having political aspirations, the point is that there is the same ole, same ole cycle of used and reused talking points that is not getting us anywhere. AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. I was born during the early part of the Reagan Era, yet we are still talking about the same ole issues before there was a “me“. Even you said it yourself , when you told Holein1 about the Affirmative Action cupcakes story. Those issues and nutjobs are getting in the way of progress and what should be done.

I am not the only one who see the lunacy. So why am I the only one singled out? Check out Bonni3’s comments from
“I think that it is ridiculous that people are on here complaining. That is the exact reason that this group needs to be started because all Americans do is sit around talking crap but doing nothing about the severe issues in our nation. We the people need to stand up against the corruption of our big government and against Wallstreet and demand that justice be had instead of sitting around on the internet patronizing a for a being a true American! Thank you Jennifer Janak for being a leader in this community and in our country as a real American citizen! To all you complaining, your just hating cause you didnt think of this idea and cause your too lazy and scared to actually stand up for what is right!”

I will not apologize for any statement I made.

Mr. Williams.

Mike said...


You never disappoint you always come back and respond which says volumes about yourharacter.You're always willing to engage.

I have to agree that posters like PM Tasin and Gary White are religious fanatics that are not worth the time and day, much like Thor was. I don't know who was using the social media to spy on someone or the one calling for a revolution and but I agree with your sentiment.

My gripe is when you lump all the old timers in one pot. I even understand your admiration for those that are taking a stand but the issues about the same old talking points have been around since the Great Depression... I'm not joking one bit, the book I was reading about the Great Depression , quoted word for word some of the same talking points they are using today.

You are not being singled out because I definitely said you posted on my blog and I don't always read the comment section. There's no need for an apology because I've stated several times that I agree with the " Occupy Wall Street" movement.

Here's an example and how context matters... Yesterday,Pilot and Robertx said that the VA forum consists of garbage and only 1% are credible posters or bloggers. It makes me think that I am one of the 99% that is bringing down the mentality of our online forum.... I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way but all they have to do is mention names OR drop me an e-mail because I do not want to be part of the VA Forum's downfall.

Mike said...


You said that anyone with common sense would know what you meant when you talked about hope, faith, and charity. In your opinion I don't have common sense but when someone speaks of faith they're usually talking about their faith in a deity.

I had several discussions with holein1 about affirmative action,so you are going to have be more specific.

I used the words hero worship as those people who idolize other human beings as being the only ones that can solve all problems. You are not a Ron Paulite but they think only Ron Paul can solve the problems of the world.

You think just because someone has run for office or is heavily involved in local politics that they have the upper hand in knowledge or participation.

Mike said...

The local far right, social conservative, republicans are going to have a hard time accepting Mitt Romney because all that stuff about Christian values, strong fiscal conservative, and a man of principles will fly out the window when they pull the lever just because he's a republican.

They can no longer use that morality card or the litany of issues they thought they were superior on.

All they have to do is look at a clip when Mitt Romney said he was more for gay rights than Ted Kennedy, the Massachusetts Healthcare plan, his stance on Pro Life while running for governor of Massachusetts etc..... It's gonna be laughable when they try to spin and say oh well , he's better than Obama. -it was always known that it was always about politics and not principle.

It's going to 13 months of belly laughs.