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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why do they hang on?


I remember a few years ago my wife and I were disappointed as we listened to the Righteous Brothers sing (You’re my) Soul and Inspiration. Bill Medley couldn't quite get that high note and that song required it. I remember an old Willie Mays tripping as he rounded third base. I hated to see this graceful athlete go out that way.

Monday I was sitting in the Firestone lobby waiting to get my truck's oil changed and I heard a familiar voice coming from the counter. I looked back to see who it was, and instantly recognized that it was an old friend, so I got up to greet him. He’s three years my senior, so I asked him what was wrong with his vehicle but he said he was filling out a job application because he had heard that Firestone had lost four mechanics. I didn't question him and I'm not judging him but that still left me wondering.

I don't even like Newt Gingrich but I feel sorry for him because his ego won't let him make a graceful exit. Mike Barnacle busted out laughing this morning on "Morning Joe" because he imagined Newt addressing the breakfast crowd at some cafe and the customers whispering to each other” who is that guy and what's he talking about?"

Have you seen this funny video about Rick Santorum presidential exit?


Edith Ann said...

The Rick Santorum video is hilarious!

They'd like to end on a high note, but that is hard to do without one.

Mike said...

It really was..and you obviously knew enough about Rick Santorum and his goofy stances to get the full

My wife was at Target this evening ,so I called her and told to bring me a bag of popcorn to enjoy the VA tonight...I told you that you should have ordered the large economy bags of popcorn from Costco....It's going to be a long 6 months of whacky comments.

Just get the dang voter I'd already...Don't tell me you can't afford it,everyone of you have a $600 iPhone....ROTFLMAO

butwiser needs to spend one day visiting the poor old people who want to vote,so he could see the monetary sacrifices they make just to eat.....The young voters he's stereotyping don't vote..Only 17% of those 18-29 (classified as younger voters) actually vote... 

Anonymous said...

Well guess who will be the Republican Presidential nominee in 51 months? Do you nned a hint. OK, his name starts with the letter S. So all that we need to do in the next R -nomination process is determine who will be the nominee 2016.

Mike said...

You really think so, with people like Jed Bush, Chris Christie,and Marco Rubio throwing their hat in the ring?

That string will break some day and up in 2016 will be the year.

Legion said...

Now we have the voter ID blog topic all derailed, GDP, the local SS office ect.

Mike said...

We did a good job but it was already going downhill..Right?
I was so glad to get into a good chat..:-)