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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burning Questions


The political nonsense has started on our online forum and it's not usually backed up by legitimate sources because that's impossible to get. I have a few basic questions but I probably won't get any answers.

Some local posters are running down minorities and poor people even if the subject matter doesn't apply. I never get an answer when asked for absolute proof. One poster said that getting a voter ID is not hard at all, especially since poor people all have $600 I phones and I guess the money to pay for the contract. Has anyone's ever investigated that allegation? I believe we do have legitimate poor people who would like to vote and the extra burden, costs, and harassment we are putting on them is an impediment to voting. We should be encouraging not discouraging voters; lord knows we have enough voter apathy.

The same posters think that our legislators think minorities are ignorant and need extra points to pass a hiring test. Affirmative action was set up 1961 as a prerequisite to the 1965 civil rights legislation. It was meant to level the playing field in employment, education, and business. The minorities might have passed all the tests without the extra points, but we’ll never know. Is it time to scale back and start taking steps to do away with this program? I've always said that we should have a serious debate and I believe sensible people would agree that it has fulfilled its purpose. I fully understand the anger one must feel when they are victims of reverse racism but I have also seen the National Guard called out to allow students to go to a public school.

The courts will eventually decide if the Texas voter ID law suppresses voters and if affirmative action should be scaled back. We never have legitimate arguments; all we have is personal stories of how someone's neighbors are cheating the system. That happens all over, I remember my work mates purposefully lying to the Internal Revenue Service but at the same time they were complaining about the EITC. They justify their lying by convincing themselves that they weren't doing anything out of the ordinary.

Which leads me to my basic questions; when can we go back to the issues where we have legitimate differences instead of the silly arguments?

The other burning question I have is one of equal resentment. Why is it that we don't care about waste in the billions if it concerns our defense department but of blood pressure comes to a boil when we hear of a welfare fraud? I think the latter is because we actually can see it sometimes or we put together some unverified facts in our head to back up what we were already thinking. We do get complaints about bureaucracy and government waste but the level of anger is much lower.

I just read where a couple posters are saying that all Muslims must be suspect because moderate Muslims are not condemning terrorism. I don't really know how you prove that but I hope the people of Afghanistan aren't blaming the actions of one soldier who killed 17 civilians on all the troops in Afghanistan.

I don't care if we if we eventually have to use a driver's license to vote but we should wait until after the November election. That way we could take steps to get the people to comply by wavering the fee for birth certificates, finding ways to register the people other than conventional means and giving the time necessary to produce the identification necessary to vote. I know the reason the republicans are using this tactic; it's just a voter suppression.


Edith Ann said...

Some days I just don't understand folks! From a friend on Facebook:

"There are those who believe that pressing “one” for English has more impact on their lives than the fact that our jobs are being outsourced to Southeast Asia. There are those who believe t...hat the fact that a poor person has a flat screen TV or a refrigerator is more sinister than the fact that their company’s CEO is hoarding all the employees’ raises. There are those who believe that the poor having healthcare will inconvenience them more than their own insurance company denying them coverage for legitimate illnesses. There are those who believe that because their bike was stolen, it’s okay to hate everyone who shares a certain skin tone. There are those who believe that because someone was killed by a person who happened to be African-American, all African-Americans should pay."

Mike said...

That's one of the best summations I've ever seen....Facebook has all this info? Is Facebook like our forum or much worse..It's can't be because they sign their names..:-)

Yesterday,I frustrated an old friend with this exchange for the usual statements...I said "you cut off unemployment benefits, and now your with the help of the Paul Ryan budget want to take away Medicare,Pell grants,food stamps and you will wonder why so many people are in the emergency rooms and not employed."...Hey,we will have all weapons for a future war with space aliens."

Mike said...

Really! Chris Christie is calling some people couch potatoes.
This is what he said.

“I think it’s really simple. It’s because government’s now telling them ‘stop dreaming, stop striving, we’ll take care of you.’ We’re turning into a paternalistic entitlement society,” Christie explained.
“That will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally because when the American people no longer believe that this a place where only their willingness to work hard and to act with honor and integrity and ingenuity determines their success in life then we’ll have a bunch of people sittin’ on a couch waiting for their next government check.”

And then to top it off he praised George w. Bush for his economic brilliance.

"Mr. President, thank you for setting that example, thank you for inspiring a whole new generation of conservative Republican leaders who you helped create,” he said to Bush, who was sitting right in from of him in the front row at the New-York Historical Society."

He's been hang around with Mitt Romney and has lost all touch of reality.

Edith Ann said...

Within Facebook are 'pages' (versus individuals) that are topical. I belong to a page called Kick Butt Liberals. It is a closed group, invitation only, and there are over a 1000 members. We can post whatever we want, and the threads are not open to everyone's eyes. It's my place where I can tacky things about republicans without pissing half my family off. And it is very well monitored so there are no trolls.

But there are gems like this. When I saw this, I thought, this is what Mike is talking about!

Mike said...

That's neat..I guess it's like the comment section on a major blog but those are not restricted.

I always learn something (left/right) by reading the opinion page of the Houston Chronicle where the best comments of intelligent posters are printed...Sort of like we used to have.

Edith Ann said...

Did you see this?

It's about the Texas Voter ID law.

[regarding Facebook, if blogging and the VA don't make one crazy enough, throw FB in, and it's insanity!]

Mike said...

I read that story this morning.

BIGJ said...

Since Preaches and my college rival Mr. Garcia have deleted my comments about meeting up with Butwiser and those bastards, I made it a point this year to bury the Victoria Adovcate or at least its forum.

Why delete my comment when that bastard Waywardwind bash Muslims? Or when racial comments made by neo-confederate bigots. Yes, I want to meet each and everyone of them in PERSON!! I don't care if its one on one or ten on one. It doesn't matter. Waywardwind with his seemly clueless ass, Butwiser with his superioty complex, David webb, Debunker, Sandwichh, and finally that long headed online stalker from Katy, who BTW NEEDS A LIFE!!!

This is why the cowards on that site hide, because they know may happen to them a work. I bet they won't say those things in the company of blacks or hispanics.

Mike said...


We have always been truthful to each other so I won't stop now.

If I were the moderator at VicAd, I would have deleted your comment for promoting violence.

I agree that posters are posting crap that they wouldn't do it in a face- to- face meeting; be it, a friend, acquaintances, or customers. They probably are posting their true feelings and the forum gives them that opportunity.... You do like to confront them and if I might say you're quite successful at it but there is a limit where your comments will get deleted and eventually you will be banned. They don't care if they're banned because they'll come back under another assume name and start their nonsense all over.

You have kept them posting whereas they soon revealed how stupid they are... You nemesis, butwiser is clueless. He asked" why didn't Al Sharpton come to the defense of Herman Cain?”For one, Al Sharpton is a democrat so why would he help the opposition and besides what could he do in a sexual harassment case? He equates black people as one monolithic society. In the Trayvon case he is always bringing up the Black Panther but never mentions the Neo-Nazis who are equally race baiters. He wants to keep race in the discussion because he has a superiority complex.

I'm frequently called out by them but I'm not gonna lower myself to their standards of name calling, red -baiting, and presenting material without vetting it first. I want to discuss issues with people of opposing views, who do their homework.

Mike said...

I just saw this idiotic statement from butwiser

"stillthewaywardwind" said " I believe that if Zimmerman was allowed to plead to one of the lesser offenses you mention, there would be riots in the streets."

"Why do blacks trash their neighborhoods, smash their businesses, overturn cars, set fires, break in to stores and steal everything anytime a national case does not turn out they way they wanted? They call it black rage and that makes it OK. (Not all black people do this) Why don't other races behave like this? Why didn't white people trash and burn when OJ got away with murder? Why do we just accept this? Just wondering."

I'll Post it here until my blood pressure comes down but I'm contemplating if I should reply.... Any suggestions? Don't care...:-) Should I just consider the source?

First, you have this countrychic and jasonbourne lecturing us because we don't know anything about the Trayvon case (I guess because they don't) and that we are rushing to judgment but it's OK if wayward and butwiser are already predicting a riot if the verdict is not favorable to the black people of Sanford, Florida... Oh, he inserts a caveat, so that makes it OK.

He must've forgotten (or probably doesn't know) that white people protested and damaged property in the south when the schools were desegregated. He may not be old enough to have seen the Birmingham police hitting the marchers as a crossed on their way from Selma to Montgomery Alabama..... No damage but I saw tea partiers frothing at the mouth during the healthcare vote..... Bottom line, anger is a human trait; not a race trait.... It's easy being calm and collective if you're not the one being oppressed..... White people were not that angry over the O.J. verdict; but that's not even really the point.

OK, I feel better but I'm still contemplating...:-(

Anonymous said...

I always suspected that EA is a closet liberal.


Sorry Mike. Does this make me a Troll?


Mike said...

Dale.I don't have any trolls,they all hang out at the VA...:-)

Edith Ann said...

Why do you think I am a closet liberal?

More importantly--does it matter?

Anonymous said...


Of course not, no, to both questions. At least, please do not call me a moderate Republican....geee where is the hydrochloric acid? LOL

Mike have you seen EA's numbers? Her candidate interviews have been really hot. Too bad the current encumbents (excluding Hagan) wouldn't participate. Too bad for them. I am really looking forward to the State Rep interview. Any odds on Ms Morrison participating?


Mike said...

EA will always get a lot of traffic but I am clueless when it came to what y'all were discussing....way over my head.

Do you have your Mitt Romney yard sign?..You'll get one just as soon as he picks a running mate..:-)

Anonymous said...



Edith Ann said...

Poor Dale...

BIGJ said...


There will be a new blog featuring the stupidity of butwiser. I will post it tonight so stay tune. As for volient nature, you should check out past BigHorn's comments about kicking my @$$.

Some people need to make up their own mind. First 'they' want to meet me, but when I agree they don't want to 'press the flesh.' These people should exposed for what they are. I am considering releasing offensive emails, if things keep up.

BIGJ said...


I like your humor. I have to questioned the GOP process on Presidential runs. Almost every GOP candidate since 1920 are heir apparents, why is that?

Anonymous said...

Big J

Oh, the heir apparent process. Could it be that it takes the Republican Apparatick four years to assimilate their victims into the collective?

I just love the Ford, Dole and McCain March of the Lemings. Like good Borgs they march in lockstep to the political cliff and fall right into a pile of elephant dung. To my knowledge no political failure has ever truly been excommunicated from the Establishment Clan. But after Romney is thoroughly ripped by Obama's mind-numbed robots plus my one protest vote, Romney too will fall gently into that pile.

Why does the Republicans use the Heir Apparant? My thought is that it prevents the voting rabble from being able to cause an unforeseen fray at the National Convention. You have heard the Collective Gasp with the mere thought of a "Contested Convention". Just what might happen if one solitary Paulite slipped onto the Convention Floor? For starters the Establishment hacks sitting around him may start to realize the boy makes sense. And if four Establishment Blue Bloods are converted, by the end of the Convention the entire bunch may shed their ties for Paul T-shirts. All Hell could break loose and heck the grassroot Republicans may learn their leaders are wearing no clothes, just like the King in that kid's story. Oh, the pain of seeing Romney in his birthday suit.