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Friday, March 12, 2010

Use logic instead of hate

Every two at three months our hometown newspaper will recycle a hot topic button issue to stir up the locals. In a matter of seconds, the usual suspects, hit their keyboards and enlighten all with a barrage of unsubstantiated opinions, they like to call facts.

This week our daily newspaper chose "Should English be the official language?" it wasn't long before the posters threw everything they have memorized for the last 30 years. They used the local police blotter, their experience in a grocery store where Lone Star cards are being used and that old standby"if you're going to speak Spanish go back to Mexico" as a reason to make English the official language. I sorta like that one that keeps cropping up, assimilation, assimilate to whom,what,where?One or two brave souls will try to make a legitimate argument, pro or con but they are drowned out with Bubba's assertions.

Their are many reasons for making English the official language such as uniting the country with a common language, but when 94% of those who have been in this country for three generations of more,say that English is their primary language, is it really necessary to make it official?I don't think we're going to penalize anyone for using a foreign language; unless we mean we are going make it more difficult on those that do not speak English.I would think in the interest of safety, we will continue having traffic signs in English and Spanish,along the southern border.Lord knows knows we don't want to be like those socialist Europeans that speak four or five different languages.

Proponents of making English the official language make a pretty good argument that it would save in education and translation and keep possible lawsuits at bay. When this issue came up in the Democratic debates,Hillary Clinton said English only would be a mistake in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston, where paramedics. law enforcement, and other emergency personnel need to have as much communication as possible.

Like any other issue,I believe in its best when people make reasonable decisions based on fact, not built-up frustration and hate.

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