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Monday, April 1, 2013

Opening Day

Houston Astros pinch hitter Rick Ankiel celebrates with

After all these years, I still look forward to opening day of the major-league  baseball season.  I used to be able watch 150 Astro games a year but this year  I'll be lucky if I see them five times because Comcast has the exclusive right to their broadcasts. As usual, the fans are caught in the middle between the cable and satellite companies fight for the fair market value of the distribution rights.

In the past, the pre- game hype was provided by the Houston Astro's organization where they would tell us to be patient because the future was just around the corner. ESPN gave a gloomy picture of what to expect from the 2013 Astros. One analyst said that they would probably be worse than last year. Yikes, they lost over hundred games last year.

The broadcast wasn't much better because it wasn’t until the seventh inning that the announcer’s started realizing that Houston might actually beat the mighty Texas Rangers.  The Astros prevailed  8 to 2 but that just assures the experts that the team won’t lose all of their 162 games.

When I was in my youth, opening day was always at noon in Cincinnati. We then had several cities opening the season, and they were moved to nights. One time the season opened in Japan. I ‘m pretty sure that this was the first-time  Houston has ever opened the major-league  season.

I’ve completed the cycle because I started enjoying the Astros by listening to them on radio and unless things change;that’s the way I’ll go out.

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