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Friday, January 7, 2011

No one is supposed to know

Paul Krugman, columnist for the New York Times is reminding everyone that conservatism is not a truth certain. Texas likes to brag about its conservative fiscal policies, but we now have a $25 billion deficit. How can that be in a state that's the most conservative of all the red states? Our budget deficit is not something right wing pundits are talking about these days. They are too busy salivating because most states are blaming the lucrative public employee unions’ contracts, as the biggest contributor to their fiscal woes, even though some states haven't fully funded them for years.

Governor Rick Perry campaigned as a fiscal conservative whose leadership led the way to make Texas a model for all states to follow. True, Texas has low taxes, business friendly policies such as grand fathered pollution laws, and no corporate tax, but we still have a $25 billion budget gap that is worse than New York’s, about the same as California but not nearly as bad as New Jersey. The Texas legislators cannot blame the GOP's natural enemy (public unions) because only 20% of public sector workers are covered by union contracts. It is true that our job losses are not as severe as those in the nation, but we have a rapidly growing population to satisfy.

Governor Perry did not have to address this issue because he didn't have the gumption to debate his opponent, Bill White, who was prepared to talk about this issue. Our legislature meets every two years, so it's easy to hide a budget deficit.The guv keeps bragging about the 2007 budget surplus.

Raising taxes is like exposing Superman to kryptonite, for republicans, so our deficit will be met with spending cuts. We already rank near the bottom in education, and at the top in percentage of residents without Health Insurance, but I wouldn't be surprised if the budget's cuts start with those two budgeted items. We have the lottery but our social conservatives will always vote to keep out the casinos. This morning I heard that 38 states have casinos; that amazed me. Most are located in poverty ridden areas, making it easy for them to addict their prey.

I hope our one party rule. Super-majority, republican lawmakers will make the right decisions without hurting the most vulnerable, or making drastic cuts in education. Our children are our future; a subpar education will make us like Mississippi, only larger. Do we want that?


Edith Ann said...

Rick Perry is obviously a liar!

He is costing the taxpayers of the state of Texas over $10,000 a month while the Governor's Mansion is refurbished from the fire. They should have slapped one of those leftover FEMA doublewides out back of the Mansion and let Rick and Anita live out there. That's what any other fire victim would have had to do!

We already have a subpar education system here in Texas. We teach to a weird test that changes every few years. We are already like 49th in the nation! Of course, when they were handing out GRANT money to the states, Texas couldn't be bothered to apply and we lost out on a butt-load of money for the state! Way to go Perry!

For the life of me I just can see what the attraction to Perry is. Gawd! He's not even good looking! Conservative? Read this:

Mike said...

I agree Edith Ann, the $1.2 million saved, could go to Medicaid funded organ transplants, which I'm sure will be cut.

My youngest daughter is an elementary schoolteacher, who goes home every day frustrated, because her classes are getting larger, funds reduced, and parents don't respond to her emails requesting a conference because their child is not keeping up, turning in homework, or their inattentiveness.... She said the meeting she attends with other teachers in our district; never discuss the problems teachers are having. The meetings are mostly about a new program or standard, they want them to implement.

BTW, I was just starting to put two and two together on the UHV situation, when suddenly, you stopped posting. I read your reasons but I still don't know why our newspaper editorial board felt they needed to respond.... The Austin American Statesman or the Houston chronicle sends out a reporter to investigate, interrogate, and evaluate, then they write an article and leave it at that.

Edith Ann said...

I understand about your daughter's frustration. My sister is a teacher, and she finally left VISD and is very happy in another district. There the administration backs up the teachers. Quite different.

As to the UHV situation and stuff I post--I think the Advocate likes to pick on me! Does that sound like a whiney baby?

Yeah, the AAS and the HC know how to get the complete story. They don't give us a partial story with no follow up ever. That we have to get from the VA!

And, by the way, I am certain we are not through with the UHV stories!

Mike said...

An article from the Houston Chronicle stated that Texas would not touch the $9 billion rainy day fund to balance the budget...Instead they will increase fees, as is a disbursement from the state school trust fund..... I've always jokingly said in Texas democrats raise taxes and republicans raise fees.

Looking forward to those UHV stories EA.