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Saturday, March 10, 2012

You can learn a lot watching Bill Maher or not.

caution..he’s a big time potty mouth

I know a lot of people don't like Bill Maher, but I love his show because it's about people letting their hair down and discussing the current topics of today. Last night, he covered all the topics that I wanted to hear about.

Bill Maher was attacked last week by the right and the left relative to the Rush Limbaugh thrashing. Bill answered the posters and others who say something and then qualify it by saying, “it’s just a joke." No it's not. Bill Maher gets a pass because he delivers jokes in front of 3,000 people for a living; what Rush did wasn't a bit humorous. I too believe that if you love "free speech" it means we have to acknowledge a person has a right to say things that may be obnoxious to us.

Bill Maher brought me back down to earth. I've seen the polls, the uptick in the economy, a sensible foreign policy and I see the current Republican field, so I started to get complacent. Bill Maher pointed out that the race will be tight down to the end because the partisans will align with their respective parties, but that independent voter will see two people that are pretty much alike, but one is white and the other black. For the record, Bill Maher said the same thing in 2008 and look what happened.

Last night Bill showed a segment of Alexandra Pelosi's new documentary about Mississippi voters. Mississippi is the poorest state in the union, and also the most conservative and Christian, and they vote accordingly. Alexandra asked several Mississippians as to why they hated the healthcare bill, and almost all said that they didn't like anything government or free. One responder qualified receiving food stamps by saying that he was out of work and deserved it. They bought into that conservative message that" prosperity is almost around the corner" if you just let the corporations keep more of their money. I really don't expect them to know that the father of capitalism, Adam Smith, warned against the concentration of wealth at the very top. Adam Smith was for strong unions or other mechanisms that would lead to a robust consumer base. Several people Alexandra questioned didn't like President Obama because he was a black, a Muslim, not trustworthy, a socialist, not one of them, and he wanted to take their guns away. Several were waiting for the south to rise again.

The panel discussed a new law that the Arizona Republican legislators are voting, which will allow a doctor to lie to their patient, if it convinces her not to have an abortion. Arizona wants to overturn any law that's not Republican enough. I understand that Republican women are not single-issue voters, but I personally think that they need to take a stand and say, “enough is enough" unless they want to be characterized. They need to stand up and be more like Hillary Clinton when she famously said;" I'm not sitting here as some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette." Its true Republican women think that abortion will never affect them, but it's the other female health issues that they should be concerned about such as Texas cutting funding for those clinics providing health services to poor women, if there's a remote chance that the clinic will perform an abortion.

It's one of the best Bill Maher shows that I have ever watched because it covered so many subjects.

Don't forget to watch the premiere of HBO's “Game Change" if you like politics because it's a backdoor look into the 2008 presidential campaign. It features some unflattering moments that Sarah Palin endured.

Completely, off topic but a funny story (now) that I wanted to share. I believe all of us at one time have used jumper cables either to get our dead battery charged enough to start the car or vice versa. The other day my daughter called from Aloe School saying that her battery was dead, so I naturally said I would be there in about 20 minutes. It was a simple job, and I had plenty of experience but not to be. I parked my Prius in front of her Hyundai, popped open my hood and gasped" Where is the battery?" I must have popped open every plastic cover and latches but the closest thing that came to even looking like a battery was the fuse box. It was starting to get dark, so I told my daughter to look through her manual and find the free roadside assistance that came with the price of the car. After several minutes of looking for that telephone number, my wife noticed that it was attached on the windshield. When the tow truck arrived and everything was back to normal, I embarrassingly asked the driver where my batter was. He looked at me and said he didn't know but lucky for us, he was inquisitive. It wasn't on the floorboard of the front and back seat as he suspected, but it was in the trunk enclosed in a plastic covering with latches. It was a cute battery about the size of a router.


Mike said...

The Bill Maher's clip I posted is not of last night's show.

Mike said...

I can't believe republicans,conservatives,and right wingers are allowing itisi take the forefront for them...His blog is ludicrous and completely false but perhaps by not coming to his defense they are saying volumes.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, us conservatives have abandoned the Advocate?

Good story. And thanks for the info on the Prius. (Always better to learn from anothers experience, than repeat the mistake and hear "I told you so." :)


Edith Ann said...

I think many of the conservatives have left the Advocate, but not because itisi and his buds are doing such a great job of representing them. I think they are embarassed by them and are worried that we will lump them all together. Which we might!

My battery--one under the hood and one in the trunk.

Edith Ann said...

Oh, republican women don't have abortions. Neither do Cathoilic women. They have D&Cs for 'female trouble'. I worked at a hospital back in the day.

Mike said...

I believe you're right,the only  ones left are the Hannity/O'Reilly types and ot the ones who can discuss the merits of a domestic policy.

People like itisi need a course in civics...He doesn't know that the committee Fluke testified before was an unofficial committee because the  Dems are the minority party  and cannot pass legislation  in the House of Representatives.....She was a witness and her status was elevated by the stupid remarks of Rush Limbaugh....The president has to deal with Syria,Israel,and Iran so  he wouldn't  have time to get involved in a silly conspricacy.

Yea,now in Arizona it might be legal for a doctor to lie to women if they think it will prevent an abortion.

Mike said...


That reminds of the wealthy girls that went to live with their ailling grandma a few months before school let out for the summer..The Up with Chris Haynes show brough up all the social issues we seem to be obsessed with -now that the economy seems to be getting better...

Mike said...

Dale Zuck

You stated in the last blog.... "Now, I may not be the smartest Republican but... if you wanted to elect a Democrat Hispanic for County Commissioner... would you run five hispanics against one anglo incumbent? What do you boys talk about at your monthly Democrat County Club? 

Zuck is a Slavic or German surname...I ask you ,do you boys talk about spreading the Slavic vote around or run as many Slavics as you can?...Just asking,how many Slavic/Germans are running?Are they hard workers and how about their children?

Anonymous said...

Good question Mike.

As you guess, I am a Republican. As a Republican, our leaders generally decide the chosen ones, who will ultimately be nominated. I suppose that is a good process, it has been that way most of my 55 years.

- Bush Sr lost to Reagan and later Bush was ordained to run for Pres.
- Dole lost to Bush Jr. and later Dole was the chosen one.
- McCain lost to Dole.
- Romney lost to McCain.

The same process operates in the Gov Office.
Bush turns over to Perry
Perry will turn over to Dewhurst. Makes life so simple.

But alas, grassroot republicans are given the opportunity to confirm who the pre-ordained will be. Sometimes it takes a little time, but it is amazing how much money our leaders will spend in order to help us to choose the proper candidate.

So Mike, have I helped you to better understand the Republican Way of candidate selection. (As you will note, seldom will more than one Republican run for any given office. That is the Republican Way. Makes sense?)

Perhaps, you Democrats should try the Republican way. You could greatly reduce the confusion six candidates brings to the voters.
Dale :)

PS. I really don't think Slavs are allowed to serve as Republican leaders. At least, I can not recall any.

Edith Ann said...

You may have a better memory than me, but I cannot remember a race that drew more than a couple of contenders in the past. I think the Pt.1 Commish race is somewhat of an anomaly.

Let me ask a question here. Since the Matriarch of the local republicans, Hally Clements, has gone on to her great reward, who sanctions and blesses the locals to run? For the longest time, folks have been led to believe you did not run unless Hally said so. And when you got crossways with Hally, as Dexter Eaves supposedly did, you run on the Democrat ticket.

Who is vetting the local republicans--Michael Cloud? Amy Mundy? Charla Borchers Leon?

Anonymous said...

Of course you know the answer, it is you, Ethan Allen. EA, the giver of life. EA, the deviner of liberty. EA, the interpretor of truth. EA, the way, the truth and the political kingmaker. Mike has nothing on local politics like Queen EA. ALL HAIL, EA!!!!

Mike said...

I'm fully aware of how the GOP elects their presidential candidates but they still have campaigns,people vote.It's well known that republicans fall in line and democrats fall in love.

I don't compare national and local politics...Apples and oranges.

I don't really care if a Democrat wins a local election,big deal,I will vote for the Democrat but it doesn't matter what party the commissioner wears,I want them to clean the ditches.I don't have any say on who runs nor do I want to....I love the democratic process and may the best person win.

Now,I've said it several times,Ron Paul will NEVER be president and I think you are more of a Libertarian than you are a Republican but that's just my opinion...I think you are more frustrated with GOP voters for not supporting Ron Paul than you are about how many Dems are running for the same office....Am I wrong?

Mike said...


HBO's "Game Change" is awesome.....Sarah Palin is a nut case.   

Edith Ann said...

What makes you think a republican would listen to EA? I can't even get Mike to listen to me on local stuff and he's a Dem! I think Cloud my be y'all's annointed one!

I know the movie must have been good--it's all over Facebook! I do not get HBO, so I will have to fnd someone who can record it for me during one of the future airings.

Did you really need to movie to convince you Palin was a nut case?

Mike said...

It's all about context,the movie is just more evidence....Nicole Wallace ,a prominent member of th Mc Cain campaign could not vote for the ticket because of Palin.

Edith Ann said...

I saw Wallace being interviewed on one of the shows. That is pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Please Mike,
Give me a little credit. I am way too old to be a "ditto head". I am also too independent to be a charisma follower. I am a fiscal conservative first and foremost. A close second I am a social conservative who believes in out of favor morals. Last but not least, I am very concerned that those with no voice have representation. So, what does that make me?

So, here is your question. You like the Democratic Process. Big money and big influence chooses the king. Are America's best ruling the country? And who are these America's best and why, in your opinion?

Mike said...


From what I understand a "ditto head" is a follower of Rush Limbaugh and I have not accused you of being that..Rush's listening audience are mostly old white men.

I agree the democratic system has been hijacked by big money and made worse by the SCOTUS decision that corporations can give undisclosed large sums of money to their candidates....  Congress does not have an appetite for serious campaign reform,the last time they tried the conservatives pushed back saying that  it violated the first amendment of the United Staes constitution and the Dems never made it an issue.

We don't choose kings but choosing America's best will always be subjective.

There is still hope because Barack Obama made it with donations from the grassroots to overtake the Clinton machine and then Goldman Sachs came in because big money will always hedge their bets....Rick Santorum is being outspend by Romney's Super Pac 10-1 ,yet he is managing to hang in there and so is Newt with his one sugar daddy.

As the movie "Game Change" pointed out,today a presidential candidate has to have charisma,communication skills and a message everyone can understand.  

Mike said...


This is where we differ.

From what I remember of your posts,you want a conservative purity test. You don't have any use for established country club republicans. 

I on the other hand will complain about conservative Democrats but I welcome them  and appreciate the 60-70% of the times they vote with the administration...In Texas, Conservadems ,vote about 90-95 % with their MORE conservative Republicans....Many Victoria democrats run on the ticket because they can't beat their republican opponent in a primary....The fact they 85% of the voters in our county voted straight-party GOP gives me the only  demographic  I need  to say that running against a republican in this county is an uphill climb.....I do see a compete turnover but it won't be for another ten years because as EA pointed out,its going to take that long to  level the playing field.

The only way for the GOP to survive is to become more diverse and to minimize the influence of the social conservatives. They keep alianating minorities,women, gays and aren't making any inroads with young people.

Anonymous said...

I am consistent. No use for hypocrites, Mike. I can accept all Republicans, except hypocrites. As several of the country club ladies said to me a few years ago, "what, we are not conservative?" No maam, y'all are not conservative. For starters they are more than willing to grow government at any turn. They deny the truly poor any scraps which would fall from their table. They reduce their taxes and then accept tax abatements when it is to their benefit. Maybe the litmus test has changed according to those who hold the reins. But a hypocrite is still a hypocrite. A moderate Republican is not a conservative Republican. A conservative Republican reflects exactly what the Texas and National Republican Platform has said for 50 years. My Republican ladies’ philosophy does not reflect the Platform. If moderate Republicans want to be “Conservative” they really need to rewrite the platform. But if they do that, they would loose the average grass root Republican. Dale

Mike said...

The great thing about a personal blog is that I can weigh in on the "USA" blog without having to get deeply involved.

I think it's about rich white kids acting bad with premeditated language..It's not unique or a reflection of hostile feelings between Hispanics and affluent whites in SA. This has been ongoing for a long time anytime affluent schools compete  against inner city schools all over the country...It's not about la Raza, people that lived in SA at some time in their life or the media...It's a one day media story that tells us that we still have a lot of work to do.

One last thing....As the movie "Game Change" reminded me last night..There are people like Sarah Palin still trying to divide us as "Good America...Bad America."

...Sarah went to state like Virginia which is divided...The north part (close to Washington,D.C.) is now populated with minorities and those working in D.C. and the south is opposite...Sarah Palin was talking to the people of south Virginia when she said " I am in the good America" the crowd cheered and chanted " USA,USA,USA."  ...See the similarities?

Mike said...


I know exactly what you are saying but I'm not sure if you understand that  if the GOP goes back to the Goldwater standard 'they will get the result they did in 1964..A total wipeout.

I truly believe this country is split evenly straight down the middle  and it gets a course direction when one party overreaches...The Dems did that in the 70s and now the GOP is doing that with the social issues.

I believe all of us can be called a hypocrite at some point but a lot of are made of different shades of grey...A lot of us are not absolute....I love compromise. 

Anonymous said...

Yours is a good ending to this discussion. I will have to reflect on that. Thanks for discussing this with me. I'll have to use some of your thoughts on my liberal cousin in San Francisco.

Mike said...


You're right the discussion was over early Saturday morning and for the record I have a dog whistle decipher.... I'm proud to say that my best vacations was in and around San Francisco,California, enjoying the sites, food,and seeing the Redwoods nearby.

Mike said...

Darn it,I have enough unread books but this morning Johnathon Haidt the author of " The Righteous Mind" convinced me to buy his book sometime next week. The author said that politics is about manipulation and that republicans have mastered it... It's a book about why people are divided by politics and religion. He said it's all about morality. The author said that it's not what liberals think morality is because " increasing justice and reducing harm "is liberal morality.

He went on to say that morality is a team sport; it's about binding groups together to collectively pursue noble ends..
He said that we all think we're right and so does everyone else and if you don't believe that you're in danger of becoming an extremist.

Did anyone see the 60 Minute segment about the Khan Academy being introduced in several California schools..If it's going to happen,it will start on the West coast.

Rebecca said...

I missed the Khan Academy segment! We are on the River Walk in San Antonio getting ready for a high school basketball game. Tonight we are going to see the Spurs play. =D

I love San Antonio!

Oh, and that book you mentioned. I wonder if it talks about the media's role in manipulation. It was Fox news that reported gossip about "Alamo Whites." It's gossip until it's investigated. But opinions will have been made. Then people get angry that someone has filed a complaint. Filing a complaint is the proper way to handle these issues, NOT media manipulation.

Mike said...


I'm not sure if the author covers the media but I agree the media can be the underlining difference in forming opinions.

As I've stated, I've seen this in movies and as a coach and fan ,where wealthy fans will chant incendiary comments and it could be in Canada, Mexico or anywhere else. The offenders will retaliate with comments of their own and the ones who started the mess will say "see they did it too."The it becomes a moral equivalence or a different subject altogether. Some will say that political correctness will doom us and others will say " since when is saying USA" a bad thing; it's a patriotic thing to do.

The media of today is not much different from a blog where reporting a story before anyone else does becomes the priority.

Hey,that's nice ,on the River Walk,enjoy and good luck.

Mike said...

Wow...Justice Dept.blocks Texas ID law and 52% of people from Mississippi thinks the president is a Muslin..A lot of material from our wacky world.

Legion said...

Interesting, The Loon posted this on his blog...

I scored a -2.0 and -.87

Mike said...

I thought that I had seen everything but Gary White continues to surprise..How can someone take a success story and turn it into something evil?

Legion I scored a
-3.0 and -0.97 and had a red dot planted on the left hand side of the chart but I have no idea what that means..I know it means Left of center..About two or three questions left picking an option that was not suitable for me but overall it's a pretty good test and it had some good questions...IMO

Edith Ann said...

It appears Gary White has quit the Advocate!

Mike said...

You know the ones who complained about Gheni's blog relish in it when the tables are turned..they are making  the voter ID thread a place to spew their racist venom..Really,Al Sharpton etc.