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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This is Victoria Texas not Washington,D.C.

I don’t blame Victoria County Judge Don Pozzi for switching political parties, after all he is a politician, and it’s a wise move on his part. He’s likely to be the next Val Huver of county judges since he’s backed and supported by the local GOP.

I didn’t vote for Don Pozzi because he was a Democrat. I thought he was the most qualified to hold that important position but him being a democrat was just more icing on the cake. I’ll probably continue to vote for him despite party affiliation because as he said, “labels such as Republican or Democrat may not have much importance on the local level.

I wish Mr. Pozzi would’ve stopped talking while he was ahead in my books. I can understand a personal decision such as my party’s position on abortion and contraception when it comes to health care and a woman’s rights, but he didn’t elaborate other than to say it was a local disagreement. I did take notice when he said “I have continued to disagree with some of the ongoing policies in Washington, and I feel I can no longer align myself with the Democratic Party.” Really, so you now align yourself with a party who has a 29% approval and have you forgotten that this is the party that got us into this mess in the first place? I’ve seen many party switches in my lifetime, and 99% have to do with political posturing, so I have no reason to believe that this move doesn’t fall into that 99% because he would not elaborate. I wish Mr. Pozzi would have shared his views on how to strengthen the Democratic Party from within but I would’ve loved to hear his thoughts on core Democrat values.

What’s keeping the seven remaining localized officials from switching their party affiliation, especially since 18 of the 25 of the Victoria County offices are Republican? I think it's because party affiliation does not matter at the local level. That’s why I continue to ignore local elections; it’s like “whatever” for me.That’s not to say that a candidate or an issue will not get my attention in the future but most of the time it’s about the status quo.

Victorians are falling into the trap they complain about. Our local government will never discuss abortion, gay marriage, Iran, or the latest Supreme Court decision unless it has a direct reflection on city policy. Comparing the small solar project the city council rejected to Solyndra is grandstanding at the lowest form of intelligence.let's use our energy and thought s to improve Victoria and less time comparing our city to Washington,D.C.

Let’s take the letter from Toney Corte calling us spineless for not believing his right-wing rhetoric. Every industrialized nation has a socialist component in their government. We have citizens who would be astonished or won't want to believe that every Medicare recipient today receives $3.00 in benefits for every dollar they paid in. There was an article in a financial magazine that stated that European countries used the savings from not competing with the United States military-industrial complex on social programs for their citizens. The feeling was that the United States would always be there, so why waste their money on a costly defense system. Toney Corte wants to read the constitution and come to the same conclusion he does. We do petition our elected officials; it’s called a ballot box.

I believe wholeheartedly in the two party system and I've never said that the Democratic Party is without fault but the vote I cast is my own and I don't have to answer to anyone for that.

I can understand why people remain Republican regardless  of  what some national politicians do or say. I'm a proud Catholic despite of what the hierarchy of the church say and do at times. It's about core belief of what one was and can be again. 


Edith Ann said...

In Victoria County, it is the republicans who pony up the campaign money. That and the fact that they sit around the Victoria Country Club smoozing each other at the bar.

Pozzi's money has long come from the 'known' republicans. That's public record in his financial reports. He's been a DINO for a long time. If he were truly a Dem, you are right--he would have worked to strengthen the local party. That he didn't is really no surprise. To walk away is the cheap way out!

Mike said...

I agree about the Country Club republicans who make no bones about it but I’m glad he walked out rather than stay and pretend. That’s why I wanted to know his definition of core Democrat values he says he will maintain.

As for republican money, it’s like the bank robber, Willy Sutton used to say when he was asked his reason for robbing banks “that’s where the money is.”
I hate to say this but Hispanics need to get off their butts and start voting if things are going to change in Victoria. They certainly have the numbers to make a difference. Today, the only criterion for holding office is to be to the right of your opponent. All the candidates do is try to sound more conservative or Republican than their opponent.

I understand a Victoria Democrat has to be a little center right (and it may come naturally) but if they don’t support the leader of the party or the core principals, then they should consider switching parties.

I agree, Pozzi's clout might have gone a long way in strengthening the Democratic Party in Victoria but now we will never know.

I'm left scratching head trying to figure out what Washington did to make one become a Republican..I could see it the other way around.....:-)

Edith Ann said...

Well, isn't the national trend that folks are leaving the republican party? Leave it to Victoria ot be on the trailing edge of any trend...

Mike said...

Funny you should say that because group think leads some people to shy away from their core beliefs…For instance, young instance, young an upcoming liberal commentator, Alex Wagner, could have sat there like a bump on a log like Mika did when Tom Brocaw, Joe Scarborough and Douglas-Holtz Eakin were trying to scare everyone about the debt.
…Ms. Wagner looked John McCain’s former economic adviser, Douglas-Holtz Eakin right in the eyes and said “You guys weren’t worried about the deficit and debt when you put two wars and a giant prescription drug bill on the credit card.”….BTW, the Obama administration is still paying for the tax cuts, wars and drug bill.

Mike said...

This is exactly what I am talking about and I’m glad Paul Polasek made it a public spectacle by pointing out the hypocrisy when he said this about the federal grant for a bus shelter “I didn't know if council wants to use this to send another message because this is federal dollars."

Councilman Emett Alvarez, who made a comment after the previous meeting about sending a message to Washington, said if the program did not have high ridership numbers, it would discontinue.

I’m not sure who said “The fact is that it's helping people directly.”

A couple of points, the ridership numbers may go up after the shelters get built and the word gets out.

Mike said...

Whoa, I am now totally disagreeing with the words of Paul Polasek..Paul said “I do not like programs that make people dependent on public services or projects that seem to benefit only a certain group....So, not being able to afford a car or unable to find a ride classifies as a GROUP. If a person from the south side gets a job at Wal-Mart, the bus service allows them to get to work, so they have money to make purchase (sales tax).

That’s what wrong with the ultra-conservative mindset, everything is about instant profit. The Walk-and Bike Trail is not only a payback to the citizens but some upstart company might take notice and use it as a selling point like they do the brand new schools. Every growing city has to have a public transit system and initially it might operate in the red but that’s no reason to give up on it.

Being frugal is a good quality but it mustn’t cloud compassion, vision, or practicality.

BIGJ said...

I am more interested in Matt Ocker's opinion on this. However, it is no serect why he among others switched. I mean if Barack Obama wasn't President this wouldn't be an issue.

This should also be a warning to the Democratic Party. Don't let the leftists control the party.