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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I can’t believe the locals said that

I don't know what to think about some of the comments that are being made in our local forum; particularly on the firing of the two firefighters for sexual harassment.  I have to put the “birther” thread in a section all its own because our last count we had about seven genuine “birthers.” they can continue convincing each other that president Obama was not born in this country ; they are harmless.  I just can't believe they don’t know that Kyle is jerking their chain with the Trump blog. Thor and topsarge are actually trying to challenge…Even after Edith Ann and Rebecca called it funny.

I knew waywardwind was a diehard Ron Paul libertarian but his comments in the sexual harassment thread amazed me. He said “Since all it takes is one offended person, why don't we fire that one? Morale would improve, and there'd only be one vacant post instead of two…As if that wasn’t enough he went onto to say “Lamppost...”I wouldn't be bashing the city for not firing the guys. I'd be bashing the thin-skinned fool who went to the lawyer AND I'd be bashing the lawyer for taking the case to seek half of whatever take he could extort out of the city. “ He is consistent, he doesn't like authority,rules, or lawyers.  I can understand how some wives are being defensive because they know of the difficulties of being a fireman but that's not what the thread is about.  As president Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon found out; no one is above the law.  Public and private employees have to obey the rules or suffer the consequences. There are always extenuating circumstances but that's why most companies have some sort of investigation of the facts and look at personnel records before they make a final judgment.  I found myself agreeing with Lamppost, even though he once said that he never agrees with me because he's a conservative.  He may be, but I've seen some posts of his that would make a liberal proud…:-)

A real nice poster that goes by the name of jbj is just itching to have a talk radio like discussion with me but I won't let him.  It's pretty comical to see try to use the same tricks politicians use to prove a point. i.e He dismissed the Wall Street/NBC poll I posted because he said it was a bias NBC poll. He conveniently disregarded the Wall Street Journal part of it. The republican politicians were trying to say that we're only in this mess because the democrats failed to pass a budget when they had both houses. The politicians know that they were part of a problem because of all the filibusters but they know their constituents have already  forgotten. I don't know if he is naive or only optimistic because he thinks our government is of,for, and of the people.  In a classic civics textbook definition I would agree, but until we get  a serious campaign finance reform bill passed; it will be about the special interest and the big money they provide.

Have a good weekend


Anonymous said...

Mike, I guess my statement should be revised. It isn’t that I will never agree with you, more like you and I will come from opposite sides of the perceived isle, and because of that we will tend to disagree a lot.

I try to not lock myself down to absolutes simply because I recognize that very little is black and white. Most of the time, there are shades of grey in everything.

When I pray, I ask God to help me see the right path, and the wisdom to choose it. Part of that is to not let my pride get in the way.

And just as I see those shades of grey, so do I see the logic in some of your comments.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and I will continue to enjoy your writings.

Mike said...


I appreciate the kind words and I'm sorry I misinterpreted your words....I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

Enjoy your Sunday

Mike said...

This morning's Victoria Advocate was a delightful change..It had everything from local,national, and world news with a little bit of history thrown in for good measure...I always see gripes about a comic strip being dropped ,not enough national news,local coverage or an item some one thought shouldn't be on the front page...Am I the only one to see this? I bet no one will congratulate the Advocate for a job well done..I think I will try and find a thread to do that.

Edith Ann said...


Here is an excellent op-ed piece from the new darling of the Victoria Adovate, the New York Times:

Probably the best line in the piece is when she cautions us to remember that Trump is a real estate agent...