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Monday, July 8, 2013

I’ll Try a Different Approach

I’m tired of arguing with the climate-change deniers like Howard Weise and J.W. Harrison. Howard thinks the whole climate-change issue is some sort of socialist plot to control us. Mr. Harrison thinks that 98% of the climate-change scientists are on the government take to commit fraud.

Howard thinks the earth is cooling because of what he saw on Fox News. He didn’t provide any links to substantiate his facts. The last I heard, the 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1990, and man had something to do with it.

I’m not an expert in the science of climate-change by any stretch of imagination, but I do know that the glaciers are melting, the snow doesn’t stay on Pike’s Peak as long as it used to, sea levels are rising, droughts, forest fires and storms are more intense and it’s due to the increase in the earth’s temperature. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to solar activity or man made greenhouse emissions. I don’t think it will hurt to try and find ways to alleviate our existing problem.

We do know that carbon is a heat trapping gas and a pollutant. We wouldn’t turn up the heat on a boiling pot unless we wanted it to spill on the stove. I also know that since we practically replaced coal with natural gas, our greenhouse emissions are coming down significantly.

Howard is wrong because the president knows that new legislation to curb greenhouse emissions will never pass through the House of Representatives, so he is issuing executive orders to reduce greenhouse emissions by 17% over the next three years. The Supreme Court said that carbon was a pollutant, but they also said that the EPA should control its use and keep it from being a health hazard. I guess Mr. Harrison thinks that the conservative Supreme Court is also on the take.

Mr. Weise is an old libertarian, so anything that comes from the government in the form of regulations, taxes, fact sheets, or recommendations are causes for alarm. How ironic, he doesn’t mind socialism in the form of Medicare for all, but he complains of the control in a private insurance system like Obamacare. Forget the fact that exercising, eating well, and living a healthy lifestyle would lead to lower costs. He worries about the 2,700 pages in the health care law but I’d be willing to bet that he doesn’t know how many pages are in the Social Security or Medicare program. The first thing a republican lawmaker does nowadays is count the pages of a bill and anything over three pages is a bad bill. Oh that’s right, the original 2008 bailout bill was only three pages long.

If progressives are really socialist, they’re really bad at it because the stock market is at record highs and companies on the Fortune 500 have never had it so good. Wall Street borrows money a 0.75%, yet our students have to pay 6.2% as it stands right now.

Howard says progressives have a lust for power but on any given day, you can see  GOP controlled states exercising their power without hearings or a debate. No, Howard, Michelle Obama saying we should eat our vegetables is nothing our own mothers didn’t do and Bloomberg banning 32 ounces sugary drinks at some public places is for his city only. In neither case, no one is trying to impose their will on you.

I don’t usually drift as much, but I had to if I was going to keep up with Howard’s latest complaints.

Lately, I’ve seen conservatives admit that the earth is getting hotter, but now they’re saying that we cannot do anything about it because the solutions would be too expensive, and it would destroy our economy. I believe the fossil-fuel industry and chemical plants want to find ways to control their greenhouse emissions that will not destroy their bottom line. That’s why we need a bipartisan energy commission but that’s going to be hard to do, if over half of Republican legislators are climate-change deniers. Those folks still think global warming is about a local weather report.

Things are looking up,Wm Paul Tasin just got the facts hot off the press“the solid statistics are in, and the culture of death that we live in is losing badly to the culture of life.”  The study he provided sated that “ religious Americans enjoy superior mental health, are happier and far less likely to commit suicide.” Now,I don’t know if Mr. Tasin is making a sales pitch or trying to prove his superiority. I still believe if you are all that great,you won’t need stats because your example will be enough.


Mike said...

Rick Perry will not run for governor but Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott will and he's to the right of Perry.

Edith Ann said...

Like Juanita Jean says--Abbott is Perry without the compassion!

This makes it a bit harder for a Dem to win, but not impossible.