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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Drug Testing the Poor

A district court in Florida recently said the states' decision to drug test welfare recipients was unconstitutional.

Most legislators are lawyers. How did they not know that you couldn’t randomly test people for drugs just because they are receiving government aid?

Before you get all been out of shape, I don't want to give taxpayer money to go drug abusers, but I don't want to violate the rights of the 98% of welfare recipients who are not on drugs. Florida Gov. Rick Scott knew what the results were, but he enacted the law anyway because it helped him politically. The governor wants to extend a very expensive random drug test to all state employees. He’s also appeasing a constituency that does not like government employees.

I worked for company who did random drug tests, and I was very upset when I had to consent to it as a matter of employment. I've never done any drugs in my life, and I had worked at the company for over twenty years. I realized it was about more insurance rates, and the fact that we had some people who handled very toxic material, than it was my feelings. In the five or more years that it was in place before I retired, I was tested twice.

These drug-testing laws are being pushed by a right-wing think tank named the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that is funded; you guessed it, the Koch Bros. Despite the court rulings, this group is going around the country instructing GOP lawmakers on how to push the law through their state’s legislative body.

ALEC will now have to tweak their policy because it’s now legal to smoke pot in Washington state and Colorado ,so when you start making exceptions, your case becomes weaker.


Edith Ann said...

Scott owns the drug testing company.

The more of this kind of stuff I see--including Perry appointing the head of a payday lending corporation to lead the Texas Finance Commission--the more I believe they simply do not make the connect. They do not get that it is inappropriate.

That, or they are so arrogant that they think, "Sure we're cheating, but what are you going to do about it?"

BY the way--love that the radio station in Florida canned Limbaugh and his ilk! Good job!

Mike said...

An aide to Gov. Scott said the governor knew his policy was unconstutuinional ,a violation of the 4th Amendment but he wanted a Supreme Court challange to boost his numbers.

Republicans like to brag that their party has 30 governors ,so that means that the GOP is popular .....They fail to mention that every large city is run by a Democratic mayor....The 2010 mid term election can giveth and it take it away after seeing how they govern.

Mike said...

Liz Cheney about to drop her senate bid?