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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I saw that train wreck coming

I really can't remember when I started posting in our local paper’s online forum, but I want to say it's close to five years. Is there a point where you get tired of the same old left/right nonsense, although I know I am part of the problem? Is it like a Seven Year Itch? I really enjoy blogging, the feedback, and the enjoyment of stating my thoughts, so I would hate to think that I was wrong for getting involved in the first place. I'm  starting to have buyer’s remorse..........Perhaps, it’s time for another timeout.

I still remember when the professionals controlled the comment section; I suspect some were lawyers, teachers and businesspeople because of how they carried themselves. I remember my first post, which was in defense of a poster that goes by the name of born2Bme (back then it was Suzy), well it really wasn't that I was coming to her defense but more to her position. She had an argument with a well known troll whose real name was Roy Mark.The troll, Roy Mark, was eventually banned for having seven aliases and using them to agree with his point of view. Roy Mark and I locked heads several times until he was permanently banned. It was then that I decided to just write blogs and refrain from posting in the comment's section. When I did make that occasional post in the comments' section; I made sure to limited myself to one or two comments. One day a poster told me to stay off the forum, before I could respond, Kenneth Schustereit came to my defense telling the poster that I earned the right to give my opinion. It was then that I felt a sense of belonging. Kenneth and I are 180° apart; he was always cordial to me and when he made a rare comment on my blog; he did it in a respectful way. I made an occasional comment on his blog, and he responded in a respectful manner. I'm one of the lucky ones because he usually blasted anyone who disagreed with him.

Well, that's the background that leads me to the reason for writing this blog. I saw this train wreck coming. I just can't stand any sort of superficiality or outright lies. I  am still grateful that a poster that goes by the handle of waywardwind came to my defense when another poster wrote “Mike, STFU." Waywardwind is a Ron Paul libertarian,so it’s surprising that we have gotten along rather well. One day I did say “waywardwind, you and I are 180° apart, and I'm proud of that.” he said that he was sorry I felt that way, which made me feel like a total ass. I've seen his recent comments because his avatar is not hard to miss,so he has already stated his real feelings. Last night he made a comment on my blog directed to me, so it would be rude of me not to respond; especially since it was on the topic. I could have answered his question and let it go at that, but as I said “I hate superficiality.” After all these years “let’s call a spade a spade.” He can hate the president and his policies all he wants, and we could still have a reasonable discussion but don't come in with the pretense of  having a discussion on a constitutional matter. That's why people hate politicians; they're so pretentious. Politicians are that way to persuade voters; posters don't have that excuse; they should be themselves.

That's the benefit of writing a blog; I was going to delete my comments to waywardwind, but I'm now convinced that I did the right thing. If nothing else; it will lead to an honest debate on the issues; without holding back.

Now that's off my mind, I can go about my daily routine without feeling the need of doing something.


Edith Ann said...

Way back when I was posting on the Advocate as SmarteePantz, I got canned for coming back as a banned poster. I was amazed at the outcry on the forum. Even Kenneth came to my defense--said even though we never agreed, I was respectful. Bet he feels differently now! Others that I thought were my sworn enemies on the forum didn't want SmarteePantz gone!

Yeah, I always think long and hard about removing a comment. Sometimes they need to live on for posterity. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Mike said...

Edith Ann

Edith Ann

Edith Ann as SmarteePantz was right up there with my three favored posters...I was not amzed, I was one of those posters who hated to see SmarteePantz gone... A subdued SmarteePantz wouldn't have the same pizazz..IMO

SmarteePantz: for her wit....The princess tiaras tag on SouthTexas was priceless; I broke out in stitches every time you used it.

Vietnam Vet: for his one liners.... It took the poster he zinged, a couple of days to realize they were had.

ragman: quick on his feet and was a walking encyclopedia.... His knowledge overwhelmed his opponents, plus he also used his wit to paralyze his opponents.

I know KyleC is busy tending to his ailing father but when he's online, they're not many posters who can compete with him one on one.

Edith Ann said...

Thanks, Mike! As I recall, Suzy and I were passing the 'slightly used tiara for sale in Alaska on ebay' bit back and forth for different comments and it would bug the ever living piss out of southtexas! I really enjoyed that whole time before the 2008 national election. It was fun, and I miss all those posters, too.

Ragman, sawbones, and yes on Vietnam Vet! You're right, you had to keep up or you would catch his wit.

Kyle is a one of a kind, also. He's clever and quick. Loves to play with words, and we're rarely disappointed.