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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It’s not Saturday but it’s still a rant

I can't say I'm surprised that I received another boilerplate response, I assume for being part of the hyper- partisanship. It's as they are above the fray and being "a little bit pregnant" is not the same as being consistently on one side.

Beakus has called me out three times in six years for being partisan. He has said I should write about something else, like the wonderful blogs Jared used to write. He ignores me when I tell him that his words would go a long way in gaining my respect, if he placed his well chosen words on a blog of a right leaning blogger or even a thread; “Obamacare is hurting Christian America” could be a starter.

I think it's selfish to want everyone to conform to your standards. I fully understand his message of” fueling the fire. " I take steps to control that part but politics it's not for the lame and the squeamish. I guess what he’s trying to say that because he doesn’t like politics, no one should. He doesn’t know that some people say that about religion. He knows that I don’t wear my religion on my sleeve but it didn’t stop him from making a lot religious posts on my blog.

It’s strange how it goes sometimes because in a previous blog I was dispelling all the myths about liberals and to my surprise and I received a lot of positive civil responses. The next blog I wrote about what little I knew about the security leaks and received many negative responses. I wasn’t trying to be partisan because I was writing in a manner as it was presented over the week end. 

Now, I wonder if some of those same posters expect their filtered media to present both sides equally? I think some try to depict me as being the only or the most partisan blogger in the forum...I’m certainly in the top 5...:-)


Sugar Magnolia said...

Just a small little blurb here - I was just wondering the other day why our dear Jared has fallen silent. And, I thought Gary had too, but he saw fit to respond to criticism of Tasin's letter (while roberttx, GOP love child and myself got our posts promptly deleted). Did you see roberttx's post on Tasin's latest letter? He simply said "I wonder if it hurts to wake up this stupid every day" and I said I would award roberttx comment of the year award if I could. So our comments of course went *POOF*.

Just a little sidebar. Seems some interesting posters, whether or not you or I agree with them, such as Jared, are disappearing. Wonder what's up?

Mike said...

I hope Jared comes back,he was a nice guy and his blogs were a nice read,even the ones I disagreed with.

I believe the VA wants to protect the letter writers because they sign their names and are a dying breed...Remember when the LW waited the allotted time but they submitted their letters like clock work ...I believe ol Kenneth had a 25 year ,my comments and EA's and several others were removed from a LW's thread recently....The three comments you mentioned were not out of line....I think they should warn us if LWer's are a protected spices then we wouldn't waste our time responding.

Edith Ann said...

Folks--I checked on Jared several weeks ago, and he is really doing fine. Busy with family obligations, his kids are doing little kid sports. Jared is blogging over at Ignitus and he always posts a link on Facebook...

I'll capture a link and come back over and post it here. In my opinion, his blogs over at Ignitus are way better than anything he wrote at the VA. They have a really nice humor to them, and I suggested that he work on this genre. Anyone, religious or not, Catholic or not, could read and enjoy his blogs.

Be back in a minute...

Edith Ann said...

These are a couple of his blogs. The website is

Michael Gomez said...

While observing American Politics these last view years I have realized most parishioners of the Church of Republican tend to impose their beliefs on others while outing liberals for doing the same thing. Somehow we've arrived at a standstill both congressionally and throughout the populace. Example: Complaining that same-sex marriage is an attack on Christian values, but fight to pass bills discriminating against US citizens.

Until this is rectified, I don't believe civil discourse will ever be achieved. The constant abuse of Separation of Church and State by the GOP and its supporters is a small fraction of the on-going struggle within Congress. Perhaps we could use more facts than punditry and propaganda.

(By the way, I like your blog!)

Edith Ann said...

I agree with Michael--it is the hypocrisy of the GOP that is so very annoying. And they use it as a means to deflect from the issue or the message.

The problem we have locally, Mike, is that we have the cream of the crop over on the Advocate forum.

I find it is very interesting that they can continue to talk about Christian values while not talking about Romney AND as Michael said, fighting so hard to pass legislation that is completely contrary to any Christian value. Have they not figured out their dilemma yet?

Mike said...

Thanks EA and Michael,that was the intent of the blog..I wanted to expose the hypocrisy but not in a public forum like the VA...I chose my words carefully because sometimes you have shoot across the bow to say " I'm not a human pinata."