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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Come on GOP..You can do better than this


I have a sneaky suspicion that if respected republicans like Jeb Bush, Governor Daniels, former Governor Jon Huntsman, Governor Christie and Mitt Romney were competing for president right now; the childish behavior that we saw in last night's debate would not have happened. For Governor Perry to get in Mitt Romney's face over a 2007 incident where Mitt was suspected of hiring illegal immigrants to do his landscaping was uncalled for. Governor Perry’s feathers were obviously ruffled last night, and he showed a side of himself that he did not want to reveal this early in the campaign. All presidents have a bad temper, but they only show it when the stakes are much higher. Mitt Romney fought off his attacks, but he was too condescending. I thought Rick Santorum used forceful language, yet maintained control by telling Romney that he did not have the credentials to lead the fight in repealing the Health Care law. He was relentless, but he did not stand there bickering with his opponent.

I saw some polls this morning where Herman Cain is either tied or leading in important states like South Carolina and Florida. Herman Cain has a great human interest story of battling cancer and winning, but he has no business running for president. I can't say for certain, but  I believe that initially, he just wanted to sell his books and improve his chances of winning a television contract. The man doesn't have a policy staff and it shows. When David Gregory of Meet the Press, asked him if he supported the neo conservative view on war; he didn't know the definition of the word neo conservative. It's obvious that he doesn't know the intricate details of his 9-9-9 plan, so he defends it by saying, “read the plan" and then shouts out the link to his website. He doesn't understand why some Hispanics find his plan for an electrified fence, offensive. He said his plan for 20 foot high fence, with barbed wire on top; electrified, and a sign written in Spanish and in English saying, “this fence will kill you" is the very basis of his immigration plan. He might say  it was a joke, but the same plan is outlined in his book. What he and most of the GOP doesn't understand is that, yes, most Hispanics are against illegal immigration, but they don't want fellow human beings to be killed in their efforts to come into this country. It's not a joke and most want a comprehensive immigration plan put in place, instead of piecemeal demagoguery. When all the candidates were asked why a Latino should vote for a republican, most of the republican answers were vague, except for Rick Santorum's inclusion of the family aspect. They did not discuss the economic inequality, disparity in unemployment, or any  other distinctive issues that had that did not relate to money. A question of the Latino might've been in order.

The republican candidates all share the same conservative view of very little government and almost no taxes, but their foreign policy views are what set them apart. Ron Paul keeps them honest because he knows that " we don't negotiate with terrorist" is just a slogan because we have negotiated with terrorist, and we will continue to do so, but it's still something we do with reluctance. The pundits have wondered when these far right republican candidates would make Mitt Romney drift in that direction. I think that happened last night when the discussion on foreign aid came up. Mitt Romney said, “we should let China dole out the foreign aid" and he got applause for it. China would love that because it would give them, the upper hand in countries that are vital to us. Mitt Romney knows that, because he's more of a compromiser than his cohorts; that's the reason he can't get above 25%. The conservative base does not trust him because in 1994, Mitt was to the left of Ted Kennedy in his Massachusetts senate bid.

I still think it's going to be between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney because despite all the fumbles, Rick Perry $17 million is enough to keep him in this race, but, unless he starts focusing on issues that matter, he might be as well flush that $17 million down the toilet. He will finally put out a jobs plan, but it won't be out until Friday, but in all reality it's just going to be another energy plan with the emphasis on “drill baby drill," no regulations, and cutting taxes. President Obama will have a field day with Rick Perry, if he doesn't work on his weaknesses; like debating and foreign policy. You have to know more than not funding the U.N. and standing by Israel.It may sound harsh but I still think if someone is going to run for president;you should come prepared. You don't get credit for submitting a plan,no more than you did when you turned in your homework.

That's it for now, because tomorrow afternoon I will be heading back for the rosary (Catholic wake)Thursday night and the Mass ( church service) Friday morning, but I'm glad my brother-in- law and sister are in better outward spirits for now, because I know the coming days will not be easy for them. Healing takes a long time, so I won't pretend to know what losing a son or daughter means to a parent. I know it would devastate me because I don't think any parent wants to outlive their children.


Mike said...

This is going around cyberspace.

Question: Who won last night's GOP debate?

Answer: President Barack Obama

Legion said...

One thing I find interesting about the Rep. Primary so far...

I have yet to see a political Ad for any of the candidates on TV in our area.
BUT I have noticed at least 4 commercials a day from the Mormon Church, portraying everyday people of a diverse background as members.

Does anyone wonder the LDS decided to air those commercials this year?

Edith Ann said...

I was wating for Rick Perry to punch Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum is a freak.

What was up with Newt Gingrich? Sounds like he's tring to jockey for a position with Herman Cain.

Michelle Bachmann--WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH...

I like watching them debate. It's is never dull.

Mike said...

I don't believe you will see campaign ads in Victoria until a month or two before it's time to vote in the Texas primary.... I don't watch many commercials, so I don't really know the significance or insignificance of the LDS commercials. It is interesting.

Mike said...

You're right, the GOP debates are never dull but they are getting embarrassing for the National Republican Party.
I think Herman Cain was hit with some right crosses Tuesday night because he can't stand the scrutiny, even canceling softball questions from Fox's Greta Van Susteren.

Newt and the Pizza man have Georgia and Koch Brother ties,. Newt Gingrich might need some of that money to pay his presidential campaign bills.

Michelle Bachmann has just enough money for Iowa where it's do or die for her. Yesterday, her former campaign manager said that he advised her, that her anti Obama rhetoric can only take you so far. The other night she said" Obama's illegal relatives or one of the reasons for our broken immigration policies." Those remarks on national television turn off the independent voters.

Rick Santorum has already maxed out that 1% in the polls,Iowa is do or die for him.

Ron Paul is there to promote his libertarian message, he doesn't spend a lot on campaign ads but he has enough money to be a thorn in Rick Perry and Mitt Romney's side for quite a while.