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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another Month…Another Novosad anti-Obama Letter
Mr. Allen Novosad has posted another anti-Obama letter, but it hasn’t made our on line forum yet, so I’m not able to provide a link. While we are on that subject, I could not access the digital version of the Victoria Advocate using the forum this morning. Luckily, I have the VA app on my iPad.

Mr. Novosad you have a serious case of Obama derangement syndrome. You are now blaming the voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 for the struggling economy and national debt. The debt has been accumulating for decades, but our country is showing signs of recovery. President Obama held his head high at the recent G7/G8 meetings because the United States and Germany were the only participants at that summit who could point to signs of recovery. We have a long way to go because even at our most positive predictions show that we won’t have unemployment at 5% until the year 2020. The Fed Chairman just hinted that he might take off the training wheels off (quantitative easing) in the fall because of the improvement he is seeing. Can you name one GOP bill that has been passed ,in the last fours years, that is responsible for the economic gains?

Mr. Novosad said Democrats and others who voted for President Obama were blinded by his blackness and rhetorical skills so much that we overlooked his lack of experience. This is coming from someone who will probably vote for someone like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Rand Paul and was willing to elect the likes of Sarah Palin to be vice president. A man like Allen Novosad will never understand the meaning of “hello pot meet kettle.”

I have to remind Mr. Novosad, that the 2008 financial crisis happened in the fall of 2008, so the voters were unlikely to turn over the reins to the party who got us into the mess. Mr. Obama won the three presidential debates, and he won by a landslide. In fairness to John McCain, no Republican could have beaten Barrack Obama or Hillary in 2008. If Hillary  had won, you would have used the “she was elected because people wanted the first woman president.” It’s never “we lost because people do not like our policies, agenda or ideology.” You keeping thinking that you won even thou the GOP has lost the presidential popular votes in the last five of six elections.

In 2012, the economy was terrible and the Republicans had a chance to unseat the incumbent but your party chose to elect the most electable from the clown show that they had to choose from.  Your party ran a Wall Street Republican who blamed the 47% as being takers in our struggling economy. Mitt Romney promised more tax cuts for the rich and a tax plan that would cut taxes by 20% across the board, but he never said how and the rest is history. You can blame it on a hurricane,naïve voters, or anything else you want but it won’t change the results.

Republicans like Novosad always leave out the part about key members of GOP leadership (on the night of the first Obama presidential inaugural festivities,) cooking up a plan to deny the president any support. They also forget that Democrats and independents favored Obama’s plan for health care over the GOP plan during the election. Yes, the Dems went alone because they didn’t have another option. They only had 59 senators (we all know it takes 60 votes to approve anything, nowadays) because the Coleman/Franken race in Minnesota was held up in the courts for a while. The Affordable Care Act, when fully implemented, will make believers out of many skeptics but the GOP loyalists will fight it to the bitter end.

Scandals you say Mr. Novasad, but they will never meet the definition of a real scandal like invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 and is the basis for the turmoil that we see in the Middle East today. The scandals Mr. Novosad mentioned are just scripts for the next Fox News show. The American people are worried about jobs not about so-called scandals that never materialize. Allen will never know that a self-admitted conservative Republican IRS office manager in Cincinnati said the screening technique used were not politically motivated. You see; Mr. Novosad will never read the actual transcripts of the investigation. Republicans are frustrated because President Obama is as pure as the driven snow when it comes to ethics. Remember, he was only a senator for two years, so Washington did not get a chance to corrupt him. You can legitimately be against his policies and ideology, but you are going to have to find the smoking gun before you can mire him in scandal.

Mr. Novosad named the usual six Obama scandals but one of them made me laugh out loud. He blamed the Obama administration for obtaining billions of phone calls and Internet information on American citizens. Hello, Allen, did you have a good five-year nap? Those policies existed under warrantless surveillance for several years before Obama became president. I read where NSA wiretapped Senator Obama in 2004.

No, Mr. Novosad, the Democratic congressmen are not the cause for the so-called danger you think our nation is experiencing, and your way of life may not be what the majority of America wants.

Congress has an all-time low 10% approval, and your party controls one body of Congress. Your party could not pass the usual bipartisan farm bill because your far-right representatives put in some poison pills. Your party wanted to cut $20 billion from the food stamp program and give those funds to millionaire farmers. No self-respected Democrat would ever do that. The 62 Republicans who voted against the bill only did so because they didn’t think that the cuts in food stamps were enough. The people you should be going after are the far-right loons in your party like Louie Gohmert, who said.” "When I look into the eyes of constituents, who want to provide for their children … and they talk about standing in line, I've heard this story so many times … standing in line at a grocery store behind people with a food-stamp car—one individual said, I love crab legs. You know, the big king crab legs. I love those. But we haven't been able to have those in who knows when. But I'm standing behind a guy who has those in his basket, and I'm looking longingly like, when can I ever make enough again where our family can have something like that, and sees the food-stamp card pulled out, and provided, he looks at the king crab legs and looks at the ground meat, and realizes because he does pay income tax, he doesn't get more back than he pays in, he is actually helping pay for the king crab legs when he can't pay for them for himself." It’s statements like these that make your party less credible because they have become commonplace. We can’t go one day without hearing a stupid comment by a Republican. It’s sad because people like Allen Novosad believe in people like Louie Gohmert because he tickles their ears. The crazies on the right dominate politics because the media loves to interview crazy people (yes,the crazy comments are only coming from the right) but it’s making the Democratic Party the default for serious governing. The Democrats will get all the blame because they are expected to govern but without a challenge, our party will become complacent.


Edith Ann said...

I have to say I believe it is one of your very best blogs ever! Damn, but you're good when you are fired up!


Print this blog out and mail it to Allen Novosad.

Mike said...

Lol..Mr.Novosod never answers the many who criticize his letters,so even if I had his address,he would just throw it in the trash and resume reading his far right literature.

Yes,he fired me up but was it that obvious?...:-)

Mike said...

I was going to provide the link to Aleen Novosod's letter but those who don't subscribe to the VA might not be able to pull it up.

I emailed the story to myself:

Obama voters at fault for failing economy

Editor, the Advocate:

It’s not Obama’s fault that the nation’s economy is in the tank and experiencing a record national debt. The fault lies with the public who elected Obama as president – not once but twice.

Obama voters paid no attention to his mostly hidden background, his lack of qualifications and his political ideology. Rather, they fell in love with his smooth-talking approach and likability. They were enamored by the idea that he would be the first African-American president.

His first-term record indicated a lack of leadership and managerial ability by failing to improve the economy, reduce unemployment or lower the national debt. With a Democratic Congress, Obama was able to achieve passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, which had “no” bipartisan support and was not favored by the public. The new health care program has caused chaos in the economy with increased taxes and health insurance premiums.

Well, the chickens have come home to roost as the administration is being decimated with serious scandals reflecting dishonesty, lack of transparency, illegal endeavors and a basic lack of ability to manage and lead the nation. Scandals now under investigation are as follows: 1) Fast and Furious – Failed gun-running sting program. Guns used in sting ended up in hands of Mexican Mafia and used to kill two border patrol agents and several Mexican citizens. 2) Benghazi, Libya – Secretary of State failed to provide adequate embassy security. Terrorist attack killed four Americans, including the ambassador. No help was provided during the attack. 3) IRS deliberately targeting conservative groups seeking nonprofit status, followed by harassment and IRS audits of several group leaders and/or donors. 4) Justice department capturing phone records of journalists to determine sources providing information. 5) National Security Agency obtaining billions of phone records and online Internet information of American citizens. 6) Top health authority soliciting industry funds to implement Obamacare.

It is my hope that supporters for Obama and like-minded Democratic Congressmen finally realize the danger this administration is to our nation and way of life.

Allen J. Novosad,Edna

Mike said...

As for Allen's last paragraph.

The woman's vote is the largest bloc of voters but the GOP continues to lose that vote because they continue to trample on their rights.

It's not the Democrats who keep trying to repeal(37 times)ACA, pass more intrusive abortion laws,close Planned Parenthood,favor voter suppression laws and continue the hateful rhetoric toward gays and minorities.

The president will finally implement some climate change policies by executive order and the GOP will fight him every step of the way despite the devastation that is being caused by the heat. I read an article of the cost of the more intensive storms caused by the heat;we can now weigh those costs to what it takes to reduce carbon emission.

born2Bme said...

Apparently Mr. Novosad needs to take a Civics/Government class and learn how our government is run.
Ignorance knows no bounds.

Mike said...

A civic course wouldn't hurt but he hasn't made pass step of his 12 step program...Step one is denial.