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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Know Thyself

As I was reading a couple of partisan political letters in the Victoria Advocate this morning, I asked myself" why did the writers wait until the last paragraph until they mentioned they were Romney supporters?" The owner of ACU-TUNE auto service, Steve Fiedler, titled his guest column" President Obama has a record of lies, hypocrisy."

Mr. Fiedler, being the partisan Republican he is, cherry picked a chronological chain of campaign statements to call the president a liar and a hypocrite. The writer started with Obama's promise to bring transparency to the White House. The president fulfilled that promise because the previous administrations had never put any pending legislation online for the public to see.

Transparency does not mean that you cannot have closed-door meeting to map out strategy. The writer fails to mention that for the first time, the White House released the visitors log for the public to see.

President Obama did say that he would bring civility and bipartisanship to Washington, but he was just a naive former senator who did not have the foresight to know that as he was dancing with Michelle at the inaugural ball; key leaders of the opposition party were plotting to derail all the president's future plans. The GOP came to be known as the party of NO.

President Obama made 508 campaign promises, of that according to Politifact 38 percent were kept. 16 percent compromised and 17 percent broken.

Mr. Fiedler goes onto say that President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. The writer left out that the administration had to stop the job loss bleeding, make sure the most vulnerable among us didn't have to suffer more than necessary, and they took steps to ensure that teachers, firemen and policemen would not be laid off in great numbers due to state budget cuts. Can the writer tell us, what the unemployment figure and GDP would have been without those measures? Health Care costs were rising out of control; doing nothing was not an option.

Mr. Fiedler’s claim that President Obama has been the most divisive we've ever had is laughable. Obama maintains a 50% approval. President Bush left office with a 32% approval and Dick Cheney had a 15% approval. How quickly they forget. The former president and vice president are nowhere to be seen in the 2012 presidential campaign. The president apologized during the 2008 campaign season for his remarks concerning people clinging to their guns and their God. The man Mr. Fiedler is going to vote for said 47%of Americans were dependant on government and voting for the president. No such apology came from Mr. Romney, as usual; he denied the context of the speech.

The right wing is understandably upset because they could not hang a scandal on the president. Oh they tried, but those darn committees could not come up with anything, so they're trying to make the most of the Benghazi incident. In fact, I heard that Fox News gave more coverage to the Benghazi incident last week than to Hurricane Sandy.

They must not be well coordinated because their presidential candidate is not mentioning Bemghazi on the campaign trail. In fact, in debate number III, Mitt Romney agreed with all of the president's foreign policy actions. I seriously doubt that many people will go into the voting booths thinking that President Obama doesn't know the meaning of the word “terrorism."

Mitt Romney has a four-year record as governor of Massachusetts, and he's currently behind in that state by nearly 30 points. We have heard the many stances Mitt Romney has been taking during the 20 plus debates in the GOP primary and the three with the president, so it won't take time to tell on how he will govern. President Obama did not have two major car company CEOs write memos to their employees, telling them that their jobs were not going overseas, as Mitt Romney is saying.

The other letter written by Nanette Foster of Victoria, who is worried about our president honoring a foreign leader's culture and customs and thinks that the president is refusing to meet with prime minister Netanyahu. The president has had many talks with the prime minister and the last I heard (Netanyahu at the UN) they were in agreement on the sanctions imposed on Iran.

Again, when the president took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, since that time, the private sector has created a little over five million jobs. As for the president being selective on who he bails out, if it's the auto industry, you are talking about, Nanette, he was only following the actions of President George W. Bush.

The administration and Congress have given small businesses 18 tax cuts, what else do they have to do to be user friendly as you state?

I can't rebut all of Nanette's assertions because the rest are just talking points that don't make any sense. The president hasn't done anything to remove God from anything nor has he done anything to remove your precious guns. Our defense is superior to any but it's bloated with waste.

I hope Steve Fiedler and Nanette Foster remain in the Republican Party.It seems like a perfect fit.

I've never found a reason to apologize for voting for a straight party ticket, in fact, I've read where 85% of voters already do that. Some people can't come to grips with the reality that sometimes; there just aren't candidates in one party that appeal to people. We fool ourselves every four years into believing that we weigh all the facts and pick the right person. We might do that in the primaries or at the local level but not at the state or national level.

I love early voting and I always take advantage of it but for those who haven't voted; please do.

Three more days before I take a break from blogging and I just might quit altogether.I think blogging (except for the professionals)has lost out to Facebook and Twitter.


born2Bme said...

Doesn't it just astound you that people that are on the FOX News teat are so danged misinformed?
I wonder what they do to brainwash people into thinking they are the only fair and balanced news?
I've talked to people that spout the same stuff and they will not even go try to find out the real stories. I just shake my head and move on, knowing that it is no use.

Edith Ann said...

A comment--

I did a quick search of the Advocate archives and did not find a letter to the editor from Nanette Foster expressing her disgust at George Bush's hand holding and kissing the Saudi Prince. Wonder what changed her mind?

A couple of random thoughts--

Isn't expecting Mitt Romney to lead us back to our Christian roots kind of like expecting Joe Lieberman to do the same?

Why do we see folks emailing and posting tons of stuff praising our military folks and bemoaning a lack of benefits and serives for them, yet these same folks support union busting where civil servants like firefighters and law enforcement are concerned?

Edith Ann said...

You are right, born. When I have challenged something I know they heard on FOX and suggested that they turn off the FOX, they react like I have called their mother an ugly name!

Mike, do not stop blogging! I lovehow you called the letter writers out!

Mike said... ,Carl Bankston is saying President Obama is not John Kennedy and wrote about the Cuban missle crisis and then said"The election is near. We should all ask ourselves if THIS is the president we want for the next four years."

Did he not watch the last debate where Mitt Romney prsised the president and pretty much agreed with the steps he is taking with Iran.

Besides,I think Colin Powell's endorsement weighs more than carl Bankston who will vote for guy who knows nothing about foreign policy but he's a Republican.

Don't be so greedy Mr. Bankston,Romney will win Texas but it's the 6 remaining battle ground states you have to worry about.

Mike said...

I know what you mean born, but I guess I’m lucky because I still discuss politics with some smart moderate Republicans. They watch Fox News but they don’t let it cloud their judgment. They have a lot more pride than to allow that to happen. They admit they don’t like the president or his policies and they never will. …Honesty is always the best policy if you are going to have a civil discussion.

We still discussed Social Security and education reform, foreign policy and economic theories knowing that there are always two sides to a topic.

Mike said...


You're right,remember the GOP voted against extended health benefits for the 9/11 first reponders.

The LTE writers are just a product of what they hear and see...

Mike said...

How tacky,Scott Hansen said President Obama allowed 4 Americans to die and knowingly shipped arms to Al Qaeda..both lies but does that open the door to lay the death of 4000 troops on President Bush for his command to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or had WMD?...Hate makes people say stupid things.

Mike said...

The subject about the Obama signs strayed from that because people are not interested in respect for personal property;just snarky comments.

I didn't put out my old Obama/Biden signs because I didn't want to take the risk of losing my memento.

Legion said...

Stealing/burning signs, that's just wrong. At least they didn't burn them in the persons yard.

On another note, today I received the American Community Survey from the US Dept. of Commerce. 26 pages of questions, but I can skip some of them,(no person 2,3,4,5,or more and I don't rent).

It says 18 minutes to complete, we will see.

Failure to complete and return the survey is punishable by a fine under Title 13 US Code... but it is addressed to "Resident".

No big deal, I'll do it.

Mike said...

28 pages,yikes! Not something I would want to do on a Saturday afternoon.,as it is the Longhorns are keeping me on edge....It's a good thing we didn't go to Corpus Christi today.....Tornado warning around Goliad.

Edith Ann said...

Here is an example of the idiotic crap these folks are posting on the VA. Talk about needing a few facts and some truth!

Linda Campbell Eiswirth said,

"He said he could do it in 4 years and he hasn't done anything. He has done more to bring hate back into our country. He has too many socialist and communist as his associates. Look who is backing him. The communist leaders love him as they know he will lead us to be more like them. Explain to me why it is right to force a law on a church to go against what it believes and yet exempt Muslims from paying taxes because it is against their religion. Explain how the government will put into play a panel that can decide on whether you will live or die. What is happening to our freedom of speech, religion etc. Tell me why the government (our tax money) should have to pay for someone's birth control? I had to pay for my own. Of course, I would rather pay for that than abortions. Explain why Obama keeps saying that planned parent hood pays for mammograms when it is not so. Explain how anyone can vote 4 times for letting a live birth baby to be put aside to die because it survived an abortion. I could not do that to a puppy, could you? Explain how the President can watch 4 or our hero's die in front of him as he denied back up for them. As far as the burned signs, that has happened on both sides. Two wrongs do not make a right but it just proves how hateful things have become. Just about everyone by now, I am sure have made up their mind who they will vote for. Do not think, Obama, your savior is beyond deception. There is just too much proof that he is not. I have never felt so strong about an election. I know that both sides feel as strong as I do and know that many on both sides are good loving people. I will pray for America, no matter what the outcome is."

I'll translate for your readers:

Obama has done nothing that pleases her.

Yes,it pisses off republicans that he is black.

Yes, he single-handedly will turn this country communist because everyone else in Washington is just sitting there doing nothing! He has complete control of our government. Those other fools should just go home.

Death panels? Didn't those go out with Sarah Palin?

Freedon of speech and freedom of religion are still intact despite what Mary Ann and Linda say. Churches remain open and the Westboro Baptist Church is still making an ass of itself.

Did the President really say that Planned Parenthood pays for mammograms? They offer FREE mammograms. But I don't think they ever gave someone money to get one somewhere else.

I don't know who was voting for a baby to die, so I can't help with that.

Was President Obama standing on the front porch of the Embassy in Benghazi when they were under siege? I didn't think so. Not to mention there were 6 Embassy or Consulate attcks under Bush and folks didn't bitch about those like they are about this one! Where was her outrage then?

This woman clearly has no clue,and sadly she represents so many others like her. Like Scott Hanson...Gary Strickland...Tim Foerster...well, we all know folks like these!

Mike said...

Linda Campbell Eiswirth has a screw loose and I do agree with your translation.

Leading economist and the Big Dog himself, Bill Clinton, are on the record saying that no president could have brought back this economy back to where it was before the 2008 financial crisis....If she could read the financials instead of the Drudge Report & Fox, she would already know that...The jobs numbers are improving and if the GOP controlled house would pass the president's jobs bills, it could be better.

Exempt Muslims from paying taxes? Show me the code where that came from.

The right wing keeps saying the president brought back hate into our country, as if it ever left..The main cause of hate is ignorance...The hate started early when the president of the United States was not allowed to speak to a lot of our school children, then he was asked to produce his birth certificate and many prominent GOP leaders and their subordinates were caught sending racist emails...Rick Santorum called the president a snob, “Newt Gingrich said he was is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his action she hate comes from the posters you mentioned, not the president of the United States...And that is just a sample.

They are going to drive themselves insane trying to pin the deaths of the 4 Americans on President Obama...As always when the investigation is completed, they don't have the integrity to apologize and they will go look under rocks for more trash to spew.

Scott Hansen (formerly sailor & other names) was chastised by several posters (including some Republicans) shortly after President Obama won in 2008 for saying at least the smart white people in Victoria and Dallas voted heavily for John McCain and then he has the nerve to get sensitive when someone pulls out the race card…At least Strickland doesn’t try to pretend he’s not a racist.

The article was about some signs being burned but instead of just saying it was wrong, the closest they ever come to saying it was wrong is by saying that both sides do it…I have not heard of a Romney sign burned, a sign erected to pray for the president, knowing full well what it meant and a road was not defaced with an anti-Romney messageas it was for President Obama.

born2Bme said...

Just makes you want to shake them and tell them to go do a factcheck like I do when I hear soemthing that sounds a little fishy.
They just take it off of a tv set and say it's 100% true. Talk about evil leading the blind.

Edith Ann said...

FOX wouldn't lie, would they?

Channel surfing this afternoon-paused on FOX and they were discussing Benghazi. Not Sandy. Benghazi. How long ago was that...

Mike said...

You know it would be great if Fox had someone like NBC's Richard Engle to make some sense out of the conflicting stories but the whole network is just fishing for something to hurt the president thinking it will help Romney win the election.

born2Bme said...

Where has Ryan been? I really haven't seen much of him.
Much different that when Palin was in our faces every day.

Mike said...

Ryan was on the trail saying that the Obama auto bailout was a mistake but he didn't let the crowd know he voted for the same bailout under Bush....We found out today that Chris Christi was Romney's first choice for VP....Got to keep Ryan under wraps because he might be asked some abortion questions and then people will find out that he cosponsered a "ledigment rape" legislation with Todd Akin.

Mike said...

You know when we were in the 2008 financial crisis,the GOP chose John McCain/Sarah Palin instead of the businessman Mitt Romey....Romney doesn't believe in climate change,so if he's elected we will never have that discussion.

Edith Ann said...

If y'all can bear me one more 'hypocrite' comment...

David Strickland posted the following LTTE. Strickland, if you will recall is the hate-filled, hate-spewing redneck racist from Inez. And this is his LTTE:

"Editor, the Advocate:

Lately, it has become, to some people, cool to not believe in God and life everlasting in Heaven. I think people who do not believe are wrong. But let's look at this realistically. If I am wrong and nonbelievers are right, then when we die, in the dirt we go and to dust we return and we are no more. But, if I am right, those who believe and trust in the Lord will have eternal and wonderful life in the most wonderful place ever known and those who do not believe will got to hell and will suffer terrible pain for eternity. So, what I suggest to nonbelievers is; do a lot more study, attend the church of their choice and do some very deep soul searching about this subject.

Because, the final decision is ours alone to make. Remember, the decision you make is forever. The choice is yours, so make it the right one. As Davy Crockett said, "Be sure you are right and then go ahead."

David Strickland, Inez"

I just hope he doesn't implode on Tuesday when our President is reelected.

Mike said...


Strickland is certainly not one I look to for spiritual guidance.