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Friday, March 15, 2013

Let That be a Lesson to You..Senator Ted Cruz


It was like a breath of fresh air when I saw Senator Dianne Feinstein hand the junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, his head as he sit there with that frozen smirk on his face. The very idea of a brand new senator questioning the constitutionally of a matter before the judiciary committee is laughable. All proposed Constitutional Amendments have passed through the Judiciary Committee; even Senator Feinstein’s initial ban of semiautomatic weapons.  Her legislation lasted 10 years without objection from the Supreme Court. Ted Cruz’s lectures are better suited for Tea Party rallies than they are on serious matters before the committee. 

Senator Feinstein held back a little because she had enough ammunition (no pun intended) to really embarrass Ted Cruz.  Yesterday, the final report on Sandy Hook was released.  It was reported that Adam Lanza fired off 152 rounds in less than five minutes.  He had one round in the chamber of his AR15 and a 30 round magazine and then switched them out four times. The mass murderer used one round in his semi-automatic hand gun to kill himself. She could have said, “Senator Cruz, Adam Lanza researched mass murders before he decided to act out his fantasy. If the Bush administration and the GOP would not have let the assault weapon ban sunset, the killer’s mom would not have been able to purchase the AR15 or the 30 round ammo clips. Do you think Adam Lanza would have tried this massacre with 14 ten round magazines?” Then she could have concluded by saying, “never mind, I yield the rest of my time.” 

 A few weeks ago, Senator McCaskill scolded the young Senator Cruz for insinuating that Chuck Hagel had received money from North Korea.  Senator Cruz is being dubbed, Carnival Cruz, these days because of his McCarthyism tactics. Ted Cruz is like having Allen West, Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert all rolled into one person.  It’s a shame because Ted Cruz got his law degree from Harvard, so he’s not a dummy.  It’s shameful and how he’s using his antics for fund-raising and self-promotion.  I can’t place all the blame on him because GOP leadership is allowing him to get away with his behavior.  It’s highly unusual for a freshman senator to be on two prestigious committees. 


born2Bme said...

She should have also used this bit of information.

"Lanza shot those students. At some point he stopped shooting, either because the Bushmaster jammed or he made an error reloading it, giving six children the opportunity to escape. Soto had placed another group of five children in a closet, where they were found alive by authorities."

That would have been a great argument for smaller clips.

Edith Ann said...

Born, in some of the early hearings on this back in January or February, at least one head of a national police officers association testified that those few seconds available while the shooter changes clips can be life saving. It only makes sense!

Sadly, though, all those folks who fancy themselves sharpshooter clearly believe that they are faster than fast in changing a clip, and that there is absolutely no difference in 10 30 round clips and one 300 round magazine.

Ted Cruz is an embarassment to Texas and for the life of me, I do not know why he is the darling of these folks! As to his Havard education, someone always graduates at the bottom of the class and it could have easily been Ted.

born2Bme said...

Ted Cruz is another Sarah Palin. She started off as the darling of the GOP and her luster quickly faded after she started having to answer those darned hard questions.

Mike said...

Very true about average Joe who thinks he's Rambo because he has a concealed weapon. In those situations, adrenaline probably controls how one will react when confronted. That's the reason the old Shamrocks would not allow their attendants or owners to keep a gun on the premises.

I agree with born,Ted Cruz is trying to fill the vacancy of Tea Party leader that Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin held unofficially.

The answer to Ted Cruz's question about the infringement on the 2nd Amendment the assault weapon ban would cause was answered a long time ago when automatic weapons were banned. Is it a semi v automatic argument?

Edith Ann said...

Let's hope Cruz has the luck of the Palin! I could sit and watch his star fade. No problem.

Mike said...

I don't know if Ted Cruz can field dress a moose but he can match Palin with his bomb throwing....:-)

BIGJ said...

If any of y'all think Senator Feinstein won on this is dreaming. When she said " being on committee for 20 years", she lost. She been in the United Senate for far too long. She used Harvey Milk's death to make an attempt to ban hand guns back in her term as Mayor. Which by the way, lead a recall election drive by the White Panther Party. Since we are talking about that, Senator Feinstein did lie about the type of weapon that was used against Milk and the SF mayor.

Instead of using Facts to make common sense, I repeat Common Sense, solutions, she use tradgey to further her agenda.

It is amusing to see John Cornyn preforming a butt licking act on Teddy Cruz. The more Teddy talks the more Moderate forces in Texas will campaign against him.

Justin Williams

Mike said...

There’s no question that witnessing the aftermath of the assassination of Mayor Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk left a lasting affect on her. It would on me. Dianne Feinstein introduced the assault weapon ban; it passed the judicial committee and is now headed for a vote on the senate floor. It might pass the senate but it’s dead on arrival when it hits the house.

And you’re right; Senator Cruz was clearly the victor to the extreme right, right wing blogs, and those who oppose anything having to do with guns.

As for her being too long in the senate, that certainly is not held up by the facts. In 2012 Dianne Feinstein set a record in receiving 7.5 million votes; that’s more than any other senator who ran.

Common sense? According to the dictionary I looked at;That’s sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts… Congress’s approval is in the teens; the GOP cannot even agree on a “universal background check” which has the approval of 92% of Americans. This is about the stranglehold the NRA has on the GOP….IMO

I hope Texas gets someone to run against Cruz but that’s 5 years from now; he’ll do a lot of embarrassing things in-between that time.

Have a good weekend.

Mike said...

It didn't surprise me that Rand Paul won the CPAC Straw poll Is his dad used to. Young people eat that libertarian stuff up And then they grow up and find out that it's a fantasy

BIGJ said...

Sorry, but 20 years is way too long. Since you posted that blog about moderates and centrist. I would urge you to watch the film "Patroitcary"

born2Bme said...

20 years just says she knows what the hell she is doing and keeps getting elected. There's something to be said for that kind of experience.

born2Bme said...

Oh, and BIGJ, there is the same kinds of comments making the rounds on FB. Where did this "she's been there way too long" sentiment first pop up? FOX News?

Mike said...

I disagree it's always about effectiveness not tenure. She is still a very effective senator and I would trade her for our two senators in a heart beat...;-0 Her constituents in California must really like her because they cast 7 million votes cast for her. ..And that's what counts..right.

I'm all set to record the movie you recommended tomorrow ...Thanks...but I've several books on the subject such as:
1. The Righteous Mind
2. The Reactionary Mind
3. Who Stole the American Dream
4.What's the matter with Kansas
5. Broken Government
6. It's Even Worst than it Looks

And that not counting the countless hours of TV programming on the subject plus the newspapers,magazines and blogs...You can never have too much info.

Mike said...

BIgJ, I just finished watching the documentary,Patriocracy,. Thanks for the recommendation. The visual gave some meaning to the books I have read.

BIGJ said...

This is what I would do if I was President Obama.

Mike said...

the link didn't work out for me BigJ.
I tried Firefox and Explorer but my security settings may be set too high...Anyway I did pull up one where Democratic strategist was booed at CPAC.

I know you like the head -to- head but I'll leave you with quote "Mark Twain
“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

― Mark Twain