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Friday, July 12, 2013

Is it Really Justice?

I’ve watched most of the George Zimmerman trial, and now that it’s in the jury hands, I’m thinking Mr. Zimmerman will be acquitted. It won’t be because there’s a lot of evidence of his innocence but more because he was able to buy some expert witness to collaborate his version of the facts.

I admit that I have a bias because I still think that the person with the gun has a choice of walking away. The defense made the most of the injuries sustained by George in trying to convince the jury that Mr. Zimmerman was in fear for his life. The defense made George to be a  out –of -shape wimp compared to a 17-year-old  athletic teen- ager. The lack of Mr. Zimmerman’s DNA on Trayvon Martin was blamed on the  incompetent forensic technicians who missed it or  that the rain must’ve washed the blood away. It’s funny how the blood remained on George Zimmerman without it being washed away.

I don’t know who cried for help, who was on top of whom, or who struck the first blow because I heard two different versions from various witnesses. I do know Trayvon was unarmed and not doing anything illegal on the day he was shot to death. George Zimmerman certainly could have gone shopping at Target and left Trayvon Martin in the hands of the police. Those two pieces of evidence are not in dispute.

I don’t know why Bill O’Reilly and several right-wing talk-show hosts are saying that an acquittal will start a race riot. They are mistaking the anger a lot of people felt when George Zimmerman was not arrested, and the Sanford police was going to sweep it under the rug were it not for Al Sharpton using his MSNBC show to tell the world about the injustice. I think everyone will agree that the trial proceedings were fair and just maybe the state couldn’t overcome the lack of an actual witness. The trial became about hearsay and the opinion of expert witnesses.

This case intrigued me because I want to know what constitutes the right to shoot and kill someone if there is only one gun involved. Perhaps if a frail person was in fear of a much larger person and their back was against the wall, so to speak? I can understand a home break-in or protecting someone about to be killed, but those are the only two incidents. With all the concealed permits being issued, we just might see more and more of these cases because unless a shooting takes place in front of witnesses the one left standing will be the one to get to tell their version of the facts.

It will be interesting to know how the six jurors came to their decision. I wonder whether George Zimmerman will get to keep his concealed permit?


Mike said...

OFF SUBJECT but too funny to pass up

Tampons Confiscated, Guns Still Allowed At Texas Capitol Ahead Of Abortion Vote

Way to go Texas GOP,you have made us the laughing stock of the country.

Edith Ann said...

My political crush, Sen. Kirk Watson took care of Tampongate. All is well now.

Been watching the debate since the start today and they are not cutting Glenn Hegar any slack. Excellent questionsa re being asked. Judith Zaffirini was excellent! Wendy Davis is up right now.

Edith Ann said...

Too funny not to share--

From Murray Kravitz on Facebook: The only way to get your tampons past security at the TX Capitol is to load them into your gun. ‪#‎TamponGate

Mike said...

@TheDailyEdge: BREAKING: Darrell Issa calls for investigation into why Obama allowed so many tampons to fall into the hands of Texas women #TamponGate

Edith Ann said...


born2Bme said...

I've only seen snippets of the trial, so I really cannot say who brought what evidence, but Trayvon must have been fearful for his life first and he must have fought back, which explains the injuries that Zimmerman had. It still doesn't excuse Zimmerman for instigating the events that unfolded that night.

Mike said...

Born, you have a knack for thinking outside the box….I’ve heard all these so-called experts give their opinions but I have not heard of the one you mentioned. I guess the state did not want to give the jury any reason to think that Trayvon might have been the aggressor at any point…And you’re right Trayvon might have reacted to Zimmerman pulling out his gun.

Well I’m on my way to Sugarland to visit a brand new Costco.

Mike said...

Not guilty...We'll find out why in the coming days.

Edith Ann said...

The one defense attorney, the one WITH hair, is very arrogant--"Everything I do, I do well."

I am pretty sure Casey Anthony will be contacting George in the next few day. She probably has some great tips on how to live life to the fullest after an acquittal in a murder case.

Mike said...

I've never even such. braggart like Mark O''Mara.
The Fla.. AG acted as thou she won the case and rushed to the press conformance before consoling the family.

I saw this on my Twitter feed.....What's Zimmerman's next job? Fox 's legal expert on " stand your ground" or poster boy for the NRA.

born2Bme said...

Somehow I don't think that Zimmerman is going to live a nice peaceful life. There are a lot of people angry enough to do what the jury didn't do.
I'm just hoping that this somehow changes that stupid law because it has shown how it can be manipulated by people like Zimmerman.

Mike said...

Well I hope the crazies don't take the law into their own hands and I'm very glad that there wasn't any rioting.

You may be right about Zimmerman's future.

We need to change all the laws ALEC is getting GOP legislators to enact like "stand your ground."

Mike said...

Jack Evony @ VA on-line is an indescribable piece of work and he likes to hit all the buttons to keep the flames going.i.e President Obama had nothing to do with George Zimmerman being charged; AL Sharpton’s use of the MSNBC’s airways brought this case out of the shadows…All President Obama said was that if he had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon Martin and the flames were lit for the RW media.

A couple of posters have used the Fox News talking points by saying that Mr. Zimmerman should have never been charged. They even quote a lawyer they once despised, Alan Dershowitz, who said “utterly unprofessional manner" overcharging as a 2nd degree murder case for political reasons.

I think that Zimmerman should have been arrested on manslaughter charges, like the lead detective wanted,on the night of the murder and turned over to the grand jury. Then nothing would have never said.

1.All the Sanford police had was George Zimmerman’s version, with no creditable witness who saw the incident take place.
2.The prosecutors did overcharge given the evidence they had.
3.Giving the demographics of Sanford, the grand jury might have turned Zimmerman free but it still left it open for a Fed investigation for a civil rights case…Possibly a hate crime.
4.A teen age boy who did not do anything illegally is dead; we should always demand at a minimum a grand jury inquiry when that takes place.
5.There were some protests in California and some property was damaged but nothing that was automatically anticipated by conservative media.

George Zimmerman’s lawyers did not receive any money but they get their share of media publicity which will help their practice in the future.

George Zimmerman had a $300,000 defense fund that paid for all those jury persuaders were it not for that; it might have been a different outcome.

This was never a slam dunk for either side but it’s a future problem if we don’t rein in these “stand your ground” laws….I hope those laws don’t mean “ the person armed is the winner” in all cases.

born2Bme said...

The law is going to have to be changed to include the wording that the one that did the wrong things to start what follows, are equally at fault if something like this happens. NONE of what happened would have happened if Zimmerman would have stayed in his auto like the 911 person told him to do.
Zimmerman knew all of the rules and how he could get out of whatever happened. He played the system and with no eye witnesses, he knew he could get away with it. It's not impossible that he caused his injuries himself after the fact, because he knew he had to prove he was innocent. How hard is it to bang your own head against the sidewalk? The hits in the face were probably Trayvon trying to defend himself.
The law is bad. There are too many holes in it in it's present state. The jury was right in acquitting him of the charges against him. I do not think he intended to kill anyone, but his actions caused the whole thing.
This is not over.

Edith Ann said...

I have to disagree born. Unlike getting behind the wheel of you car and having a wreck where someone dies, a gun pretty much is for one thing--shooting bullets, and if the bullet lands in the right spot, something dies.

Zimmerman assumed full responsibility for Martin's death when he disregarded law enforcements directive to leave Martin alone.

I did not watch the whole trial, in fact I watched very little. But all the attorneys for Zimmerman had to do was cause reasonable doubt, and they did.

It's open season on young black youth in Florida. How very sad.

Mike said...

Good comments.

Perhaps,some good will come of this tradegy. I heard that the police are telling neighborhood watches across the country to stay in the background when they make their report and then stay out they way.They are not endorsing the actions of George Zimmerman.

I agree EA,it's hard to believe that it was God's will, as George put it.

I agree born,he might not have intended to kill anyone but people like him don't need much for them to rationalize killing another human being...A black teen ager returning from the store has to be up to no good,so it puts him on alert with a gun at the ready....One round in the chamber.

born2Bme said...

Will there be a civil case? I think the parents have grounds for pursuing that.

Mike said...

The Feds are looking into the case but they will more likely wait until the outcome of the civil trial where Zimmerman will either have to testify or give a deposition.

The civil trial will not have to meet the high bar of "reasonable doubt" but only subjected to a preponderance of evidence standard.

Puzzles me as to why a poster said that he had a concealed gun permit so he had to side with Zimmerman. Huh?

born2Bme said...

HUH?? Is right. So this person thinks that anyone with a concealed gun permit can do whatever he wants with that gun?
Police do not even have the right to do anything they want with their guns.

Mike said...

That's true and you bring up a point I meant to put in the blog...Whenever there is police shooting(especially shooting someone unarmed)the police office has to go before a review board or an IA investigation where the officer is designated a desk-job until they are cleared...Some are outraged that Zimmerman was even charged after 45 days.

There is a lot talk of these " Stand Your Ground laws" only pertaining to the armed person making it a "shoot first" and justify it later law.