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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Everything off My Chest

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Like the old western cowboy, I was just going to ride into the sunset and forget that I ever took part in the on line political discussions. When I read Mark T. Wayne's letter to the editor and heard what Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh others from the right said, I then thought that I should get everything off my chest before departing. It's good for my blood pressure and excellent for the soul.

It looks like Fox News is going to blame Hurricane Sandy, the mainstream media and people that wanted free stuff from the government who came out in droves to vote. It doesn't matter if Fox News came in15th place out of 26 of polls who tracked the 2012 election. The poll's Fox News usually quote, Rasmussen & Gallup came in tied for dead last. How can that network call Karl Rowe and Dick Morris political experts if they are consistently wrong? I liked it when Megan Kelly asked Karl Rowe if his math was something he "does as a Republican to make himself feel better, or is this real?"..Classic, I guess Fox News wants to maintain a small part of credibility.

Let's discuss the elephant in the room; racial animosity and stereotyping. If you were to play a word association game with a republican, and throw out a word like minority, they would say “handouts." Then you could mention women, and they would say, “free birth control pills." Idiots like Bill O'Reilly and some higher-ups in the Republican Party think all they have to do is put Marco Rubio on the ticket, and the Hispanic vote is in the bag. It's thinking like that will lose them the 29 electoral votes in Florida when the counting is done. They'll ever admit it's the harsh rhetoric, or the fact they can't tell the difference between a Puerto Rican, Mexican-American and Cuban American. It's that kind of thinking that will forever make Florida a purple state. It’s about policies. They failed to see that it doesn't matter if Florida has a Republican governor and a Republican controlled government, the voters will stand in line for 8 hours to overcome their voter suppression laws and they have good memories.

Nationally, there were constant stories of GOP controlled states trying to pass “personhood laws” and other government intrusion laws in an effort to weaken Roe v, Wade. Women got to see where the GOP stood on “equal pay for equal pay” and they made their feelings known Tuesday night.

The 2008 election was supposedly a wake-up call for the GOP, but they thought if they could obstruct, it would slow down the democratic avalanche. The Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote, leaving the gate open for the GOP landslide in 2010. The Tea Party gave the GOP the infusion they needed making the party think that they had a mandate to cut spending and taxes during a recession. They made a mistake of not compromising to raise the debt ceiling, so in turn our credit rating dropped and Congress was left in a stalemate. Meanwhile, the Tea Party kept replacing moderate Republicans with unelectable candidates which prevented them from taking over the Senate. I believe that I wrote a blog about the Democrats losing the Senate 'cause it was almost impossible to retain 23 seats while the opposition only had to defend 10. The impossible happened plus two because the Democrats didn't lose a single incumbent seat. The Democrats did pretty well in picking up the house seats they did because they were in gerrymandered districts. Those gerrymandered districts will be redone in the year 2020.

As it often happens, the election of President Obama might save the GOP from going the way of the Whig Party. It might be a good possibility that President Obama might change the makeup of the Supreme Court, which will make the social issues less important at the federal level. The president and the party will make sure that we don't have an unfettered form of capitalism where Wall Street and big oil can run amok. It will be a time to concentrate on upward mobility instead of the other way around. The Republican Party can join the Democrats and bring our troops home from Afghanistan. It is now time to incorporate some good Republican ideas into improving Obamacare. The parties will still have their spirited debates, as well they should but at the end of day, compromise should win out.

If the GOP wants to think it's about the “makers and takers," then they will continue to lose that argument.It’s about all of us being in this together. It will be more of the same if they continue to spout “holier than thou" or  try to defund Planned Parenthood for pure political reasons.

Conservatism is certainly not dead but talk radio, Fox News and the fringe element in the party are misinterpreting the meaning of that ideology. There was a time where “climate change" and "compromise" was part of the conservative movement. It was the Republican Party which gave us the EPA and the Earned Income Tax Credit to get people off welfare and into the working middle class. Yes, you read that right in 1975 the Tax Reduction Act was a Republican program that was devised by conservative stalwart Milton Friedman to eliminate welfare and pay the poor.

No, Mark T. Wayne it's not President Obama, who is causing the division amongst us. It’s people like you who won't accept his legitimacy. You can't accept that there just might be a different and better way to do things in some cases. People like you keep score, but it all goes in the negative column and never offsets with something positive. You don't have to like the president or his policies but don't think for one minute that the division is because of one man who was elected by the majority of voters in the Electoral College and the popular vote. I have never accepted that logic and I never will.


Edith Ann said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Don't be talking about going away because there is work yet to be done.

Marco Rubio will not wrap up the Latino vote any more that Michael Steele was able to secure the Black vote.

In the middle of the night--awake not by choice--I listened to Ed thinking I'd drift back to sleep. I got hear again Ed do the roll call of the republican 'experts' who were predicting this huge landslide for Romney! Karl Rove made such an ass of himself.

It has calmed down somewhat on Facebook. We can get back to posting fluff now.

Mike said...

I had to do some chores this afternoon, so I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and I could barely contain my laughter.

Rush had a listener who happened to be a black woman. Rush hit the roof when the lady said that the GOP is considered to be an old white man's party. First he said" what's wrong with old white men" and then he said it was a conspiracy portrayed by the mainstream media and the democrats.

Sean Hannity said House Majority leader John Boehner should take the Ryan budget( without revenues) drop it off at the White House and get the president to sign it because you can't trust that radical leftist. ... I can't believe anyone takes these guys seriously.

Rep. Alan West refuses to concede he is going to sue, Romney just conceded Florida but they are still counting, I guess that's why he is conceding...He wants them to stop counting...:-)

That’s the way to handle Florida, make that state irrelevant.

Michelle Bachmann barely held on to her seat (500 votes) and her main goal of making President Obama a one –term president failed.

5 new female senators and four are democrats making a grand total of 20 women in the senate, an all time record.

born2Bme said...

Democrats did great in this election, but from what I hear from Republicans, the message sent was no new taxes. Man they live in a bubble of their own making.
It is a party of old white men, upper class, and people readily lead on FOX News leashes.
It's not going to get any better for them, so they had better learn what it takes to work with the majority of the American People.

Mike said...

Let's see:
1. The polls were wrong or skewed
2. the payroll data was manipulated
3. Benghazi was a coverup
4. One Black Panther member was intimidating voters
5. The media was against Romney
6..Romney would win in a landslide

All this was reported by Fox but their viewers will overlook that because they like their ears tickled.

The think they are the majority of American people.

Mike said...

Asked whether he will make another attempt to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, Boehner said "the election changes that" and "Obamacare is the law of the land."

born2Bme said...

At least Boehner is being realistic. I have to give him that.

born2Bme said...

At least Boehner is being realistic. I have to give him that.

I got in a little online tiff with one of those "old white men" on FB and simply told him that he had been had by Fox News and Rush.
He didnt' appreciate that too much. Oh well!

Mike said...

The truth hurts sometimes....:-)

born2Bme said...

Well darn, that old white man on FB unfriended me. Wonder why? LOL

No great loss, I can tell you that.

Mike said...

Boehner caught a case of Romnesia

". But in a clarifying statement to The Huffington Post shortly after the first excerpts of the interview aired, Boehner's office made it clear that he still favored changing the legislation, if not eliminating it entirely."

Ever notice that you can't depend on what the Republican says on camera because their staff will tell a different story.

There is a lot of unfriending going

born2Bme said...

Republicans never stop trying to spin.

Mike said...

Senator Patty Murray (D) WA. did the job nobody wanted, the person in charge of getting Democratic senators elected. Defending 23 seats was a monumental task but she did it and added two to boot...Now, she has a plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of the year, so the GOP can say that the Dems raised taxes because we would go back to the rates under Clinton..The senate would then meet in early January and try to negotiate a new plan that does not favor the 1% and make it retroactive to Jan. 1,2013...Now the IRS is saying that they cannot get the new forms and laws in place in time to meet the 2012 tax season..It would delay the refunds needed to stimulate our slow recovering economy.

Conservatives David Frum and Joe Scarborough said the GOP needs to realize that Fox News and talk radio is pulling a scam on them. They are dummying down their electorate with the birtherism, socialist and all the other names that take them away from the real issues.... They ruined Mitt Romney by making him take extreme positions he never believed in.... The left has their partisan media but it doesn't control the party operatives and politicians.

Mike said...

A new report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reminds legislators that tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect automatically in January threaten job growth significantly in the coming year. But for the first time, CBO has analyzed (PDF) the economic consequences of specific provisions within the sequester. And it turns out the least harmful component of the coming fiscal consolidation is precisely what Democrats are demanding: the expiration of the Bush tax cuts for high earners.

I guess Sean Hannity is tired of losing because according to Yahoo News, he is evolving on the immigration issue.... He is now open to something like the president did for the Dreamers but he insists on controlling the border first but by all accounts that's already been done.

A lot of conservatives are saying those who voted for President Obama should get exactly what they deserve..I agree because according to Bloomberg:

"No matter who wins the election tomorrow, the economy is on course to enjoy faster growth in the next four years as the headwinds that have held it back turn into tailwinds. Consumers are spending more and saving less after reducing household debt to the lowest since 2003. Home prices are rebounding after falling more than 30 percent from their 2006 highs. And banks are increasing lending after boosting equity capital by more than $300 billion since 2009.

Mike said...

The president just put out his parameters to solve the fiscal cliff but it wasn't anything that he hasn't said before, unless saying that he wasn't married to upper brackets rate whether it be 35% or 39%... The brackets don't even have to change for those people.... just the allowable deductions.... I don't think the Social Security and will be in the mix because it doesn't do anything to the deficit..The GOP wants to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare and in Social Security. The administration might flirt around the edges of entitlement cuts but it all depends on how much revenue is on the table. The president wants enough revenues to bring down the deficit but still and have enough to repair the infrastructure and invest in education and energy independence.

He said that both parties agreed that no one under $250,000 should have their taxes raised, so he could sign that piece of legislation for 98% of individuals and 97% of small business, and pulled a pen from his jacket pocket indicating that he would sign it right now....The president was right because exit showed that 13% wanted to just let the Bush tax cuts expire, another 47% wanted to tax those about $250,000 and 35% did not want to raise taxes on anyone.

There's talk that General Patraeus might resign his position at as head of the CIA and many new cabinet positions will need to be filled. Hillary Clinton is sure to leave the state department but the favorite to replace her, John Kerry, might not get the position because Scott Brown, the republican senator from the Massachusetts would probably replace him.

born2Bme said...

I just saw where he did resign.
Republicans can't figure out that if they raise the ages for Medicare and SS, there will be fewer jobs for people getting out of school, so that will just create another problem

Mike said...

That's true but there's a lot of numbers that need to be crunched.

The GOP Is looking at federal outlays and not necessarily employment. But in the long run The younger employee will bring in more revenues,as you say.

I think they need to look at some means testing, co pays, and other expenditures before they raise the age limit. They could go from 1.45% to 2% for Medicare and do away with the Social Security cap threshold.

At least they are talking.

Legion said...

General Patraeus resignation had to happen, if in fact it was because of a affair.

Supposedly the affair was with his biographer, but that doesn't matter, it is a possible security threat.

The medicare and SS issue is one reason I voted like I did. 8 months to young so, yeah.

born2Bme said...

I was less than 2 months too young and Romney didn't figure in the age group of 45-50 and up.
I cannot possibly re-plan my retirement at this late date.

Mike said...

I overlooked the security issue but I agree.

He has a congressional hearing on Benghazi next week which I pretty sure he will still have to attend..looks like he got some explaining  to do....He had a stormy  relationship with President Obama.

I saw where health care in general,which includes Medicaid,Medicare,and the health care act cost more than all the rest.....They are all interconnected anyway.

Mike said...

Although I was covered,I'm glad people didn't have to endure a voucher system.

born2Bme said...

I might have asked this before, but I'm having a senior moment and can't remember.
How is the ACA going to effect Medicaid? Will people go off of Medicaid and have to get insurance, or will they just stay where they are?

Mike said...

I'll look into it tomorrow but It will still based on the amount of money they made and the state exchanges...Some GOP states will opt out although the fed will pick up the tab for 3 years and then about 90% for some years after, in some cases but then it might be part of the fiscal cliff deal.

On another note NBC's Richard Engel said Petraeus was not popular at the CIA and it was the CIA who thought the FBI should investigate the matter..Normally the CIA handles their own in house investigations.

born2Bme said...

This is the best and most accurate comment I've read so far.

Christopher HahnDemocratic consultant; FOX News contributor :

It's no surprise that many Republican don't believe in evolution because they surely haven't evolved on issues in decades.

The problem with the GOP is a profound disconnection from reality. I know they read the same polls I did yet even after Ohio was called some if them couldn't accept the facts.

This doesn't just play out in election scenarios but in economics, social issues and of course climate change. The GOP has consistently made up or adjusted facts to fit their ideology rather than adjusting to a changing world. Even their ridiculous obsession with Reagan ignores the majority if his record. Maybe this is a wake up call to the rank and file that they should verify everything they hear from leading Republican sources.

Mike said...

That's an interesting article and it supports many I have read.

We now know that the Mitt Romney was receiving erroneous polling from Ohio up until the last hours....Mitt actually thought he had a shot.

The Obama team was polling 29,000 Ohioans just about every day;that's the reason they had so much confidence....The Obama team went to Ohio State and drove students to the polling places but Mitt Romney scoffed at that because their pollsters told them it was a waste of time....The Obama campaign got a 33% increase of Ohio's black vote by knocking on 175,000 doors a day ,across the state...Romney's team thought  all they had to do was spend money for ads......Mitt Romney was so convinced he was going to win that he never wrote a concession speech until the final hour after he knew he lost. 

The false ads in Ohio about Chrysler sending their entire jeep operations to China really pissed off the Ohio voters because they knew it was a lie. 

And that letter writer thinks the mainstream media is pulling a fast one...:-)
Fox News is the ticket he

All that GOP money and very little to show for it.

born2Bme said...

I still wonder if President Obama lost his first debate on purpose. He's a smart man and was he giving the GOP the rope to hang themselves with?
Mitt got uncommonly cocky after that debate and the GOP started acting like they already had it won and then satarted turning a lot of people off with their comments.
I'm pretty sure that President Obama's supporters came out in force, thinking he was behind and he needed them to vote.
I guess if even 1 republican stayed home thinking Romney had it in the bag, then if it was a plan, it worked.

Mike said...

We will never know but Mitt Romney got 2 millllon less votes than John McCain did.

Obama supporters got really mad in the states where the GOP legislators tried to make it hard for minorities to vote and it backfired.....They stood in line for hours.

Mike said...

Here is what I found born

"The health care reform law Obama enacted in 2010 depends heavily on Medicaid, a joint federal-state health benefits program, to reach the goal of near-universal health care. If every state participated, 17 million uninsured people would gain coverage through Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program between 2014 and 2022, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The law extends Medicaid to anyone who earns up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $14,856 this year.

But at least a half-dozen governors say they simply won't go along with the law. When the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare in June, justices ruled states could opt out of the Medicaid expansion. The decision threatens to leave 3 million of the poorest Americans without health coverage, the Congressional Budget Office predicts.

born2Bme said...

You would think that it would be more cost effective to get those people off of Medicaid and onto their own insurance policies.

I'm thinking that if the states opt out, those governers are going to have a big problem come election time.
If this election didn't show anything else, it showed that people have the power, not big money. They just have to take the time to go vote.
Midterm elections are going to have to become just as much of a priority.

Mike said...

I know you won't believe this but I was thinking the same thing.....EA may be right,the fight may not be over because as long as their insane comments are left to stand,some will take them for facts....A lot of work to do like reeducating the public about climate change,taking on the NRA,voter suppression laws and a comprehensive immigration policy....I'm really surprised how all the right wing leaders now want to talk about actually doing something constructive with our immigration problem....

I believe there is enough support from both sides to start withdrawing from Afghanistan sooner than 2014.

Edith Ann said...

Rick Perry isonewho wants to opt out of Medicaid funding. We have got to work to get that idiot out of office!

born2Bme said...

Rick Perry might be singing a different tune after his botched Presidential run. I hope he was just saying that then to get support from conservatives.
I think it would be suicidal for him to turn it down. He already looks stupid in most people's eyes, I doubt he wants to tick off the needy in this state.

Edith Ann said...

He declared this after he was out of the presidentiual race. Fairly recent stuff.

He thinks the people of Texas want to sever ties with the federal government!

Mike said...

Too bad we will have him until 2014.
After the election,there was a GOP legislator advocating leaving the union.

Mike said...

I've been waiting for the Victoria Advocate's precinct-by-precinct general general election results to confirm what I had already suspected. I needed the data and this morning I got it. It's on page A7 of today's Sunday edition.

As expected Romney received 12727 votes and Obama received 4890 votes...That comes out to roughly 73 % for Romney & 27% for Obama and the other two candidates weren't even on the scale.

The percentages stays constant (pretty much) as the same % amount of votes were cast until it got down to the County Tax Assessor where the numbers flipped with a lot of GOP crossover to give Rena the win but the unknown still had a lot of votes which could only happen with straight-line- had nothing to do with tenure,Donna Rodriquez did not convince the 2000 or more voters to acquire the same voting percentage.

We will never know how people vote but there is no evidence that people who vote straight party are any less informed and those who don't vote that way..Sometimes the candidates and issues are really miles apart...I don't owe any apologies for my voting preference because it's a secret ballot I don't have to share.

Edith Ann said...

Obama was not supposed to win, remember? This was going to be the GOP's big year,and across the board there were to be stunning victories! Down here at the local level, the republican party was counting on that same thinking and ran folks in various races. They were hoping Rodriguez would be swept in on the tidal wave.

I think we can see from the top down, their strategy was lacking.

Edith Ann said...

I think only a fool would take advice on political strategy from a republican right now.

Mike said...

What's with the VA's stupid headline this morning " Experts say Obama won't stop Eagle Shale boom."

1. For every expert..well you know the rest
2. Who said Obama was trying to shut down any industry playing by the rules?
3. I hope the EPA shuts down Eagle Shale or any other industry if they are polluting our air & water.
4. It was a good article which could have stood on its own merits without the headline to stir up the passions.
5. Enough already

born2Bme said...

Seems that the right wing media is taking a hit. All I can say is, "It's about time for people to wake up".

Mike said...

As I was driving today,I thought I would tune in Sean Hannity....Let me tell you,if you want some fun find some to listen to them whine...Hannity said Obama played dirty
They forgot what Romney did to his primary opponents and then how they retaliated.

The whole world of politics is saying that the GOP is engaging in a circular firing squad dishing out blame for the loss.

If they keep it up,I'll have more than enough material for several blogs...They are blaming the mainstream media and everything under the sun besides themselves.

In fact Fox has a kook for a military expert named Col. Peters saying that the Chicago boys dug up dirt on Gen. Petereaus (current affair) to make him play ball with the administration on Fox doesn't know that Petraeus testimony will back us the White House version.

born2Bme said...

Then they will say he is lying to protect the President.
Didn't I read where MSNBC has passed FOX now?

What do you think about the states, including Texas, that want to secede from the Union? Goodness, don't us other Texans get a say in the matter?

Mike said...

Someone said if the people who want to secede would just leave,our test scores would go up.

I think MSNBC passed them upon the younger demographics....Fox still has the old

Yeah,the president can't win with that crowd.

BTW..where have all the RW trash talkers gone ?..crickets

born2Bme said...

I think they are in hiding. They must be so embarrassed to have always been so sure that the "majority" of Americans thought the same way they did, and to find out it isn't so. FOX sure did make fools of them.

Mike said...

Now wait a minute ,we now have a FBI agent sending shirtless picture of himself to the original victim of harassing emails,now we have our commanding general in Afghanistan having two years (30,000 pages or 41 emails a day) being investigative for some emails to the original victim.....It's also rumor that the shirtless FBI was a fringe right winger who wanted this incident to embarass President Obama.

born2Bme said...

Their timing was a little off, I guess.