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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every One is Out of Step but Willy

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I agree with Don Jay Andres’s first and last sentences of his recent letter to the editor, but the body of the letter shows a total lack of understanding of the issue, in my opinion.

Yes, people need to stop nitpicking the race issue to death and facing the offender in person might be best. There are exceptions to the latter because the media and government are great equalizers, when the offended cannot not get satisfaction using normal channels..

Mr. Andres stopped making great points when he injected what he considered racism. It was a classic “don’t be crying racism…racists.” He went on to name the same-old things that he considered racist, like a separate beauty pageant and organizations as if a separate but equal things are not part of our normal day. In the House of Representatives ,we have a Tea Party, Hispanic and Black caucuses who break down the issues to suit their constituents. This has always been the case but those groups I mentioned have put a label on it.

You can get started on the reasons the voter results had to be translated into a Spanish document without it being racists. In other states, documents are translated into Vietnamese, Chinese or to the satisfaction of other groups who have been discriminated against in the past.   Texas election law has required bilingual election materials and bilingual clerks since 1975 because of their past efforts to suppress minority voters. They continue to be one of the five states who need permission from the Federal government to draw redistricting maps and other measures. The Supreme Court will rule on voting rights issues, perhaps as early as this week. I don’t think SCOTUS will satisfy everyone with their decision.

Mr. Andres called out the individuals who initially yelled “racism” but didn’t call out the editorial board  when they raised the same question? The letter writer expressed his views on what he thought to be racism (which I thought was nitpicking), and then he went public with his letter instead of confronting the people who offended him. It’s another one of those “everyone’s out of step but Willy” statements.

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