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Friday, April 22, 2011

A scanning/reflecting Good Friday

I have to admit; I'm an old hoarder but I just can't throw away old mementos like the old father's day cards, or tickets from an old 2005 Cub/Astro game in Chicago, but nevertheless, every Good Friday, I sit down with my trusty hand scanner to go through the receipts,documents,other stuff that I no longer need and scan them just in case....True, they have been stored on the many computers I have owned throughout the years without being looked at, but if I ever need to know all the details of an oil change in 2005; I have it...:-)

My VuPoint Magic Wand is a handy thing to have because it's portable, and it fits in my iPad case......I have scanned some family pictures my older sister had, newspaper clippings of my grandchildren's achievements and things I will take with me just in case we have to evacuate Victoria due to a hurricane....It's was sad seeing people looking through the  debris for something to salvage after those tornadoes hit the mid-west last week...They didn't get prior warning but they said they miss those precious pictures .I have all my documents on a couple of computers and a large capacity flash drive....I 'm ready for an insurance agent that needs proof....I think that I will scan my birth certificate because you never know in this republican state.

My wife and I will have the same old argument of when Lent ends...I start my heathen ways on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, but she says we are supposed to wait until Easter Sunday.....Some have even said the 40 days after Ash Wednesday ends on Holy Thursday.....If there is a Day of Reckoning, some of us will have to do some heavy calculating.I know ,does it really matter?..I'm proud to say I managed to keep my Lenten sacrifices of being civil on the forum, and staying away from sweets...I feel much better, since I'm no longer engaging in the left/right nonsense.

I'll continue to write my opinioned blogs, but I'll only engage with those that want to have a civil discussion. It really doesn't do any good to debate some of the harden characters in our forum, because all they want to do is play" gotcha" or come back with hyperbole and sarcasm. I’ve already given it a 5 year feeling out period...For example,I posted "We should have listened to Jimmy Carter and every president since, about switching to alternative fuels but the big oil and dirty coal lobbyist greased the palms of many politicians to prevent that from happening." It took off from there to natural gas and other things but all I meant was that Carter had solar panels installed on the White House as an example for us to get off fossil fuels. President George W. Bush (an oilman) was quoted as saying "We are addicted to oil." I'm thinking of using Blogspot for posting my political views and using the Advocate for community topics of interest...It probably won't work out that way because I'll run out of community topics to write about. Perhaps I'll do as Rebecca suggested,use Blogspot exclusively for venting, especially when posters on the VicAd switch topics because they don't any one to notice that the teachings of Ayn Rand may be tied to today's republican policies.

I’ve noticed that not too many people contradict the views of personal blogs or leave derogatory comments. Is it because they think it will get deleted or do they feel they will get more bang for their buck on a highly visible forum? I’ve haven’t received that many in the last six months.

 Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.


Rebecca said...

Happy Easter to you, too!

Mike said...

Thank you very much Rebecca,may you and your family have a good Easter...Those house hunting days were special,enjoy.