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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out with old …In with the new

I learned an important lesson from last year, so I'm not going to make any predictions for the upcoming year.  I am going to set some goals such as learning how to edit videos and preserving our old memories, so that our family can enjoy them. One of my children inspired me by telling me that the traditional family album is being replaced by digital albums where they can be downloaded or kept on smart phones.  Remember the proud dad who would pull out his wallet and show you multiple pictures of the new baby.  It,is still being done today, but today they'll just pull out their cell phone.

It was nice not have to wake up to a hangover. My wife and I went to La Tejanita last night where we had a wonderful meal, along with a couple of margaritas for my wife and two Modelos for me.  I watched a couple of old westerns that I had recorded and my wife went upstairs to watch her shows. At 12:00 we wished each other  Happy New Year, as we have for the last 45 years and said  we're glad that we're not like our two cats who slept through the whole thing.

I'm going to miss not watching the Houston Astros unless a deal is made with Dish and Comcast.  I know the Astros are going to have another 100 loss season but there're still my team.  I'm starting to get used not watching my favorite team on Sunday because I had to miss a couple of Dallas Cowboy games because it seems like our area will show Houston Texan games when they are playing on the same network.  I'm also losing out on watching an exciting young Houston Rocket team because our area is now in the San Antonio market.  They do have the sport packages but there are restrictions about watching teams in your home area; so what good is that? Maybe I’ll become a fan of the Generals.

Well, I still have four books to read so I make room for more on my iPad and it looks like I’ll have the time for it since my Cowboys have been eliminated from the playoffs again, so the only thing I'm looking forward to, is finally getting to watch Johnny Heisman of Texas A&M play Friday.  I'm not an Aggie fan, but I want to see if he's the real deal.  I imagine he is because beating Alabama was not a fluke.  It kind of reminds me when I used to watch Navy and SMU play, so I could see the quarterback play of Roger Staubach and Don Meredith.

Have a Happy New Year.


Legion said...

A happy New Year to you and yours Mike.

Last night I really missed the New Years celebration on KENS 5 out of San Antonio, thanks Suddenlink. The fireworks from the top of the Hemisphere Tower are better than the NYC Times Square celebration IMO.

None of our families old photos had been scanned until Mom passed away, there are still tons of them that haven't. The really bad thing about the pictures is that a lot of them are not labeled. Once my brothers and I are gone I doubt our kids will know who is in them, some we don't even know.

I guess we can watch the Astros when they play the Sox on WGN or inter-league play when they play the Braves.

Johnny Manziel is the real deal. If he doesn't get bigger, and he plays in the NFL, I see him as a more athletic Fran Tarkington or Doug Flutie.
Johnny Manziel was the QB for Kerrville-Tivy that beat Victoria East in the playoffs in VE first season.

Mike said...

Thanks Legion,the same new years wishes to you and yours.

That's right the Astros will be playing the the Central DIv. they left ,so we will get to see them play the Cubs and White Sox...Maybe ESPN 2 and the Fox Saturday game...

Thanks for filling me in,I didn't know Manziel played against East.....I'm really looking forward to the game,I hate Oklahoma,so it won't be hard rooting for the Aggies for the first time...:-)