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Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Inaugural /MLK Day

President Obama will begin his second term running because there’s so much to do, and he has less than two years to complete his agenda. Once we get to the mid- terms, politicians are worried about getting reelected, and they aren’t aren’t as willing to step out on a plank for a lame-duck president.

Joe Scarborough, host of “ Morning Joe” is a daily critic of the president, but it’s his opinion and his show but he often lets his mouth get ahead of the facts. The president took his oath yesterday at a private ceremony. Joe Scarborough said he was upset that he heard the president tell his daughter “I did it” at the end of the ceremony. He said the president should have said, “we did it” but as usual, it was taken out of context. The president reminded Sasha that he successfully memorized his lines and didn’t  screw it up. Joe was corrected on air and then said he was glad it turned out that way.

I was relieved that I wasn’t the only one who thought  Senator Ted Cruz went way over the top on Meet the Press yesterday. The panel on this mornings "Morning Joe” condemned the Tea Party senator who was obviously playing to his base constituents. When the host, David Gregory, asked the freshman senator if he though the NRA went over the line by involving the president’s children in their ad, Mr. Cruz said that minutes after the shootings at Sandy Hook, the president started exploiting the incident to push a gun-control  agenda that's designed to appeal to partisans. Really? I saw a deeply concerned president who knew that this was the fourth mass shooting since he has been president. What was he supposed to tell the parents and loved ones of those who died that day;it’s an unpreventable tragedy?

Much of the talk yesterday was about President Obama’s demeanor and whether he would he reach out to Republicans. George Stephanopoulos asked a presidential spokesman why didn’t he at least reach out to Marco Rubio, who’s working on an immigration plan. Two things George, the president has reached out and was rejected time after time and besides it’s a two-way street. Second, Marco Rubio can’t even get a consensus within his own party because as George Will said, “ you can’t get X without Y,so piece meal is not going to get it.” The Democrats are on board with a way in dealing with the 11 million undocumented immigrants. Senator Rubio cannot get a majority of his party to support a pathway to citizenship, which is the X of the equation.

The house Republicans decided to punt on the debt ceiling for three months; instead deciding to force the Senate to come up with a budget or lose their pay. John Boehner has to convince the Tea Caucus, so it’s not a done deal. The House of Representatives  can pass anything they want because it only takes a simple majority;even if the voters reject it. I have to admit that’s it’s a pretty good plan because it will force the Senate to name the programs,that they are willing to cut.I wouldn’t bet against Harry Reid because he will probably insist on tax reform which cut some subsidies GOP donors enjoy.

I’ve been told that the chatter on Facebook in Victoria is not too favorable towards the president today because it means four more years of misery for them. That makes me glad I don’t have a Facebook account, or I would be taking my iPad to bed with me and getting in one last argument.…Smile


Edith Ann said...

I have several friends on Facebook who are making a point of pointing out that they are not watching the presidential inauguration.

I didn't care one whit for Bush, but I watched him take the oath of office! This is, as they said earlier today on MSNBC, what the constitutional process is all about. We don't have coups, we don't have mobs overrunning the government. We are civilized and have a civilized process for the handing over of one leader to the next.

The ways that the others can think up to display their displeasure just slay me!

Mike said...

I've seen as many inaugurations as possible (work & all)and I don't remember if they were republicans or Democrat but it seems like everyone saw JFKs.Well we all know about the "Ask not what your country can do for you" and those words have been repeated several times in many settings.

I love history,so I recorded Obama's first historical inauguration and today's which also made history.

Mike said...

Today,I finally got to hear the right wing radio host,Michael Berry...BigJ used to always mention him but I had no idea how unhinged Berry was...He was foaming at the mouth talking about Presiden Obama's socialist speech today because he talked about collectivism....He mocked the president for calling for unity because he and his ilk think we weren't divided until Obama came

Mike said...

There is still one great statesman -former president George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were watching and sent their best wishes to the president ,Michelle and the girls.