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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It was Fun while it Lasted

After reading the new rules for blogging and commenting at the VA forum, I decided that I wasn't going to go to all the trouble of opening up a Facebook account just to comment and blog. I didn't think it was important enough for keeping up with family, and that takes a priority. I'm not going to go on and on about my security because I was never threatened nor expected to be. I'm just a stubborn old man, set in his ways.

I do appreciate the opportunity that I was given to state my opinion via blogs and comments over the past five are six years. I like to think that the good days far outweighed the bad ones, and I wish the Victoria Advocate all the success with their new venture. I've seen it grow from five or six featured bloggers and a whole lot of posters commenting on the news of the day. To the chagrin of many, I saw the VA open up the blogging opportunity to everyone; hence, yours truly got his start. I remember when the VA forum had a counter that kept up with total hits and not just blog hits. I had over 25,000 hits, second only Mike (Pilot) Austin, who had over 65,000 I believe, but he had a year's head start on me..:-). I'm joking. I know my limitations, and I know that I don't have 1/10th the skills that Pilot does when it comes to blogging.

I was going to launch my farewell blog  at the VA but after a good night's sleep I decided against it. I read in today's forum where Chris wrote that old bloggers have to abide by the new rules unless they had a very good reason for not doing so. You don't have to hit me over the head with a 2X4. I don't have a good reason ,so why shouldn’t I have to comply, and my pride won't allow me to beg , That’s that but I as of yet, I have not received an e-mail. I would continue blogging if asked, but I really don't want any special privileges and don’t expect to get any.. That ball, as it should be, is in their court. I’m not  that presumptuous to think that I will be missed. I wonder who's going be there to take up the mantle for the other side?

I do believe the new format will be kinder and gentler; for one thing, it might be comprised of younger posters. I don't know for sure, but I don't think the old geezers will go to all the trouble of getting a Facebook account just to do a little commenting. We'll see if recipe trading and unicorns and daffodils, will generate as much traffic as a contentious political debate. Perhaps peace and harmony will override everything else because we all know that using your full name is a deterrent for posting vile statements. If I'm allowed to, I will log in now and then to see how things are going. I can just imagine a conversation about President Obama: “you know he's a good man, bless his heart, but he's just over his head, and I wish him and his wife all the best in their next endeavor" signed Mr. Not Anonymous.

I would be lying if I said I was not going to miss it,especially the discussions with my on- line friends but life goes on and who knows what life will bring tomorrow, but I know I won't be opening a Facebook account.


Mike said...

On second thoughts,I might write that last blog thanking all those who put up with me and those who occasionally made my day.

I have to wait a week to see how everything goes.

Edith Ann said...

I am waiting to see how it actually plays out. I will be very vigilant when I click the 'post a comment' button.

I think it is a little soon for me to make a decision. I may have to finally open that Facebook acoount for Edith Fischer. How else am I going to smack the stupid ones now and then?

On the other hand, when there is no one left but Toni and Rebecca left, it won't be worth the trouble. I don't care to read Toni and Rebecca posts elsewhere, as does Sugar, Pilot, The Loon, Legion and you. Anyone else I am FB friends with and that is how I followed Jared over to his other site.

For myself, I don't believe I will be missing much.

I suspect they are trying to get rid of some folks that they can't legitimately ban right now, and this is one way to do it. Hell, for all I know, I'm on that list! But I cannot see itisi, rollinstone, observer, jasonbourne (no, that's not his real name) converting over to real names. Not at all.

Mike said...

Born2BBme said she uses a fake profile and gives a good reason for doing so. I could do that.
I agree a lot of posters will not sign up using their real identities but the letter writers sign their name and submit some pretty crazy stuff.

Remember when the VA tried real name message about a year ago but it lost interest? Every time a poster, he username and real name showed up. That's how I remembered observer’s name.

His comments reflect the same sentiment when he submits his letters.... I don't believe it will affect Gary white and Paul Tasin a bit.

We'll see.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Yeah, I'm done for sure. This is the last straw of disrespect from the VicAd and I will not take it.

I stand behind everything I say online, and my posting wouldn't change one iota if I used my real name. I am woman enough to own up to my word, thoughts, and deeds. But my last name is so unique as to be an absolute identifier for myself and my family (I never married; thus, my family has same last name so that they can be likewise identified). Our name is definitely not common in these parts and we are really the only ones around here that has it. I do worry about ramifications to my family if somebody should disagree with what I say online. I would never want to bring danger to my family members. There are absolute loons out there now that can get hold of too much information too easily by just using a name, and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility that my family would be made a target. All it takes is one unhinged individual; it has happened to us before. I will do nothing to put my family in harm's way. We have worked very hard to enjoy a life free of drama and trouble; we have our little 2-acre paradise and no conflict, and that's the way I want our life to stay. Peaceful and safe. That's all I care about in the end.

So you see, it's about something more important to me than "Oh, she wouldn't say what she says if she has to use her real name". There is at the heart of the matter much more basic things that Cobler doesn't seem to understand, or he would not require posters reveal their true identity. Even if it is just to the VicAd, and not the public at large, it isn't worth the risk to me. No, I'm done with the Crapocate. They can kiss my pasty white ass. They can require what they feel they need; and I have every right to do what I must. And I must now part ways. Not that sad about it, though. In fact, no love lost.

And that's just the way it is.

Mike said...

I agree and I've heard a lot of legitimate reasons for not using one's real name.

I remember a businessman saying he didn't want to lose clients because of his views,
Rebecca said someone called her at her home and several have stated security reasons.

I can't speak for anyone else but I wouldn't be any less timid using my real name and besides
Changing my views would be a lie.
I think we've all seen where people using their real names
Wern't all that civil. I've seen banned posters comeback using their real names and immediately started
lecturing people for not using their real

Edith Ann said...

Well, I predict business will pick up elsewhere. And we still have the Houston Chronicle.

Cobler said essentially a FB account will be necessary to post on the Advocate. Hell, they probably made some kind of exclusive deal with FB and there is some financial benefit from it.

As to fake FB accounts, I am not sure how they are going to know they are fake, except if this is this a joint venture with FB. I don't know.

Hey, let's see, leaving the Advocate...been there, done that, many times over!

Legion said...

"interesting experiment" says Chris C., yeah it will be interesting. lol

Mike said...

I never thought of that business will pick up elsewhere.

I guess Chris had to say that but a banned poster has gone under the radar for some time now.

I don't like the Chronicle forum;too much negativity..You have to go through 20 posts before you get to something that makes sense...

Could be a financial deal but I think it's relying too much on a few individual's input.

They might have an email/FB verification but as you say that would take a coordinated effort unless there's some software out there.

Mike said...

Legion what's your take on all this?

Sugar Magnolia said...

Chris said: "We have considered this change for almost a year and decided we had the time now to fit the technical conversion into our production schedule"

Just what the HELL is that supposed to mean? Have you ever heard such doublespeak in your life?

I'm done. Through. Finished. Finito. That's it. I AM optimistic about being free of the VicAd now, though, because that will be a lot less stress in my life and less time wasted without them. Actually, I think this is for the better for a lot of us. I wish them luck because they are going to need it. I asked if the McHaneys and Roberts realized how many subscribers and readers they would be losing with this move, and of course no answer was given. Nor will there be.

But I don't care anymore. I'm done.

Edith Ann said...

I do think it could force some posters over to our blogs. Those who want to spar with you, Mike, will finally break down and coem post. I just don't see that bunch revealing themselves. And who are they going to target if you're not there? You need to lure Born2Be over here.

And I just thought--I can think of a couple of banned posters, both of them my FB friends who may now be able to post? That will be the trick!

Legion said...

I think, to the VicAd, it doesn't matter to them if someone comments or posts a blog.
They receive Ad revenue by the number of page hits period.If you just read the articles that's a hit for each one, where they will lose a little is on the view post after you comment.

I have went to sites that OFFER a option to sign in via Facebook but they have other options, much like Blogspot you can sign in using a Google account, Open ID, URL or Anonymous.
It seems Vicad will be Facebook only which, I don't know, but seems like there is a financial incentive involved.

I don't comment as much as I use to "over there" anyway, so now I guess I will just read Justin, Pat, Maryann,Paul P., Paul T. and Garys comments.

Fun fun, lol

Legion said...

I have noticed on the Hou Chron. site some of the almost exact same comments as on the VicAd, I use the same username on both sites, less to remember that way, Legion357 is me on both sites.

Mike said...


I thought I was pretty dumb because I didn't know what he meant by "fit the technical conversion into our production schedule."

I'm kinda looking forward to putting more effort into this blog.... I'm sure there's more I can do.

Mike said...


You're right I'm wanting to generate new ways of getting traffic because my " build it and they will come" isn't working as well as I would like it to.

Mike said...

Thanks Legion,, I believe you are right and if they hit one of the advertising applets, they get even more.

I noticed your lack of commenting, but it's going to be frustrating to view and not correct....:-)

Anonymous said...

Tophat here-
Little search to find you, Mike- I seldom joined in to the discussion of your blogs but certainly enjoyed the read.
I hold an esteem position in the world- I was able to delete my name from Facebook a few months ago, many have tried but only a select few have been successful.

I found EA's blog a while back- So I assume a few others will pop up over time.

Mike said...

Welcome aboard Tophat,you are a welcomed addition.

Don't mind me,you can join up with Dale and knock me down a notch or two..:-)

Proud to have you.

dale said...

I don't try to knock you down. Perhaps you have difficulty with a principled conservative. Lord knows most Republicans can not understand the difference between the platform language and what the Rinos actually give them. Finally, sorry to see you drop Vicad. Their loss.

As you say, consistent.

Tophat, I tried and couldn't get off facebook. Congrats. But I can get off Vicad.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Wonder if Paul Polasek will continue to post? I would suppose so.

The sentiment against this move seems to be in the distinct majority according to the posts on Peach's blog....

Radiobabe said...

Hey guys and gals... You know how I love to accuse y'all of being conspiracy theorists ;) but a thought occurred to me when I was reading some posts on a national site and I noticed that they used the FaceBook interface for comments and I wondered if the change isn't as simple as this is the direction that newsite blogging is going.

I would also agree that there's a payback to the Advocate from FaceBook for making this change and with their advertising and circulation on the continual decline, they probably need money anywhere they can get it.

Mike said...

Dale,I was joking,I really enjoy our discussions and look forward to more especially since I just sent my blog of resignation...:-)

Happy Fathers Day

Radiobabe said...

Oh, and I'm with y'all on this issue. I don't think I want to broadcast my identity out to every crazy lune in town. Bah bye Advocate...

Mike said...

I tend to agree..I read that the NYT was getting too many crank comments but they have a huge circulation,so that's expected...I believe NY has a bill pending that requires all blog posts to have a full name...It's going to be a requiring sooner or later.

Mike said...

Requirement instead of what I wrote

born2Bme said...

This is a test. I'm not sure what is going to happen, so here goes.

Born2Bme said...

Hello. It's nice to see soem familiar names.

Edith Ann said...

Your test worked! Good to see YOU over here!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Greetings, born2beme. nice to see your name as well. Welcome to Google, and we hope to see more of you (hope Mike doesn't mind me saying so on his behalf, on his blog!)

Tophat said...

ok I am testing it also

Tophat said...

Good morning all-

EA- I am wondering if Chris is going to respond to your question/comment. More confusing now than ever- every time one of them post - it changes or takes on a different meaning.

Edith Ann said...

Apparently not. Welcome over to Mike's place.

Mike said...

Tophat and born2Bme forgive my manners for not immediately welcoming you but I had a lot of emails and posts to answer this morning but this personal blog will now be a priority.

You cannot possibly hog this blog because long posts and multiple posts are more than welcome. You don't have to support your post with a link because you already have a reputation of being truthful but if you want to use a link to share more detailed information, I’m sure it would be welcomed.

Don't worry about changing the topic of the blog because all of the posters can walk and chew gum at the same time. They are intelligent adults who know how to conduct themselves, and as of yet I have not seen a rude response to a post. I am sure as more traffic is generated, a rude response will make its way into the conversation but I hope it will be self policed like EA's blog. I admire the way Tophat and born2Bme have a handle their out- of- line opponents at the VA...Tophat let them know right off the bat that he had no intention in engaging in the ad Hominem attacks...Born, usually got in the last word and said they could believe what they want but she had better things to do and would leave a link verifying her position.

Thanks to Sugar Magnolia and EA for making you feel welcome while I was away.

Edith Ann said...

I hope the one thing visitors take away from our blogs-your's mine, Sugar's, whoever's--is that we are all pretty much together here. We provide links to other's blogs and do so because we think they are worth checking out.

And if you start a blog and let us know, we'll let folks know and place you in the blog roll. There is plenty of room for all here.

Mike said...

Yesterday I took a complete break away the cyber world except to submit my blog resignation, thinking I understood everything I needed to know.

As you can see from my VA blog, I could remain as is but I would have to email Jessica requesting the FB waiver and I guess I would be given an up or down...I trust the VA with my information but I'm pretty sure they will want everyone to comply with the FB account at some time in the future, so they can maintain uniformity but I don't know that for sure..I do know that I'm not going get a FB account; that’s just not gonna happen.

All or most of my on-line friends are leaving so what's the incentive for me to stay?

I've enjoyed reading the mostly cons comments and the one Democrat conspiracy liberal forum? He's got to be on the outer edge of extreme right wing-ism. He must not of seen the VA polls... Victoria is a friendly conservative Republican county and our forum in reflects that.

I learned about the changes Friday night and here it is Monday afternoon but now I'm only slightly confused.

Mike said...

Dang I keep getting lured in by some posters...Tomorrow,I'm going to the rubber band method..Everytime I stray from weeing myself off,I will pop myself with the rubber band...I hope I don't end the day with a bruised wrist.

born2Bme said...

No harm in staying until things change

Mike said...

That's true but if I don't start weaning myself I might end with a FB account...:-)

Tophat said...

Mike- I will probably always circle by VA forum - mostly out of curiosity.
The ones I read the most have already gone or in the process-You, EA, Sugar, Jared. There were a couple more that links from EA and info from Sugar puts me back into reading already-- more of what interested me in the forum to begin with.

I leans towards EA's thoughts- they were looking to run off people that didn't fit their "model".
I am (self admittedly) very conservative and "old school"

EA made a good point on VA; how many have already shared some personal information- I know I have. In the reality of it, it absolutely doesn't matter to me.

I (much like Bob's comment on one of the VA threads) have zero interest in sharing my thoughts with Facebook members.

Last thought - Mike- I think your decision to post the last blog was the right thing to do.

I now look forward to again reading your political observations

Edith Ann said...


If you stick around, I'll drag out the tiara...

Tophat--the rhetorical question I asked was aimed at a a couple of banned posters who are still posting, obviously under other names. They are the ones who think they are getting away with something.

Mike said...

Yeah,old habits are hard to break ;I'll take a peek just to see what's it's all about and who's gone and who stayed....I just might attend the Tues or Wed meeting if it's not closed to the public....I'll certainly will have an interest in their though process and path forward.

You are a conservative  but I never saw any far right views and I look forward to having some discussions.Nothing wrong with "old school" or as I used to tell the younger workers,"I can say I've been there,"

Thanks,I thought after 5-6 years I wanted to make a personal exit instead of a "Oh by the way I'm leaving and I don't appreciate the good discussions."

Sugar Magnolia said...

The VicAd has burned their last bridge with me. I will never capitulate to their terms now and have, as a last ditch effort to understand their motivations, inquired of Jessica Puente exactly why they need us to "verify our identity" (their terms exactly) even as long-time bloggers/posters.
But this is it for me.

Glad to see born2beme, tophat, etal here, and looking forward to devoting my time now to the circle of Google bloggers/ex-pats here.

Mike said...

I think vet43 thought your last post was directed at him..(email reference)

Doesn't look like I will miss a thing...:-)

Mike said...

Sugar you asked some very good questions...I would have thought they would have run this by us,get our input and then inform us of their decision...IMO

Born2Bme said...

I'm betting that those who wanted names were screaming loudly for a long time and they finally gave in.
There are just some people who always want things their way.

Rebecca said...

The reason I liked the Advocate forums, was because it was very small and local. It was small enough to where when I wanted to know someone's true identity, I knew who to ask. ;) If she didn't know, it was fun to try to guess who someone MIGHT be. I like small and local - personal.

Rebecca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

You made such a good point that you had to say it twice...:-)
But you took care of it...BlogSpot is not a friendly web host.

A few have said that you were related to a few posters; once or twice removed.

That's true born, and they probably never posted a controversial statement or blog by their judgment...Everyone is out of step but Willy.

Rebecca said...

I don't know how my comment went through twice. =D