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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It’s personal

I was the first to post on Lamppost's blog titled "BSspotter's attempt to grab your user information-herein lies the problem." I wanted to know if this would just another accusation to settle a personal score. I asked Lamppost he had the proof, and if he had reported it. He responded by saying that he reported it to Thomas Martinez and Chris Cobbler, who assured Lamppost that they were looking at it. I then thanked Lamppost and forgot about it, until BSspotter produced a lame excuse, as if we were all going to fall for it. To BSspotter's credit, he came back assumed responsibility with an apology, and that was that until others came in and said what he did was not so bad. A crony of his, Toni Anne, defended him by trying to make us look like rank amateurs because we should all know about “imbedded cookies" being part of our Internet journey. We all know that but no one gave him permission to install a privacy gathering script, and he could grow tired of measly user names and move onto more sophisticated tools....BigJ said it was all just a diversionary tactic from what he thinks is the most important issue in Victoria. First, we are all capable of chewing gum and walking at the same time and not all of us are consumed with Ms Morrison...I wanted to write a blog on this issue yesterday but I waited for all the facts to come in, so I could present my case in a rational way.

I remember one of BSspotter's first postings ever, because it was directed at me. He challenged me to a debate on National Health Care. I quickly let him know that I don't do requests, but he asked me couple more times. He tried to bait me with charm and by complimenting my intellect; I gave him a traditional (lol) and told him that it wasn't going to work and that he reminded me of a “used car salesman."I spotted him for being a shameless self promoter and I still think that.For the record, and we've had some pretty civil discussions, and I told him that he was pretty smart and quick on his feet. He quickly responded by asking" is that an endorsement?" I wanted to come back with something sarcastic about the candidate he was supporting, but I thought better of it.

I didn't just jump on the bandwagon yesterday because on December 10 of last year, I wrote a blog titled “Conspiracyville, USA" about BSspotter and his baseless accusations that he has yet to prove. I wrote about his elaborate chart, they could've been summed up with a single sentence saying that 16 people serve on most of the boards in Victoria. He later filmed some VISD students and posted them online without their permission. BSspotter recently posted a blog titled "Did the city pay VEDC to lobby for a UHV outster?", legitimate concern but he posted a draft of a brief that implicated an" open meetings" violation and possible misuse of $100,000. This is why I am for limited transparency. In the hands of amateurs and those that want to prove mischief without proof can be devastating. Before you know it, they will take over the local GOP and put in their candidates. Yea, I know that's my conspiracy theory. I know that the Victoria CAD list everyone's property values, but I thought it was wrong that one member of that cabal used and published that info on line, to try to prove his case of corruption. These people never ask the pertinent questions of those in power, they just make accusations based on their own agenda. The whole city and county may be corrupt but until I get that from a reporter who knocked on all the doors and questioned all those involved, then it is merely hearsay. I am consistent; I never approved of the Victoria 10 vigilante tactics either. I am 65 years old lived in Victoria all my life , and I've heard of corruption in the Monte Marshal administration, Rosenquest police department and a county judge who was actually indicted,so this nothing new.

I will be the first to say “boy was I fooled" if charges of corruption are actually filed, but I don't expect an apology directed to those implicated, if everything is above board.

I don't trust BSSpotter, because I don't think being outed affected him because his friends came to his defense. I do think his apology was sincere, but it will be forgotten in three or four months and maybe by then he will have improved his skills in using much better information gathering scripts. Not that he cares but I will never  again read his blogs .This group won't stop with the accusations because the ultimate goal is to oust the current regime and replace it with their cabal.

If the Advocate would have approved of BSspotter's use of an information gathering script, I would have quietly exited the forum; never to return. For the record I have information gathering information in this very blog and I do look at the traffic,ipaddress, referrals, and word searches but I consider this my personal blog and the one I have at the Advocate is theirs...I will not tamper with theirs.


Edith Ann said...

Just one quick question--what would it take to change your mind about any of the things you mentioned in this blog? What kind of evidence would you need?

Okay, that was two.

Mike said...

1. Actual proof of a quid pro quo..... As you well know universities donate to political candidates all the time.
2. I'm waiting for the results of the City Council meeting concerning the $100,000.
I don't know the members of the City Council, so I'm not sure if they're the types that can be manipulated as Jeff Williams insinuated in a post.

I don't let the comments on ViCad sway me because they're not representative of Victoria voters... We have about 200 regular posters(conservative estimate) and about 40 people commenting on local issues.... The 40 people seem to be knowledgeable but I've not seen any council members indicted for anything; the same for county officials.

Now where am I wrong or naive?.

Matt Ocker said...

You haven't seen any council members indicted for anything? Really?

Additionally, you accuse "all of us" of never asking pertinent questions of elected officials. It is possible you are just ignorant, but I doubt it. I think you are fully aware of the youtube video where I did exactly that in Summer 2009 regarding the CAD. Now that you know, I will accept your apology for spreading the misinformation.

Mike said...

I don't know who "all of us" pertains to but I'm talking about the persistent accusers, who don't seem to come back and say I've talked to so and so and this was their answer. We never hear from those that are being accused of wrongdoing.

Don't let your over inflated ego get the best of you 'cause I'm really wasn't impressed with your CAD findings in the forum, why would a waste any more of my time watching a video you produced. The only video I saw was the debate you had with Don Pozzi..You know,the one where he beat you like a drum.

Apology, don't hold your breath.

Matt Ocker said...


I think it is pretty apparent who has the inflated ego. Pozzi could have sat through the debate cross-eyed and flatulating, and you would have said he wiped the floor with me. Ridiculous opinions from biased sources don't mean a whole lot. I am in fairly frequent contact with a few good friends and supporters of Pozzi who, even to this day, admit that I did very well in the various forums. But who really cares? The election is over. Your guy won. Get past it and learn to win with grace. I have moved on, so why can't you?

In case you forgot, here is a direct quote from this very blog:

"I know that the Victoria CAD list everyone's property values, but I thought it was wrong that one member of that cabal used and published that info on line, to try to prove his case of corruption. These people never ask the pertinent questions of those in power, they just make accusations based on their own agenda."

asked the pertinent questions, both publicly and privately, and received no answers. You may think there is nothing to my claims, but you are not the final authority. Plenty of other people see what the CAD does and cries foul.

So, are you still insisting that you haven't seen any council members indicted?

Mike said...

That's a good thing about opinions; they are subjective....I know I'm not an authority but I never pretended to be. But then again,I never attempted to make a Mickey Mouse case and called it an official finding...A video to boot you

I was really talking about the current City Council, but I don't recall any member being indicted but I'm 65 years old, I'm allowed a memory lapse called " a senior moment."... If I was wrong about that, the sun will still rise tomorrow and I don't really think I'll lose much of the little credibility I have left....As Johnnie Cochran famously said" if the glove doesn't fit; you must acquit."

Matt Ocker said...

I am not talking about ancient history. Is 2007 too far back for you to remember?

I also never called any of my work an "official finding". That is yet another literary exaggeration on your part. Is telling the story as it is beyond your capabilities?

The video in question is me taking my concerns before the City Council, in an open session that was broadcast on Channel 15. You claimed that, "These people never ask the pertinent questions of those in power, they just make accusations based on their own agenda." Again, another outright lie. Not only did I go before the Council on that occasion, but I went before them on the date they called Mr. Haliburton to their meeting. In that meeting, I asked a series of very specific questions, not a single one of which was answered.

Here is the problem with someone like you. Instead of claiming that your opinions are just opinions, you attempt to interject statements as facts in order to prove your point. If you think I am off my rocker, you are entitled to that opinion. If you think I am wrong about something, you are more than entitled to that as well. What you don't have a right to do (and keep our integrity) is to make claims that are false.

Just out of curiosity, what is it like to go through life with such dishonesty?

Mike said...

My integrity and honesty is not in question because I consider the source... You are hardly the one to be questioning someone's character.

Like I said your postings in the forum weren't that impressive, so it was just my opinion that your overinflated ego led you to believe your presentation was a work of art..I didn't see it; first I heard about it...I know It's hard for you to believe but this blog was not about you. I was referring to questions BSspotter was presented with during some discussions with several posters about his concerns. He was asked several times if he had met with the parties in question. He repeatedly said he did not...The CAD issue is really not that important per say....

You can have the last word because I really have better things to do than waste my time trading insults.

Matt Ocker said...

Party on Wayne. I have proven my point. You are not the person whose mind matters, but at least your readers will see this. They can decide for themselves.

Mike said...

As crude as Armstrong made it sound" we don't want to go in there with one arm tied behind our back", knowing a little bit about politics; I can see where it's gonna take a lobbyist to push it through. They don't come free.... True, he could have stayed with status quo or is it a truth certain?It will all come out in the wash.

Should the council have been more upfront about the $100,000? Only if they didn't want all the controversially and allegations. If it's in within the scope of their normal practice then proceed on and be prepared to suffer the consequences if it fails.The voters elected you..Now govern and answer for whatever mistakes you make,city council.

The council and the county commissioners have minutes which is public information ; go through the channels obtain that information. If you find any wrongdoings go to the DA.

I still have a questioning attitude which will offend some but I am but one vote, have a blog that is not read by many,as I stated the other day "“The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be what other people want you to be. Don't let them put you in that position.” ......Leo. F. Buscaglia

Legion said...

"Should the council have been more upfront about the $100,000?"

Well as it turns out,some of it is in fact to pay lobbyist. Legal? I don't know, that will be left to lawyers.

But in any case, the excuse that it will be used to hire "maybe some local and outside consultants" to educate the public about bill approving the switch, also to hire a lobbyist, sounds like a crawfishing excuse to me. Like the Park parking thing, switch a few parking places to the Zoo, it's not that bad now is it?

On a side note, my family business owns some gas stations, I want to know how installing above ground fuel storage tanks cost over 1/2 million dollars?

A lot of it probably to clean up leakage from the underground tanks, but from what we have paid at our gas stations, that figure is about $ 350,000.00 more than it should cost.

Edith Ann said...

If I could validate some of this stuff, would you be interested?

Matt Ocker said...

Read the Development Corporation Act of 1979. It is this Act that authorized the 0.5 cent sales tax increase. Prop 1 (1995) stated that the proceeds from the tax would only be allocated according to this Act. I have read the Act, and cannot find authorization for influencing higher education, hiring lobbyists, or educating the public anywhere in it. If someone else (the ignorant democrat that hosts this site, perhaps) can find it, please share.

BTW, I am very curious about the Crossroads Comm on Ed's role in all of this. Doesn't our wonderful County Judge serve on that Commission? Can't wait for Mike to defend his actions.

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

I'm not sure why you care what I think or write.... Why would anyone care what an ignorant democrat thinks, it should be a waste of their precious time.

I did go back and read the Development Corporation Act of 1979 and although I'm just an ignorant democrat, it seems to me that under the Class A, "development facilities" would fit just nicely. The cost of acquiring such development facilities would seem appropriate but what do I know; I'm just a dumb ignorant democrat.

I'm not joined at the hip with any city/county official, so their downfall is "no skin off my nose."......

Mike said...

Edith Ann
You would be wasting your time sending this ignorant democrat your validated proof.
I'm going back to being an uninterested party because it seems this game is being played by the rules of " either you're are for me or against me." I choose not to play at all.I think this is the reason most people are turned off by politics.
I'm analytical person like myself loves to sit on the sideline to hear the best arguments by both parties ,before coming to a conclusion. Sure, it's a fail safe position but as I've said many times, I'm not interested in local politics; I'm too far behind to catch up.
I chose "It's personal" for the title of this blog because I wanted to explain my reason for not wanting a conspiracy theorist leading the charge against local government. I didn't side with local government, quite the contrary, on several occasions I blamed them for the outrage and controversies but they should be judged on creditable information, not hearsay.
I might have made some more enemies with the position I took but I can only be myself. I never claimed to be perfect but being truthful is something that I strive for.

Edith Ann said...

I understand that you want to take the position of uninvolved, but that doesn't work anymore since you wrote this blog.

I must ask you to reassess your view that this is an either/or situation. The folks who made it that are the Mayor and a couple of posters on the Advocate. These folks are not to be confused with those of us who ask legitimate questions. Is there something wrong with questioning government?

I know you're not a huge fan of following local politics, but I can tell you right now you might want to rethink that. Maybe you are here for the short term, or you are a renter and don't pay property taxes, but City Hall is making decisions that are not always in the best interest of Victoria.

But, my offer stands--if you ever want to give me a chance to substantiate some of these claims for you, just say when and where.

Edith Ann said...

Another thought--

Regarding the program Spotter imbedded in his blog on the Advocate--you're okay with putting one in your's on Blogspot. He put one in HIS on the Advocate. I don't see the difference. Make a case for me.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
I'll answer your second question first because it's easier.
I devoted about 90% of this blog giving my reasons and in the last paragraph I summed it up... I wasn't taking the high road, I accepted his apology, wrote this blog to explain my reasoning, and now I'm ready to move on.
It was all about not receiving permission on a public forum and not for continuing this game of "one up." I pointed out in this blog that there are several sophisticated information gathering scripts out there, and it's my opinion that Spotter is not above using one in a game of " one up or gotcha."......Do it outside of our less sophisticated on line forum.

In the past two years, I have received( via-email) Spotters complete profile including picture, political affiliation and duties. I did not request this, and I did not know the sender. Someone else thought I should have police records and personal information on another poster. I didn't solicit that information either. I'm not worried about my information per say because I'm not a player in local politics but one of these days a local politician will be outed and made to explain something that may be quite innocent... I didn't approve when someone posted Roy Mark's address and phone number or when someone pointed out a blogger who was listed in our local police blotter. .... Reading the advocate on line forum is a hobby, a very time consuming hobby, but I won't participate as much as I do, if it's gonna be a let the buyer beware type of forum.

During the political campaign, Spotter used the forum as the campaign stump; nothing wrong with that but he kept saying he was just a concerned citizen, when everybody knew that was a lie.. He kept referencing everyone to his candidate's blog... And this was after he had written a letter to the editor in support of his candidate's ideas... I did try to make him admit that he had a bigger role than his " concerned citizen." I might have dropped a Chad here and there.

I probably didn't make my case, but it is satisfactory to me.

Mike said...

Edith Ann
I just hate the comment section limitation; I've got to watch my spacing because it won't fit.

You said that my uninvolved position will no longer work because I wrote this blog... I believe that choice will always be mine.
I don't know if your words “Is there something wrong with questioning government?" was meant to be rhetorical but just because I disagree with the tactics of a few local posters doesn't mean that I don't see any legitimate concerns.

Did you mean to use these words in a pejorative" Maybe you are here for the short term, or you are a renter and don't pay property taxes, but City Hall is making decisions that are not always in the best interest of Victoria?"...... In a short-term? I believe I've been in this city a lot longer than you have and I will die here. This is the place of my birth. My family resides here, and we will be buried here. I'm not a political activist, so joining a crusade against the city/county is not in my nature, but that doesn't make my love for this city is any less than anyone else. If there is corruption it will come out in a wash...BTW... As I stated on the public forum, I'm not one to complain about local, state, or Federal taxes... Having paid property tax all my life(personal and business) I never felt that it was too much, but then again, I don't micro manage, thinking it will save me $1.25 at the end of the year.

Edith, I've never posted an unkind word about you, and I never will; in fact, I'm grateful for all your help, but it never came with conditions and you know that. I'm on your side but not in the way you want.

I still believe your substantiated evidence should be presented to the Da our or Atty. General; you'd be wasting your time sending it to me because I would have to weigh it against the opposition's answers before I come to a conclusion. They seem to be answering all the questions of conspiracies (in fact they're using that word) but neither side is presenting solid evidence... If the arrogance, poor public relations, incompetence and shady were unlawful; you would have a case...IMO

Mike said...

Edith Ann
Because of comment restraints,I left out something I want to emphasize.

When Rebecca, legions 357, and Edith Ann said what BS.spotter did was no big deal; I accepted that.....I do appreciate you taking the time to ask for an explanation (even though I did in a blog) but it's just an opinion that was based on my experience.....It's never a one size fit all.

Rebecca said...

It's not that it's "no big deal." It does seem to be the culmination of some ongoing struggle which I do not want to be a part of.

It's that it's not as bad as Lamppost made it out to be. "Gathering user information" implies something more sinister than getting a user name and time of visit. Lamp played on people's fears. I'm going to take that little bit of script to my brother-in-law who programs in java and flash to see what he says. I'm just waiting for that time when we all find ourselves together as I'm not real motivated or concerned.

I don't know the history of past grievances or what all personal struggles exist, but I don't like the way Lamppost gloated so much after he "exposed" BSs.

Rebecca said...

Oh yeah, I forgot: Happy St. Patty's Day, assuming you aren't Druid. =P ;)

Mike said...

I agree, I certainly would not have posted two blogs but I would have mentioned my complaints in a comment. After Spotter's second apology, I withdrew and stated the reasons in this blog why I thought BS was wrong. I wasn't trying to influence anyone; I just wanted to give my side.

I wasn't worried for myself but it took the forum to a different level{gotcha}....Remember the other day when someone reported a councilman jogging in the park with someone other than his wife... He assumed but he revealed a name.

Lamppost has a history with the local Ron Paulites, but I agree he went overboard. I can see a case for "he played on people's fears" and another one for " he provided a community service by making everyone aware."..Different strokes for different folks...I don't blame you,I don't want to be involved in other people's quarrels because as you know I have enough of my own..:-)
These were my issues
1. It was BSspotters word that the script he finally released was only one he used...It may be ,but I don't trust him.
2. Google allowed me this Blogspot to do anything within their rules;BS didn't ask permission from the proprietors of the forum.
3. The Advocate staff came out and said BSspotter was wrong and posted a " word to the wise" statement warning others.
4. I know there are tools out there for some deep probing...Are we going to wait until someone gets outed innocently before we act?
Thanks for posting your honest views.

Mike said...

Happy St. Paddy's day to you... But diabetes and hypertension limits my intake of the ales. :-)

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I would never put extra script in my blog at vicad, harmless or not.

I'm hoping for ales, but it all depends on how hubby feels after work.

BIGJ said...


Let me make my comment. Lamppost is a tool. He is trying distract people from Geanie Morrison and other leaders. Yes I am very, very ANTI-MORRISON. You should be too.

Mike said...

There many tools on both sides of the issue. Like I said, we can walk and chew gum at the same time and not every one thinks Geannie Morrison is the most important topic.

You already know that you don't influence me in the least bit but I don't have any problem with you being anti-Morrison and that should be a vice- versa. One representative cannot hurt me but Texas is a very conservative state; I probably don't approve of any law that they have passed recently.

It is my opinion that she will get reelected because the local republican party likes winners... I skipped over her name in the last election but a democrat did not run against her.

Edith Ann said...




Edith Ann said...

(why did that one work, and the other one not?)

BIGJ said...


Geanie Morrison has been weaken since 2006. The Local Democrats are wimps and wussies. She can be defeated.

Can you name me those tools on both sides? Mike, It is time for us as a people to UNITED. You wrote a blog slamming me for "supporting" Matt Ocker candidacy. Unlike you, I see the writing on the wall. After the education commission committing itself on UHV, I raise above my hatred and politcal differances with Matt Ocker, Chad, and others.

Mike said...

That your opinion that you're entitled to but it has nothing to do with me.
I didn't write a blog slamming you for supporting Matt Ocker; I made a statement saying that he treated you like a dog with racial slurs day after day and you still cuddled up to him.... I don't really care of what arrangements you made with him or if you endorsed him but you kept repeating it on my blog as if it was supposed to mean something to me. It didn't impress me at all. What you do is your business but don't try to get in my business. Make this the last time you bring this subject up.
I don't really care what you see on a wall or how high you raise your head because I'm my own person who has enough intelligence to think for myself... I don't think our city and county is in dire straits but it would be with the likes of Jeff Williams,Ocker,Zuck and co..... They are in for one purpose; to supplant the council and county offices,so they can put people in to cut taxes. It's all about their wallets. That's all they ever talk about. ..... I know all about the ideology of the Ron Paul supporters. It's cut taxes to zero and every man is on their own..... I've seen their numerous comments, so a leopard can't changes their spots. So,you listened to the 9/11 tapes and you still think he's the best we've got... You've got to be kidding...If you want to unite people,you need to pick better leaders.

Mike said...

One last thing;I'm a nobody so it doesn't really matter what I think or do...I'm not a threat.

Mike said...

I just thought that was my last comment.... Not that it matters to you,but I think less of you today than I did yesterday...... You know I never commented about any local issue because it never interested me but pushy people usually push me in the opposite direction they want me to go..... I wouldn't know a Lamppost from a BSspotter if I went downtown and saw them but they aren't that important to me and vice- versa....Morrison,your candidates or anything else is yours alone.