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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It’s time to finish what you started Mr. President

At 10:15 P.M., President Obama won Ohio's 18 electoral votes to become the 44th president of United States. Nationally,  it was a great night for Democrats because they held on the Senate and might have picked up a seat. The GOP controlled House of Representatives will still control the purse strings because they were able to keep their seats. It's almost a status quo, but we'll see if a second term for President Obama will cause a change because he certainly doesn't have a mandate, but he was not weakened.

I want to congratulate Mitt Romney for running a great race down to wire and then giving a very gracious concession speech. It was very heartwarming not to hear the boos when Mitt Romney said that he had called President Obama to congratulate him and wish him well.

It was equally heartwarming to hear Obama's crowd of applause when the president praised the mother and father of Mitt Romney for their service. The crowd did not cheer when the president said he will set up a meeting to talk to Mitt Romney to get his thoughts on how we should precede economically.

I hate to say it but MSNBC did a poor job of election coverage because there were too cautious in projecting a winner but I'm sure that was done by the parent company NBC. I got the news about New Jersey and Virginia on my Twitter feed 30 minutes before MSNBC called it, and it went that way for many Senate seats throughout the night. John King of CNN seemed to be more interested in showing how many conservative counties we had across the nation than showing that urban counties always win over the more rural ones. They failed to point out  to their viewers that the demographics are rapidly changing as NBC's Chuck Todd did. I switched over to Fox News, but I was unable to stomach the sour grapes. Karl Rove was arguing in favor of not calling the election for President Obama until they counted all the votes in Ohio, even though the ones to count were in Democratic counties. After realizing that President Obama was going to win, they concentrated on the popular vote which at that time had Romney ahead. Their rose-colored glasses overlooked the fact that California, Oregon, and Washington had not tallied up most of their votes. Fox's News was still trying to make the argument that most of the country did not agree with President Obama.

CNN's Ari Fleischer said that once again that the GOP trotted out a moderate and lost another presidential election. I disagree because Mitt Romney didn't start seeing any movement until he became more centrist and reduced his ultra-conservative running mate, Ryan Paul’s stump speeches in the battleground states. I can't totally disagree with Mr. Fleischer's assessment but would Mitt have won if he hadn't made the 47% comment or suggested that we could let GM and Chrysler go bankrupt? Exit polls showed that 58% of those who voted still blamed President George W. Bush for our weak economy. I'm sure the blame game will be tossed around for several months. The current Republican Party seems to be Harry Reid's best friend because they have lost five winnable senates by running unelectable Tea Party candidates for Senate in the last two years.

Democrats ,it's not the time to gloat because the economic stakes are too high and we need to take heed of the message of compromise. Time after time, the best applause line was when a candidate talked of bipartisanship. It might be time to shake up the house leadership because that's where the Democrats need shoring up. Democrats have to remember that the GOP still has 30 governors and a majority in more state legislators and controls the House of Representatives at the federal level. The Democrats only gave up two of the states that they had in 2008, but Indiana and North Carolina had previously been Republican. Now, the goal is to make Texas a purple state again.

As a president said last night, we need to do something about people waiting for hours and standing in long lines to vote. We can never have a perfect election system, but I didn't hear of any voting irregularities last night. I don't know about any one else, but it feels good to know that you still can't buy an election when the voters don't allow it. We also learned that we can stop talking about 1980, 1992, and the year 2000 because the demographics have changed. We also learned that social issues do not rule the day in a presidential election, and it doesn't pay to irritate 53% of the electorate, which are women. It's now a fact that you can't win a national action with only 29% of Latino vote. And finally, you can't under estimate the influence of Bill Clinton and perhaps Bruce Springsteen. The unions had major part in winning Ohio and Wisconsin.

The election is over and my hobby as a blogger is coming to end. I'm going to stop watching so many political shows because that's all I've been doing since 2007. I will buy the book that's sure to come, describing how the greatest political team in the history of politics won the 2012 presidential election. David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Jim Messina, took a two-year senator and beat the Clinton machine and then went onto make Barack Obama a two-term president by going against all conventional standards. The team saw the millions of unregistered votes, cataloged them, and came up with a ground effort that beat the opposition's PAC money.

My long crusade for decent and affordable health care for all will not come to end and it's time for Democrats and Republicans to come together to strengthen Obamacare; not repeal it. President Obama proved it's not a losing issue.

My cell phone and e-mails must not be working because I haven't heard from my conservative friends, especially the one that owes me a steak dinner


Mike said...

Let's pitch in and buy Governor Perry a civics book because he calling for Congress to repeal Obamacare after the GOP lost the senate the executive branch and a Supreme Court ruling:

"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Gov. Rick Perry is calling for the repeal of the White House-backed federal health care reform law and urging Washington to stop trampling states' rights."

Read more:

Rick Perry is Texas's poor man version of Donald Trump.

born2Bme said...

I'm going to miss your political blogs, even though I haven't been here very long.
I did notice that the VA is so very quiet today, as are people on FB who supported Romney. I have no doubt if the results had been different, people would be shouting from the rooftops, going down streets honking, and basically making asses out of themselves.
I don't have any rose-colored glasses on that the next 4 years will be much different than the last 4, but at least the changes won't be so drastic. I'm hopeful "something" will get done since the GPO's focus won't be on getting President Obama out of office. I just hope they heard the people last night, but something tells me they haven't.
You and I both know that if Romney had gotten elected, they would have overshot again and been tossed out next time anyway. It's just what they do.

Legion said...

About the straight party voter thing. In my part of Tanglewood, I am in Precinct 31. (I tried to post this on EA's blog but the word verification thing wouldn't ok it, so I mailed it to her).

There are exceptions to straight party voters, like in my precinct, 31.

Yeah Romney won it, but D Sadler and R Cruz tied, D Harrison beat R Farenthold, R Craddick won by 1 vote,Supreme Court Justice #6 the D won same for the board of education race.

R Morrison won by 6 votes, The D candidate won all but one of the court of appeals race along with the 24th district judge, tax assessor and county commissioner race.

So Precinct 31 elected 3 R's, 8 D's and 2 R & D's tied.

I guess I live in a non straight party voter Precinct.

Mike said...

Thank you very much....I think the last 6 years you and I liked to discuss the issues with people who had a different opinion....That was the goal but often times it just turned into name -calling.

I am very surprised it's quite as a church mouse at the VA because if Romney had won most of them would be screaming of validation.

It's a case of most of them only mingling with people who think like them,watch the same media outlet and read the same stuff,so there can't be a different opinion.

They can't ignore the problems like they did previously because we are running out of time.i.e. The Bush tax cuts will expire in two months,the debt ceiling is coming up etc.

Mike said...

I believe the straight party came in the 77904 areas....Like EA,I can't believe Rena's race was so competitive...Remember we kept sending Val Huvar back year after year and I can't remeber what party he belonged to.

Edith Ann said...

Val Huvar is a republican. Robert Cortez, the Dem, beat him.

Mike said...

Thanks EA but that's the point I was trying to make...I believe Huver ran unopposed for several elections and we accepted that..It reinforced my thinking that party affiliation at the local level shouldn't matter but it will if a straight party selection takes place....A Dem or Rep. should be able to get the pot holes patched and ditches maintained.