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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is there something in the water?

The democrats and the republicans said they will gladly sit together, at the next State of the Union. Is this the first baby step toward civil discourse? I'm taking this symbolic gesture in stride because there are many controversial issues to be hashed out. We will know soon enough because the republicans are trying to repeal the Health Care Law(mathematically impossible) and representative Darrell Issa will begin his investigations on the financial crisis of 2008 and what he thinks are policy improprieties by the Obama administration.

It’s a strange and bad day for democrats because Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota will not run in 2012 and Independent /Democrat Joe Lieberman may resign. CNN is reporting that Joe Lieberman will not seek re-election. That might be a good or bad. I think Joe Lieberman is looking at the unfavorable poll numbers but I'm not real sure about Kent Conrad. Wiki leaks? We are already seeing the influence of John Daley has on president Obama. The new chief of staff might have advised Obama to write the piece in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, “decrying how regulations have sometimes "gotten out of balance, placing unreasonable burdens on business -- burdens that have stifled innovation and have had a chilling effect on growth and jobs." That's all we need, for the president to start, coddling to Wall Street. They're sitting on two trillion dollars of surplus and still paying record bonuses. Whenever the reforms are; they aren’t hurting Wall Street.

The right is still trying to deflect all the blame to the liberal left. Did anyone watch the pathetic interview Sean Hannity had with Sarah Palin? It was advertised as an “exclusive interview with Sarah Palin.”Really, she works at Fox News! It's pretty bad when Newt Gingrich says “ Sarah Palin needs to slow down and be more careful and think through what she’s saying and how’s she’s saying it.” As many gaffes as Newt makes, he should know.

On the local front, our resident know- it- all, SpeakUp1968, blamed the usual, The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and for all the vitriol. What a sheltered life he lives. He gets all his news filtered.  I didn't follow his definition of normal liberal protocol because he posted “I am shocked, and I say thank you to Mike….Mike, of all the liberals I would expect to act in the way I have accused these others, you shockingly have not…To that I say thanks.”… How vain, my two comments were intended for Rebecca but does anyone really care what he thinks? Am I supposed to take his gratitude as if it's some sort of award? SpeakUp1968 then went onto say “Yes Rush is arrogant and bombastic. I cannot stand him personally. Doesn't make what he says wrong though. What he says is correct, despite that the way he says it is off-putting.”Then out of nowhere ,Rebecca ,(I don’t know if that was her intention..She has been a sneaky one lately) hit him with the line that cracked me up, by posting “Speak, thank you for answering my question, but in doing so, you were harsher on Rush than I was. “..BAM!.. I still don't know what the "all democrats are not liberals,” is all about? SpeakUp1968 said he wasn’t a republican. He was a conservative. All republicans say they are conservatives. It's a monolithic group.

I almost forgot, Megan McCain is personally taking Rachel Maddow to the next NRA convention. I don't know why that matters but it's a good place to stop for the day. I can't wait for the pundits to sort it all out for me.


Rebecca said...

You have to admit, your blog gets the most action! You throw the biggest parties over on vicad. I may not enjoy fighting about politics, but I sure enjoy fighting about fighting. =D

Montana said...

Newt just wants another chance to find another intern to fool around with, sure he marries them, but he also cheats on his wife while doing it, as for half-term Palin, well come on "Think Before Speaking", not possible she just has defective genes.

Mike said...


Thanks for the compliment but it's what's inside the numbers that counts... Most of the hits are from my arch rivals telling everyone how wrong I am, backing up the claim with a cut and paste from an obscure website. Jbj (who seems to be a nice person) likes to change the subject to one to his liking and pretty soon the blog that took me two hours to research and write is a free- for- all. The blog is being looked at because of the silliness and not for content or my lowly opinion.

My goal is to have good looking website like yours and subject content and viewers like Edith Ann's blog site...That's a long journey but I will be satisfied if I only attain 25%.

Lately, you have been getting your point across about the need for civility.Keep up the good work.

Mike said...

Hello Montana,

The extramarital affairs will keep Newt Gingrich from being a serious presidential contender; the evangelicals in Iowa will stop him...Sarah Palin will never be an intellectual nor will she ever be a serious contender of public office; look at her numbers in Alaska today. She does know how to satisfy a crowd that wants divisiveness.

Edith Ann said...

Do you realize how funny this is, “What a sheltered life he lives,”? SpeakUp1968 has often lambasted liberals on the forum. Despite what he may say, he has a hard time accepting that there are conservative Democrats. Remember, he calls himself a conservative, while there are folks who are just conservative. There is a difference.

I like it when Rebecca jumps into the fray! It’s so unlike her, but she can hold her own most of the time.

As to your blog—trust me, it will grow in leaps and bounds! Before you know it, you’ll be getting hundreds of hits a day (maybe you already are). The readers are there. Drop me an email at, and I’ll share some blogging tips with you.

BIGJ said...

Speak1968 needs to go to hell.

Mike said...

Edith Ann

I knew of SpeakUp1968 (former sailor?) distaste for liberals because he blasted me because of a comment I made, but I can't remember the details. He did end his rant by saying that he was a conservative and would never vote straight party.... I don't know why he thought I cared.

I think to old establish democrats in Texas are all conservative but its regional.
Rebecca is unique. She can be witty, intelligent, silly, on a caffeine high..:-) , sometimes using all those traits in the same post.

Thanks for the kind words.

Mike said...


Speakup1968 might be the former sailor who said" Obama only won in the Rio Grande valley, San Antonio and El Paso and the more intelligent voters (Victoria) voted for McCain... I think you were a member when was chastised by the rest of the posters,for those words( republican and democrat) that day?

Posters like SpeakUP1968 are not worth my time and effort because he'll just fill the page with junk as Roy Mark used to. People like that live in their own world, surrounded by people just like themselves.

I Gotta give it to you. You recommended representative Gifford for secretary of defense, way before anyone knew who she was.