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Monday, June 3, 2013

Another (*yawn) Sunday Talk Show Roundup

Ed Schultz, said that the four talk show discussions took 193 minutes and of that, only 7 minutes were used to talk about jobs. That’s unless you count repealing Obamacare as a job-creation  plan like the Republicans.

I can’t tell  you what Meet the Press was about because David Gregory was all over the map. I was surprised that women do not want the government giving them equal pay- for- equal work; according to Representative Marshall Blackburn of Tennessee.

Fox News Sunday was about Chris Wallace encouraging the GOP to charge Eric holder with perjury.  Later in another segment, Chris was surprised when Laura Ingraham and Evan Bly didn’t  want  to go into Syria and dispose President Bashar Al-Assad. Laura said we should have learned from our mistake of invading Iraq. The joke is on us because we have just learned that China will make a fortune on Iraq’s oil. The invasion of Iraq benefited Iran and China, but Fox is consumed with the three so-called scandals and getting involved in another war.

This week with George Stephanopoulos, was by far the best talk show this past Sunday.  You know, if I were Karl Rowe and the GOP, I would encourage investigating the facts, but I would refrain from preaching. Karl Rowe is comfortable spreading his lies on Fox News because he has no one to challenge him.  Yesterday, he met his match with Arianna Huffington and David Plouffe.  Karl Rowe is a pathological liar, and he’s perfected it with a lot of practice. He was prepared when Arianna accused the group he was associated with, Crossroads GPS of manipulating their tax -exempt status.  Karl made the mistake of trying to take the high- road because it doesn't take a genius to bring out the abuses of the Bush administration. David Plouffe reminded Karl that the Bush administration IRS audited the NAACP because of what the then leader said about the war in Iraq. David also reminded Karl about the firing of all of the U.S. attorneys for political reasons and the actions of Alberto Gonzalez and Andy Card when they went to the sickbed of the Atty. General to try to get him to sign- off on an illegal spying program. The look on Karl Rowe’s face(after being fact checked by Plouffe and Huffington)  was priceless;he looked like the cat who just got caught eating the canary. 

I did hear of a novel idea to fund an infrastructure project.  A  legislator is trying to create a bill for American corporations who are participating in tax shelter schemes overseas. The bill will give them a chance to do something patriotic.  The legislation would try to  persuade them to invest in low interest tax -exempt bonds to fund our needed infrastructure.  We already have a plan to put up the first one trillion dollars, but it needs to be passed by Congress.


Mike said...

Having a tough time trying to understand the recent SCOTUS ruling....It is wrong to target groups who are questionable at the very least (501 (c) (4) applicants) but it's alright for a policeman to take a cheek swab DNA sample of anyone they arrest and enter it on a national database. Even Scalia said this opens the doors for airlines to use it because theywant to know who's flying...I never thought I would ever agree with Scalia.

Before anyone blames Obama,dust off your Civics 101. ..The SCOTUS is the judicial branch.

I know some will say "don't get arrested" as if that's the answer or " I've got nothing to hide."

born2Bme said...

Maybe the cheek swab should, instead, be part of the DL application/renewal, like the finger prints are. That way, certain people are not singled out.
I guess that doesn't get everyone though. Maybe school registration then, or all of the above.