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Monday, February 20, 2012

When to respond?


I bet all of us have had a well scripted response at the ready but then a at the last minute decided, it's no use. I know I have and several have told me that they have been in that same situation. There are also many times that I've posted and wish I hadn't. Then there are those occasions where I had to eat crow. No matter how you cook it; it's still crow.

I always consider the source, if it’s a legitimate question or statement, I will generally respond and use the same tone as I received. Saturday, I was accused of saying that polls didn't matter or had any legitimacy. I quickly responded because the poster, although on a different political side, is not usually an attacker. I've must've posted something that got under his skin because his response was deleted before I got a chance to read it. I couldn't help myself because he placed the low hanging fruit right in front of me. It's too bad that I didn't get to see his response. I've been posting polls forever, probably a lot more than I should because people just don't pay attention to polls that don't go their way.

I guess my mood and the mood of the forum has a lot to do with my response. In a nonpolitical thread I usually make one comment and leave. There are several people I won't respond to, even if their post is on my blog. It's not because I'm rude but it becomes monotonous after a while, same characters, and same rhetoric, with or without my response. Politics will always become contentions but we always have that option of not engaging in the politics of personal destruction. I never wake up itching for a fight; it's a different morning each and every morning.

I'm not going to respond to every negative comment made about President Obama because that would be a never ending chore and besides everyone has a right to their own opinion. I'll have my turn to write a blog where I'll cover all those subjects that people were critical of. I don't think I wrote anything negative about Governor Perry before he ran for National Office because I really didn't know that much about him. I believe I criticized President George W. Bush everyday because of his incompetence, and yes the Iraq war. I know I criticize the GOP presidential candidates but that's bipartisan.

I felt I had to engage in the recent controversy over contraception and freedom of religion but not enough to post a blog. I didn't want to prolong the subject and besides I never felt comfortable. The subject was drifting from the church's teachings to the constitution. People were just talking past each other.

Do you know what we haven't had in a while? We haven't had an old fashion donnybrook where two posters would continuously go after each other for 2 hours or more. The posters that took part in those have been banned or simply left. I remember the DA and police chief daily fights, then there was healthcare, and Sheriff  Radcliff but not so much of those anymore. Maybe we're better off for it.


Edith Ann said...

Most of the folks who would engage in a donnybrook have been banned by the Advocate.

Most of those who are left would know how to engage in any kind of contructive conversation.

I'll leave now.

Mike said...

You're right they are but I was wonder if we still have a couple of posters who would engage that long....I think most of us know when we aren't making any headway and give up.

I also agree if we choose to engage,we will try to provide a worthwhile comment.

Edith Ann said...

I won't lie--I miss it! I miss those I disagreed with and thos I agreed with. It's the converstation that is what is missing.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I find far better conversation on our Google blogs. I do wish others would come over here more often, so we could get a really juicy discussion going, but I think time will help that along. Word is getting round about your blog, Mike, and of course about yours, Edith Ann.

I understand your weariness, Mike, at working so hard at providing good citations and sources, poll results, etc. And, sadly, you hit the target when you state that so many people won't even consider a poll unless its numbers agree with their pre-conceived notions. That's a pity. I believe that if a person has a truly open mind, that they will consider viewpoints contrary to their own and appreciate the work that has gone into bolstering one's convictions. Those that discard any legitimately cited source are missing important information with which to make a well-considered, educated judgment. I know you know all this, but my point is that there are some truly narrow-minded individuals who will not consider anybody else's opinion, no matter the poll results or the expert documentation you may provide. It will never be enough, nor good enough, for them. It is on those folks you should waste no time. Consider their obliviousness and carry on.

Sadly, there really are quite a number of posters on the Avocado that just don't know how to disagree without being disagreeable. I particularly detest those who are ill-mannered, ill-tempered, and just plain rude. These are the kind of folks you will never talk any sense into; the die has been cast with them already, long before the forums came along.

Keep on keeping on, Mike. I may not always agree with you, particularly in politics, but we have always treated each other with respect. The old "donnybrooks" were certainly interesting, and I actually could learn a lot from both sides occasionally. I believe people in this fast-paced world now more than ever lack the time and the patience needed to really engage in a detailed, lengthy, meaningful discussion anymore the way we once did even a few years ago. I find that to be true, with few exceptions such as good friends and family members, in the real world as well. People don't sit and shoot the breeze with no regard for time as they once did. People don't think it worthy to consider another viewpoint and contemplate, REALLY contemplate, someone else's point of view and take the time to develop their own opinion.

Just my thoughts, for what it's worth. I do think the lack of "donnybrooks" is but a symptom of a larger societal deterioration, at least that's the way I see it.

Mike said...


A good discussion is hard to get these days...For example I never liked Michael Steele (EX GOP chairman) so I dismissed everything he said..Now that he's a political pundit for MSNBC,I found out that's he a good guy with a slightly different view,sometimes.

Mike said...


I really enjoyed the discussion we had on healthcare and likewise the rare disagreements EA and I have. And to his credit I've had some disagreements with BigJ but he never disrespected me, although I gave him reasons several times, that is until we adopted “we’ll just have to agree to disagree”. This was a case of a young bull meeting up with an old hardheaded bull and deciding there were other bulls out to conquer; this one is not going any place..:-)

You're right about family not wanting to engage in politics or world matters; they will nod their heads in agreement and then get back to the subjects of importance, like Whitney Houston.

I lost the argument about the 18 year old serving on the City Council and EA won't let me forget about it; she immediately started her victory dance because she thought she saw an

Edith Ann said...

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I just have to time to form cogent arguments these days - so I'm left to the odd snarky comment here and there - mostly at the expense of dear Gary.

I wish I had more time...

Kyle said...

Kyle ^

Mike said...


I did enjoy your discussions with maryann on religion...I looked for the points where you two agreed and then took it as a point of fact...Not Lincoln/Douglas but as good as it gets on our forum.

I miss those types of discussions..I remember the old health care debate we all had at Vi Cad where LVNs,open minded posters,and even a couple of people from Canada and Britain weighed in with pros and cons...There were those who tried to butt in with comments about socialism.