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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We can’t get to step one

The other day I was really tempted to answer the statement submitted by holein1, in our local online forum.  He said and I quote “I find it odd that support for a bill that is trying to curtail an illegal activity is publicly being called bigoted and racist.  How can one equate dislike of  an illegal activity  to a hatred of a race is beyond me."

It is my opinion(based on multiple posts) that holdin1, has a low tolerance for protests, complaining, or in some cases a difference of opinion.  I'm guessing he thinks that everyone should applaud the Arizona Law SB 1070  without reservations. I'm against the law because it violates the basic principles of the 14th amendment “equal protection clause.” A Mexican- American should not be singled out for scrutiny under the Arizona's “reasonable suspicion clause.” I would like to know if the republicans were swayed with contributions from the new private prisons that would house the people that are arrested under  the “ reasonable suspicion clause.” I'm talking about the American citizens that will be sent to this new private facility for processing until they can prove their citizenship.

Hateful rhetoric is usually heard on right -wing talk radio but the “Open Borders” crowd has its share of  bomb throwers.  Reasonable people that want to have this debate should ignore the rhetoric from talk radio,La Raza,LULAC or any other special interest groups because they're going to do what ever takes generate support for their cause .  There are some that want to tag these human being as if they were animals; just so they will be accepted as cheap labor.  The undocumented are exploited here and in their country  but it is what it it is.  There are others that wish they would come and do the cheap labor then by some sort of magic,would all go home to sleep in their country of origin.

If it’s illegal immigration that we want to talk about, then let’s keep it at that.  Let's talk about  about how we got into this predicament, and how to take the steps needed to solve this issue. It's not unreasonable to ask that we update our Social Security database, issue new tamper proof cards, and work with the employer's to implement some sort of an E-verify System. There's no need(like some local poster suggests) to go overboard and make suggestions that are unconstitutional or would hamper our trade relations with other countries. They should be an understanding that this is a human being issue; we're not talking about commodities. Those that want attrition only(no amnesty); should come up with a affordable way to deport 12 million human beings and their families. We can secure our border but we never get an answer as to what to do with the undocumented that are here.  That's the bottleneck.

People like holein1 should take the time and read the draft of the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” bill that was authored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy. That bill had the support of President George W. Bush. It's detailed and answers many of the concerns he expressed like” entitlements, social services, and education.” While I understand that Americans should get first preference when it comes to education benefits; I believe that it is in our best interest to educate every child living in the United States.  The  “Dream Act” is about allowing a exceptional student to graduate from an accredited college having a path toward citizenship.  They can also acquire a path toward citizenship if they serve in our overextended military.  That act won't make or break our immigration policy but it is a small step forward.

This is the United States of America and our laws are based on our constitution, it's not our duty to compare our immigration laws with those of other countries. The new immigration law will involve immigrants from many countries not just Mexico, Guatemala and other countries south of the border.  The language of the law should be consistent for all countries involved. The law should be the same for the Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in Chicago, the South Koreans, Cambodians, and Chinese in San Francisco and the Mexicans in South Texas.

I don't see why holein1, has any fear of being called a racist because he certainly isn’t ;I've seen too many comments that would contradict that notion. Now, when a poster says that on a recent visit to our local Social Security Office, she could not hear anyone in the waiting area speaking English or the other poster that would like our military to shoot anything that moves northward shouldn't be too surprised if someone called them a racist.  I don't want to mention names this time but there are a couple posters from the other side that drop that race card when they can't make a logical point.

We desperately need immigration reform because I'm uncomfortable with millions of undocumented people running around and I support  comprehensive immigration reform that will last us for many years to come. I'm more than willing to secure the borders first but doesn’t mean we can't dust off the old draft and start making committee modifications.

I've  always wanted to submit a blog on illegal immigration but it wouldn’t last 5 minutes before the usual characters would destroy a civil discussion.  I'm left with this venue but maybe in in not so distant future, the posters will get tired of the same negativity and will be ready to discuss this important issue in a civil matter. I'm not holding my breath.


Mike said...

From the Texas Tribune:01/06/2011

I agree with Joe Straus republican from San Antonio for Texas speaker.

Question: Are you in favor of an Arizona-style immigration law?

[ Straus:] First, let me point out that I have supported, through an amicus brief, Arizona’s right to govern itself as it sees fit in this area. I do not think that the Arizona law is the best choice for Texas. First, it could impose unwarranted burdens on our law enforcement personnel – those burdens should instead be borne by the federal government, which should be in charge of immigration issues. Second, we need to do what’s needed to attract significant companies to bring their workforces here. I do not want Texas to start pulling people over based on the color of their skin. We don’t need to scare them away with laws that make it unattractive to move here because of the presumptions – wrong assumptions, but assumptions nonetheless – that the law is discriminatory. I am clearly against Texas companies hiring illegal immigrants. The companies that we are looking to attract will not hire them, either. I am in favor of immigrations laws that make sense in Texas. I just don’t think that a law just like the Arizona law is the answer.

[Paxton:] I think we can do better than the Arizona law. Their law puts the burden on state law enforcement to do the federal government’s job though a state law. We are, instead, working on a 287(g) program that will fund more agents - local police officers who will be able to do what ICE does. It makes sure we are able to remove illegal aliens from Texas. If we can fund this 287(g) program, we can detain and remove illegal aliens. We will be authorized to do it. We plan to find a way to not get into the legal issues faced by Arizona. Sanctuary cities should not be allowed.

Legion said...

I can't disagree with anything you have said Mike. Like you, I haven't heard anyone come up with a solution about the illegal immigrants that all ready live in the US. Amnesty/deportation.... but how?

The dream act, there are good points on both sides of the debate. If a child has lived in the US most of their life, graduated HS with above average grades, or served in the military of the US, they should be offered the same opportunity to receive a college scholarship as any other US citizen.

I think that the defeat of the dream act had more to do with it being viewed as... sort of another affirmative action move. Giving a preference to one group of people over another.

Mike said...

legion357 Report a Violation
Henry Cisneros did pay for his mistresses condo from his re-election campaign funds, that has to count for something.

January 8, 2011 at 6:54 p.m.
N45BA Report a Violation
14 decapitated bodies found in Mexico resort city, Acapulco.
Yep they just keep contributing.

Writein you need to take that tired old story and go some where else.

Mexico and the illegals are and always have been nothing more than a strain on our country. It has now gotten to the point that people of the United States are growing tired of the constant attack on our country. Most likely our congress men and women will continue to do nothing until they are eventually voted out of office by the very thing that threatens our borders. Then our kids and their kids can watch as this part of the United States slowly transitions into what you currently see on the other side of the Rio Grande.

Benito Juarez??? What did he do for the United States?

What others??? Santa Anna?? Henry Cisneros?? Huh??

January 8, 2011 at 6:16 p.m.

Mike said...

Legion,you said you agreed my post but after reading your post i don't believe you...It's comments like that mirror the hate radio rhetoric and makes it very difficult for reps. To come up with a solution..IMO

Henry Cisneros was a American citizen who made a mistake,so did John Ensign but neither have anything to do with illegal immigration...Rep.Gif fords was wounded today , one 9 yr. & a fed.judge because of stupidity.

So you don't think Mexican-Americans have made any contributions;I say a reading of history might surprise you.

Mike said...

Bigj and John Lara also contribute to the nonsense....They think they are retaliating but all they are doing is fueling the fire...often times with information.

Legion said...

BigJ and John Lara also contribute to the nonsense.... exactly.

The reason I posted that comment started with BigJ s comment and was a tag along to N45 s.

BigJ cited two Mexican figures as contributing to America. First he butchered the first name of Cesar Chavez, who did do a good thing by bringing attention to and reforming the mistreatment of migrant workers in America. Secondly, he claimed Benito Juarez was a influence in America. Maybe he did by forcing Santa Anna to resign as President of Mexico, but that's kind of a stretch.

N45 mentioned Henry Cisneros

When Henry Cisneros was Mayor of San Antonio I said to people that he was going to go far, maybe all the way to the Presidency. I was more sure of that when he was the HUD secretary. I was disappointed when his career ended the way it did.

Legion said...

I missed your edit. The shooting yesterday is a tragedy. Stupid? More than stupid. Insanity mixed with delusions of grandeur seems to fit every assassination, mass shooting, standoff and acts of domestic terror.

James Cagney standing on the top of the propane tank shouting "Look at me maw, top of the world!" Comes to mind.

Mike said...

BigJ, is not the historian he makes himself out to be.

At some point in time the heated rhetoric in that thread got way out of hand, as it often does.