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Friday, March 4, 2011

Just around the corner……..Lent


Next week is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lenten season for this practicing catholic, but I'm going to start a week early. It's supposed to be 40 days of self-denial, so traditionally we're supposed to give up something that we like and eat fish products or any other meatless meals on Friday's. Plan now, because starting next week the fish places will be packed.

I got a little off track explaining the tradition but this time I will give up arguing with the conservative right wingers in the forum. I think if I can restrain myself for 40 days, and hopefully it will become a habit. I don't have to name names again but a couple of posters will follow me and accuse me of lying or being delusional. One poster has a habit of calling everything I post “smoke and mirrors." That's OK, I can rise above that. I've posted my references, so others can judge the validity of my post.

My wife is going to use the rest of the week trying to decide what to give up the lent. It shouldn't matter as I keep telling her because that's between her and her god. It's not like you going to be punished, and it's more of a self -restraint than anything else. I bet right now, she's at the store buying fish, tuna, and stuff for bean chalupas. By the time Easter comes, I will have my fill of fish.

Life is funny, when you're in your mid thirties, work and parenting take up most of our time and when we get old and retired; we have the time but don't enjoy it as much. I remember the weekends were special when we were off together, but now it's just another day. The other night my wife was up trying to buy Astros tickets for a Saturday game and was having trouble getting two end seats. I had to remind her that we can go during the week now. She is still having a difficult time of not having to be at a certain place, at a certain time.

The weather is great, 70° with no overcast clouds, it’s great for being outdoors, so I guess I'll look for the WD 40 and air up the tires on my bicycle and just ride up the block for a while.Why do bicycle tires have to be aired up everyday?


Rebecca said...

I don't think you should give some of the commenters your attention. You are author of your blog and you said what you had to say. If they don't like it, they shouldn't hang around. Judging by your "hits," there are more people who keep coming back than there are people trying to argue. =D

I guess I attempt my "forty days," every year beginning around New Years, when I try to go on a diet. It never lasts. I did "fast" a few times during my adult life. That was back when I desperately needed help and direction in my life. I was more successful with fasting than with New Year's resolutions. I guess with fasting I felt God was involved and that some how made me stick to it.

Rebecca said...

Fasting was more like, "Look how tough I am, God! Look! Look at me! Not eating for you! Please hear me!"

That sounds pathetic, but I think that was really what my heart was saying. LOL

Mike said...


I will take your advice because you're right on both counts.

The more I give them the attention they seek ,the more they can turn the subject to name calling.

I don't think a lot of people takes the rituals as intended.... I remember being made fun of at work because non Catholics saw us restraining for 40 days but then overindulging after that. A lot of my fellow Catholic coworkers used to give up alcohol but on the Saturday night preceding Easter Sunday everyone would get drunk. I used to do that.

It became like a New Year's resolution intention was good but the outcome not so good.

Edith Ann said...

You've already figured out there are going to be those who sit and wait for your comment. I have mine. Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don't. But this much I do know, they don't have the courage to come over to my turf to talk. Your's are not leaving comments, either. Since I don't have a blog on the Advocate, and just comment on articles and others' blogs, it is very easy to ignore.

On the other hand--when they piss me off bad enough, I write a blog about them! But, Rebecca's right!

I wish you much success with your Lenten sacrifices. We Presbyterians are called to reflect; perhaps we should also sacrifice. I don't know that I could rise to the calling.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
Lol...I've been tested a couple times since I wrote this blog, proud to say I'm doing OK.

I have a couple of burning questions, is your ViCad email safe?

Edith Ann said...

Contact me directly at if you have concerns about privacy.

I don't know if the Advocate system is safe or not. They might be reading all the mail, like the wardens at prisons do!