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Friday, February 24, 2012

Subliminal Messages



A little background is necessary before I begin to tell you how a subliminal message worked on me. My wife and I are always trying to come up with a meatless dish other than fish for Lenten Friday.

Yesterday, I came up with the idea of eating pancakes at Skillets for breakfast this morning. For those are you who been keeping up with the recent emergence of Jakiebrown2007, the words" pancakes" and "skillet" should be familiar to you. That’s weakness of mine, I remember watching the Sopranos and having a craving for spaghetti and meatballs. I'm not affected by brand names, so subliminal messages embedded in commercials don't work on me. In the example above, IHOP was mentioned but I've had too many bad experiences at that restaurant and besides its way across town.

Researchers claim that subliminal messages can have a short-term effect but not a long-term one. A blogger recently applauded the" 60 Minutes" segment about the placebo -effect being accepted as a cure for some patients; over the medication the patients were prescribed. I don't know enough about the subject but after watching the segment, I didn't come away convinced that placebo should be accepted as a medical cure. I won't even accept the fact that subliminal messages of any sort will make people stop smoking, lose weight, or quit doing anything unacceptable to them. I'm not saying that they aren't documented cases that prove subliminal messages work, but it still comes down to willpower.

The old timers may remember a procedure called "backmasking" where a message in a song played backwards was supposed to relay some kind of message. I remembered the clergy getting all upset over something that I had no idea of what they were talking about. In the first place, I would never play a record backwards because it would ruin it with scratches and the messenger already told me what the message was the supposed to be. It was a phenomenon like the pet rock, which I never got into.

Have you ever been a victim of a subliminal message?


Edith Ann said...

Probably, but I have no idea when or where!

Mike said...

I'll try this on you 

"March 10 ,2012  HBO watch "Game Change" portraying Sarah Palin as a rogue unhinged VP candidate.

Now you won't miss it...;-)

Mike said...

I would rather have a subliminal Message than a lecture from the three self righteous posters telling the parent of a 5-year old on how she should live her life...You know like they are the models of parenthood...Same old message of "poor people" learn how to live off bread crumbs and obey ,don't complain.

Edith Ann said...

Game Change! CANNOT WAIT! This should be good.

I always love how the default position for folks is to assumne they are on food stamps, and then to suggest they can only purchase beans and tortillas with them! I am stunned everytime I read crap like this!

Rebecca said...

About that letter to the editor: If the school requires a certain type of dress, then the state needs to provide clothing vouchers for the poor. If you don't agree with that, then you would agree that the government (schools) shouldn't be in the business of fashion.

Mike said...

Rebecca and EA

That's an excellent idea....I hate it when people involve 5 year olds either as an example or in a letter to our paper....I cannot imagine what the child is going through and all our posters are interested in is that the parents might smoke ,own a smart phone,big screen TV,etc...Perhaps a school for the poor where the 5 year old won't be embarrassed .

Perhaps I'm just an old softie.

Rebecca said...

Also, what active healthy child doesn't wear out the knees of their jeans? That shows they are active and playing, like they should be!

Mike said...

There you go;we both know that a healthy body equates to a healthier brain.

Edith Ann said...

woofwoof is showing off his Mensa brain this morning--Says Obamacare will fix the situation of Citizens not being a level I or II trauma center, but indicates that he want to buy a certain weapon if the cops got it in that drug raid. I so want to post something about 'Why? Obamacare is just going to cause it to be sugically removed from you clenched fists. Haven't you heard?'

I am overloading on stupid this weekend. I need to stop watching the Sunday monring shows! Rick Santorum is crazier than Michelle Bachmann could ever hope to be!

Mike said...

We are on the same track,I woke up and found out our resident know-it-all,the Mighty DeBunker aka (too many to count because he keeps getting banned)tried to use his "consider the source" but it backfired..

I was going to post how woofwoof was insensitive to a tragedy to score political cheap shot,and I still might.

I hear you about stupidly,old banned posters just can't stay away..:-) They must think they are needed.

Mike said...

I haven't watched the Sunday shows yet but is this what you meant?

Rick Santorum"I don't believe in an America where the separation of church and state are absolute," he told 'This Week' host George Stephanopoulos. "The idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes me want to throw up."

The GOP candidate was responding to comments he made last October. He had said that he "almost threw up" after reading JFK's 1960 speech in which he declared his commitment to the separation of church and state.

That man wants a theocracy.

Edith Ann said...

The only thing we haven't heard yet is that God--or the Pope, either one--spoke to him! I'm waiting!

Mike said...

Wow,I watched the ABC interview ,Santorum called Obama for a "snob" for wanting kids to go to college.... Then he said colleges are bad because graduates become too liberal..

Sugar Magnolia said...

Be afraid of Santorum. Be very afraid.

He not only wants a theocracy, he thinks he's God and can run it. Never have I seen a more dangerous candidate come down the pike and get this far.

I can only hope that people start seeing him for what he really is - a zealot and an extremist.

Edith Ann said...

Santorum makes Michelle Bachmann look sane. He is very scary! And I guess he has yet to figure out how the internet and recording devices work. You can't be taped making a statement on Saturday, and then deny making on Sunday when there is video take of you doing it! And that your old crap can be googled!

And this guy thinks he can run the country. Based upon his wardrobe and his misogynistic spewing, I'm thinking he's thinking it's still 1959...

Mike said...

We are just scratching the surface; I've followed Santorum for many years,he's always been a flake but now he's an angry flake...Bachmann is not a danger because she is dumb,no one takes her seriously.

Edith Ann said...

Santorum is a flake! The guy with 3 degrees thinks college is snobbish? Well, I guess between those degrees and his little sweater vest, Looking at him, I'd have to agree!

Sugar Magnolia said...

Wow. Dad and I had a, discussion Sunday night about Santorum, which bled over into other politics, which bled over into religion, which bled over into civil rights, gay marriage, world overpopulation, abortion, and women's rights which....

Anyway, let's just say there wasn't really a meeting of the minds on some subjects.I actually found myself getting annoyed at him and possibly even a little pissed. That doesn't happen very often. I can't seem to make him see this guy for what he is. Not that he's a big Santorum supporter, but he despises Obama and the Democrats so much, he is willing to do anything to get him/them out of the office. I think Sunday night was the first time I realized just how deep those conservative roots run with dad.

I just wound up telling him to be careful what he wishes for.

Edith Ann said...

That is exactly right, Sugar--be careful what you wish for! Your dad's attitude is a reflection of a lot of the republicans right now. They cannot stand President Obama, and it is my opinion the reason is, he is black, and it goes downhill from there. (I am not targeting your dad)

This is being perpetuated by folks from the top down in republican world. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh--carriers of the ugly.

But it is kind of scary that a blatantly misogenist WINGNUT would look good to intelligent folks. Makes me question their intelligence, and heaven help us--Santorum's making that smooth talker George Bush look like a professional speaker!

Mike said...

EA & Sugar

I don't have a family that I can discuss politics with; I think that's a plus.

EA,I think it's a lot deeper than that and when I finish this book on conservationism,I will give more detail...The transition began in the 70s when the so-called Reagan Democrats thought they were being left behind with the passage of the Civil Rights bill,affirmative action, and integration in the workplace (women & minorities) and the run -of t-he mill white person no longer had the social standing he once had because the power of the government was the equalizer...It started with Clinton ,when the far right didn't think bubba,who aligned himself with minorities had a right to the throne...Conservationism is based on class structure and unions,government,and support groups are considered impediments to the normal order..That's why the town hall meeting where the young woman cried out " I want my country back" is so important...There are some deep feelings and you are right, many people play on those fears.

It’s not one-sided because some folks take advantage of the legislation or programs designed to try and make things better.