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Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're constantly playing Whac-A-Mole


I first became acquainted with that phrase when John McCain used to describe our efforts in Iraq that way. Today, it's about the constant social issues that keep coming up and won't go away.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell had a segment on last night about a gay person being denied Holy Communion at the funeral services of her mother. As always, the priest announced that only church members in a “state of grace would be allowed to receive Holy Communion at the funeral mass for 85 year-old Loretta Johnson. When Loretta Johnson's gay daughter, Barbara Johnson,went up to receive the communion bread and wine, the priest put his hand over the body of Christ and looked up at her and said” I can't give you communion because you live with a woman and in the eyes of the church that is a sin.” The archdiocese of Washington D.C. Stated in their letter of apology; that the priest should've handled the issue privately without inflicting embarrassment on the daughter and those who were there to mourn the deceased. It should've never been made a spectacle.

If it would've ended there, it would not have been a story but doing the eulogy when daughter Barbara Jordan was speaking ,the priest made a spectacle of himself by walking off the altar in full view of the attendees. He later told the funeral director that he had a splitting headache and would not be able to conduct the burial services. I cannot imagine how I would feel if we were headed for the burial services expecting the rituals, which is one of the steps in the grieving process and instead being left with uncertainty. Thankfully, the funeral director was able to find a retired priest who had no qualms about fulfilling his duty.

As I said at the beginning, the Catholic Archdiocese issued a full apology  because the priest did not follow protocol. Father Marcel Guarnizo had to know the consequences of his actions. He took it upon himself to interpret the true intent of church dogma but failed to realize the embarrassment and even more grief he was putting on the family and friends of the deceased.

Today, I'm seeing our legislators enacting abortion laws as if we're having a serious abortion epidemic. Mississippi defeated a “person-hood bill” but that did not deter Alabama from producing one of their own  “person-hood” bill. I can’t remember what state it is (I believe it’s Virginia) where a woman can avoid the intrusive sonogram before she gets an abortion, if she can produce a police report. Can you imagine the thinking that went into making that exception? I remember during the health care squabble, when Senator Jon Kyl(R-AZ) did not think that he should be required to pay premiums to help finance maternity costs, since he has never needed maternity care. Senator Stabenow calmly observed, “I think your mom did.”

It’s not Christianity or religion that’s being put on trial here but it’s on those who interpret the true meaning of such.


Mike said...

I can relate to that segment I saw last night and I believe I've told the story before.

Several years ago, my teenage daughter ask us to go to her boss's funeral with her because she didn't know how to act to what to do. It was supposed to be a teachable moment but it turned into a moment of anger and disbelief... My daughter didn't know her boss was gay but I don't think it would have mattered anyway... During the ceremony, the priest said that the deceased was a sinful man because of this lifestyle choices and blamed him for not seeking God for forgiveness.... Those words and more that followed brought frowns, surprise, and sorrow on the faces of the small group of mourners, friends and acquaintances. That's all we could talk about as we were leaving. When we got home.I had a lot of explaining to do and I'm not ashamed to admit; I didn't have any answers..... I always think that there's a time in a place for everything.

You know,I don't know about anyone's else's family but we all knew uncle Chico was gay but it didn't matter;he was given the proper send off.

Rebecca said...

I have never been to a funeral where a pastor or priest acted as God (gave a final judgment) over the deceased, but I've heard of such funerals.

I don't think we are the ones to make the decision as to who goes to hell and who doesn't, so when another man stands up and proclaims that someone is in hell (which some pastors do at funerals) I think they have made a judgment that only God could make. I think that it - is not only rude and disgusting - but it is a sin.

Honestly, those types of preachers have the same effectiveness as Fred Phelps and they might as well walk around on the streets carrying signs that say, "GOD HATES..." because it's the same thing.

I am so turned off by religious people. I think God is too. =P

Mike said...

Fred Phelps has made an impact on you;you no longer give him his title of pastor as in Pastor Fred Phelps..:-)

Right or wrong,symbolic or not,a funeral is supposed to be an occasion to grieve or rejoice but lectures,judgements,or unkind remarks are better left unsaid.

Anyway whatever message the priest was trying to convey got lost with his behavior.

Mike said...

Come on,how far is this going?

Rush Limbaugh calls. Georgetown U. student a "slut" for testifying in a congressional hearing for contraception....He said "we" I assume he talking for the right wing,wanted to be paid for free birth control pills...He actually said the students need to tape it and put it on YouTube ..How sick.

Edith Ann said...

Stonekettle Station wrote a very excellent blog (his latest one) about hate mail from 'Chrisians' who want him dead, etc. He hit the nail on the head with it.

Yes, Fred Phelps and his ilk have turned many away from anything religious, and that is unfortunate.

Over on the 'Sleep Number' page on Facebook, folks are demand that Sleep Number quit advertising on Limbaugh's show. They might just make an impression on Sleep Number--stuff like goes viral quickly! If Sleep Number is smart, they will llisten!

Mike said...

I think you're right because what Rush said was clearly over the line,I hope the young lady sues the pants off him(no pun intended )

Edith Ann said...

Over on Facebook, they've now attacked the Oreck page. This could be interesting to follow!

Mike said...

That's great the advertisers need to step up but this is also great.."On Friday, several leading Republicans, including House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), condemned the remarks. The call from the president put a capstone on the week."

Mike said...

Mike you big dummy!!!!..Why did I fall for the antics of Gary White? I already knew he was setting the stage for the remarks he posted...He's another self righteous individual that makes people want to leave religion.

Legion said...

EA, about the Stonekettle Station post, The hate mail that included monkeys? I swear I have read that exact same post somewhere before, but I can't remember where.

Mike said...

Get in it,Legion let your curiosity be your guide..:-).I do know what you mean,I used to follow up on quotes all the time.

Legion said...

He has 126 comments to his post, one more would just get lost in the shuffle... actually, when I read that post I thought of God Bless Gary White right away, it was eerily similar to something he posted, but believe me, I don't won't to go threw his comment history to find it! lol

Mike said...

Yup,some things are better left undone..I know,I let Gary White sucker punch me and I invited

Well,I might check in later on but now I've got to find a fish place and endure the wait time..:-(

Legion said...

Enjoy Mike, and I have fish in the freezer, but durn it the elusive bovine fish parts are already thawed ;(

Edith Ann said...

I posted a comment to Gary on the VA. Don't know if it will stick, but I am ready for him to shut the F*** up!

Mike said...

We went to PJ's and I bet if I would have started the "Hail Mary" prayer,I believe everyone in the packed place, would have responded...:-)

EA,I was reading your post in PJ's and I almost stood up and cheered...My wife asked me why I was smiling..You go and I made myself a note not to get on the bad side of EA..:-)
Seriously,I couldn't hold back any more either but you posted what I wanted to,plus some.

Edith Ann said...

The Advocate is being generous tonight. Friday nights are good nights to cut up--I don't think anyone is on delete duty!

Mike said...

I have to check my instant reply,EA but I swear you toes were on the line..:-)

Hey,it's the only game tonight and like the  playoffs ,you allow them to play the game...Maybe,

Edith Ann said...

I said they were being generous!

My defense for calling Gary a slut is this: we know he has kids, so we know he's had sex which, according to Rush and Gary, makes him promiscuous, and therefore a slut.

My defense for calling him ignorant is this: just read his comments--it's there in black and white for thee world to see.

I rest my case your honor.

Mike said...

EA is right,sometimes wanting a discussion is a moot point because some are satisfied with wild analogies (ham sandwich)and their mind is made up....It gets tiring bringing up a subject for discussion,doing a little research, correcting myths, and then you get absolutely nothing in return...You just get something folksy like my family doesn't think so or the law student is just out for publicity when they just admitted they don't know much about the subject..I hope these people never get to serve on a jury.

I know I made a mistake by answering Gary because he's a one trick pony..You can expect to get a biblical reference (distorted or not)at some point in the discussion...He is like PM Tasin,talk about baseball and he'll find a way to include abortion in the subject.

It's one of those fed up weeks,Corpus Christi sounds like a good getaway.

Mike said...

Oh,I get it...I wondered why people would be against Sandra Fluke but I just saw a Fox Nation headline that read " Is Sandra Fluke a Fame-Hungry Activist" and then I found out that Bill O'Reilly was siding with Rush saying "You Want Me To Give You My Hard-Earned Money So You Can Have Sex?".....they fed the talking points to the sheep and then they mysteriously show up on our forum.

You see their taxpayer money should not go into a pot but instead it should singled out and only go to causes that are stamped for their approval...Once that payroll deduction is made or that check is written to the IRS, you do not have control of how that money is spent....besides those are the monies of PRIVATE insurance companies that will pay for contraceptives...You can argue the economic equations but it not a government run insurance..I can only wish for single payer universal health care....

Last night Bill Maher asked the former CEO of GM, who is a diehard republican, if he was a socialist for taking taxpayer money or did that distinction just go for Obama. The CEO admitted the banks or any other private company for that matter had the money to keep them from going under, so Obama’s plan was the only answer.

Gas up the Prius..:-)

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mike and Edith Ann, repeat after me:


Got it? GOOD.

He's simply not even worth your time. I know he can be aggravating as heck, but in the end, any attempts at participating in dialogue with him is just not worth it.

He does remind me somewhat of Tasin, but you know what scares me more? I can see him becoming another Robin Holy (Egad, I've invoked THAT name!)shortly. The guy is unhinged to begin with, and he's slowly losing it with every post. He will go off the deep end and get himself banned, it's just a matter of time, and left to his own devices, he will self-destruct.

Wait and watch.

Edith Ann said...

Sugar, I have for the most part, ignored him. But his blatant refusal to hear any facts finally got to me.

I've shared this with Mike--I used to have empathy for Gary, you know, not too bright. I felt sometimes like I had been roughing up the kid in the special ed classes.

Then, I thought about it somemore--and bullshit! If he can find his way tot he Advocate forum, he's fair game.

He is a religious zealot in the same vein as Kenneth Schustereit! Robin Holy just had the crazy going. Gary is ignorant of simple facts. He can only take in what his pastor says. He has his mind made up and there is no budging.

No, Gary is fair game. He will never get banned. They don't ban folks for stupid, they ought to, but they don't.

Mike said...

Where were you when my half-asleep brain made me engage with him?...:-)

I went off course once but I have righted the

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mike - thanx for taking my post in the spirit intended!

Sail on, Cap'n! You're doing fine.